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It's 132 steps to the top ojjhe hill v . 

where Thomas Carr Howe High School stands, vitalized 
by some 1,950 teenagers who climb those steps. Each 
day we Howeites in some way put our best foot forward^ 
whether into a serious situation or into one of sheer en- 
joyment. In classes we put our best foot forward to attain 
better than satisfactory grades so that we can gain skills 
or basic knowledge to aid us in living. Real footwork is 
the requirement for pleasure at Howe dances throughout 
the year. Trying out old ballet slippers or tap shoes fore- 
tells the coming of the Pleasant Run Revne. The football 
player steps up for the opening kick-off; the spr 
places his toe at the line. We find that as we work tog< 
at school we learn to appreciate friendships we mak 
Thus we Howeites can be seen in . . . 

School Life . . . Page 

Classes Page 

Activities .... Page 


Sports Page 54 

Circle of Friends . Page 78 
Index Page 133 



"Howdy! How've ya been?" Howe's newly paved student parking lot becomes the 
center of activity before and after school as Howeites clamber in and out of their bombs. 

"How do you like my new shawl-collared sweater?" Dick 
Whitaker asks Bob Alexander and Wally Miner. Boys' 
sweaters appeared in a variety of styles this year. 

"The long to the short of it!" Sporting hair-dos from 
pixie to pageboy to French twist are Marcia Town- 
send, Shelly Norton, Lynn Ann Phillips, and Jane Carson. 

New fads, styles, friends, add pleasure 

"Should 1 wear my saddles, tennis shoes, boots, flats, or penny loafers today?" Howe 
girls always seem to find a variety of ways in which to "put their best foot forward." 

Bob Lang proves that chivalry isn't dead as he opens 
the door for Jane Merriman, John Hemmer, Nancy Brit- 
tain and Bob Warren upon their arrival at school. 

In Howe history I960 will be remembered as the 
year that the inbound track of the Pennsylvania 
Railroad was removed; now we have the vibrat- 
ing rumble of only the outbound trains to remind 
us of the P. R. R. For motorists the big improve- 
ment on the campus was the paving of the parking 
lot last summer. 

March snow storms, the worst for Indianapolis 
in fifteen years, only slowed down Howe students. 
When snowfall was extremely heavy, we had a 
surprise one-day vacation. 

As the year progressed, colorful fads added 
new make-up to the old scene. Shoe styles blos- 
somed out in a variety of old standards and 
wild extremes. Sweaters of every description 
brightened the Howe halls. Beatnickism bad its 
influence with dark colors, leotards, bongo drums. 
yoga, and "beat talk." 

In everyday life— bustling to school, shuffling 
in the halls, standing in the cafeteria line, and 
casually walking home— we were active, working, 
laughing teenagers. 

and help us go ahead in school life . . . 


Tradition builds special history 

Preceded by flower girl Miehele Staton and crown bearer 
Richard Wood, Queen Betty Hart approaches Howe. 

In keeping with Howe's oldest tradition the stu- 
dent body welcomed the Violet Queen and her 
attendants at Howe's twenty-first birthday cele- 
bration. Legend has it that a Queen of Violets held 
court on Violet Hill before the school was con- 
structed. Every year in May the Queen returns to 
see if the student body has upheld her charge of 

Pat Smith, president of the Student Council, 
officially greeted the royal court; and Philosopher 
Steve Spaulding crowned the Queen with violets. 
From her throne on the hill, Queen Betty watched 
the girls' physical education classes present the 
traditional May Pole dance and other folk dances; 
and the choir sang songs dedicated to the Queen. 
These groups closed their program with a special 
tribute to the Queen by the Violet Dancers. 

The Philosopher reported on Howe's progress 
during the past year and the Queen renewed her 
charge of trust. To the words of the "Song of Fare- 
well," the court left Violet Hill until Howe's next 

Senior Hi-Y members selected the Philosopher; 
and the Vihota Club selected the Violet Queen 
candidates from its membership of junior girls. 
The entire student body then voted for the Queen. 

Watching the entertainment, 
members of the royal court are 
( standing ) Glenn Pride, Dave 
Harold, Pat Smith, Steve Spauld- 
ing, Gary Steinhauer, Jerry 
Fudge; ( seated ) Jeanne Goode, 
Judy Craig, Joyce Kockritz, 
Rachael Lee, Violet Queen 
Betty Hart, Dolly Davis, Brenda 
Halbrooks; (far right) Richard 
Wood and Miehele Staton. 

Girls in pastel formals weave 
gaily colored ribbons in intricate 
patterns established by the Old 
English May Pole dances. To 
perfect the folk dances to be 
performed for the Violet Queen 
and her royal court, the girls 
practiced long weeks during 
their physical education classes. 

and gives meaning to school life 

One of the newer traditions at Howe is the 
annual fun night sponsored hy the P.-T.A.; this 
year a Hawaiian Holiday was held on April 1. 
The evening featured food, games, a style show, 
and a talent show, all based on the theme. 

Tradition touches almost every part of Howe 
school life. Swimming pool tickets, elevator 
passes, and other freshman paraphernalia fill the 
school every September. Well -loved Christmas 
traditions: the large blue star adorning the tower, 
Christmas decor around school, and the annual 
Christinas community sing are familiar to us all. 
The end of the year is filled with tradition con- 
cerning Honors Day, graduation and other end- 
of-the-year activities. In June the autograph 
party sponsored by the HILLTOPPER staff pro- 
vides a time and a place to record the memorable 
words of friends in the newly distributed year- 

Daily home room announcements over the P. A., 
assemblies, locker talk, theme-tablet decorations, 
standing in the bookstore lines, and waving to 
Elmer are a few of the everyday things that make 
this school special to all Howeites. 


Although it caused the postponement of the Hawaiian 
Luau, the March snow created a beautiful campus scene. 

"Will you sign my HILLTOPPER?" Katha Patterson asks Gary Steinhauer. Each June 
many Howeites get writers' cramp at the Autograph Party sponsored by the yearbook staff. 

Dances provide Howeites with music, 

"Brown Boy and Golden Girl for 1959 are Jim Hower and 
Saundra Jones," announced Principal Thomas Stirling. 

Ranging from casual to formal, Howe dances 
are always well-supported and much enjoyed. 
Efforts of the HILLTOPPER staff produced the 
biggest fall dance, the Brown and Gold. At this 
year's dance, 900 Howeites and guests helped ini- 
tiate the crystal ball, gift of the class of '59. The 
ball showered multi-colored lights on the dance 
floor and glittering blue skyline, creating the effect 
of a beautiful city at night. After a tense wait, 
Principal Thomas Stirling announced the reign 
of Saundra Jones and Jim Hower as Golden Girl 
and Brown Boy. 

Howeites' spring calendar held two more all- 
school dances. In March Senior Hi-Y sponsored 
its annual Sweetheart Dance and crowned its 
Sweetheart before excited Howeites. Couples 
danced "Under the Sea" among colorful fish and 
sea horses at the HILLTOPPER's 1959 spring 
dance, the "Turnabout Twirl," when girls paid all 
expenses. Juniors created a beautiful "Evening 
in Paris" for guests and members of the class of 
1960, and the Indiana Roof lent its atmosphere 
to a memorable Prom for Seniors of 1959. 

Candidates for Brown Boy and Golden Girl were Pete Henshaw, Charlene Mundy, Saundra 
Jones, Jim Hower, John Townsend, Cynihia Barnett, Sally Miller, and Mike McDonald. 

night life, and glittering memories 

The high point of the 1959 Junior Prom was the crown- 
ing of King Charlie Aclkins and Queen Judy Hines. Bal- 
loting for the candidates was done during the dance. 

Under the stars and clouds at the Indiana Roof, the 1959 
graduating class swayed to the strains of Vic Knight's 
Band. The Senior Prom was a fitting climax for four 
years of hard work and high enjoyment in high school. 

Candidates for Hi-Y Sweetheart were Midge Austin, Jo- 
ellen Reynolds, Pat Partington, and Jane Merriman. 
Janet Campbell reigned at the annual Sweetheart Dance. 

Gals tooted all expenses for their guys at the Turna- 
about Twirl and even made corsages! Winners of the 
corsage contest were Chester Crump, Anne Holy, Betty 
Harryman, Dave Konold, Nancy Edwards, and Pat Booher. 


Outstanding Howeites attain fame 

Chosen by students and faculty, Suzan White was Altrusa 
Award winner and Emily Cronau, DAR Good Citizen. 

Increasing competition and a demand for better 
quality have placed emphasis on higher educa- 
tional standards. Students outstanding in various 
phases of school work are receiving more rec- 
ognition, and the students themselves are putting 
forth greater efforts towards the pursuit of ex- 
cellence. Contest prizes, awards, and scholarships 
add extra incentive for the hard work involved 
in the learning process. 

The Irvington Post of the American Legion 
honored Jim Surface and Rita Biddle for good 
citizenship. Jim, also the United Nations repre- 
senative, traveled to New York to gain a better 
idea of the UN in action. DAR good citizen, 
Emily Cronau, and Altrusa Award winner, Suzan 
White, were recognized for excellence in leader- 
ship, scholarship, citizenship, and service. 

Among the various scholarships available to 
seniors, the National Merit Scholarships are one 
of the largest, most widely known programs. 

Janice Meyer, Rita Biddle, Mike McDonald, Renee Wise, and Karen Kish represented 
Howe at summer institutes throughout the mid-West where each won several awards. 


and prestige for themselves and Howe 

This year three Howeites were semifinalists, while 
ten others received Letters of Commendation for 
their performances on the scholarship test. 

Last summer some students spent time in study- 
ing. Jeanne Renee Wise won the award for out- 
standing dramatic performance at the North- 
western University Dramatics Workshop; Janice 
Meyer attended the Northwestern Journalism 
Workshop. Of the 13 people who attended the 
Indiana University Journalism Institute, ten at- 
tained honors. 

Linda Rethmeyer was one of eleven winners 
in Indiana in the English contest sponsored by 
the National Council of Teachers of English. 
Carol Vance succeeded in winning the Howe 
Betty Crocker Homemaking Award; Carolyn Uti- 
gard won first place in Scholastic Arts for fashion 

State Achievement Contests, music competi- 
tion, essay contests, speech contests, debates, and 
science projects are only a few of the areas in 
which we work to advance 

National Merit Scholarship semifinalists John Smith, Tom 
Mabel, and Dave Bradbury bone up for the final test. 

Annually on Honors Day the Irvington 
Post of the American Legion presents 
its award for good citizenship to a 
junior boy and girl. Based on their 
demonstrations of outstanding scholar- 
ship, leadership, and citizenship, Rita 
Biddle and Jim Surface, 1960 gradu- 
ates, were nominated for the awards 
by the student body and chosen by the 
faculty. Jim also served as Howes 
representative to visit the United Na- 
tions this fall. After his return, Jim 
spoke to an all-school assembly and to 
various community groups concerning 
the work carried on bv the UN. 



Once again mock election time brought wild 
promises of roller skates to prevent tardiness to 
class and tales of alternating the Kingston Trio 
with Dave Brubeck in the lunch periods. Limited 
to the social studies classes, the two-week elec- 
tion unit covers local and state elections, and 
gives students increased knowledge of political 
party activities. "Prospective politicians" study 
a booklet and put the lessons into practice. After 
party caucuses the social studies rooms are 
papered with posters and slogans. 

At party conventions (the favorite activity of 
the election) fantastic campaign promises were 
concocted and party candidates selected. When 
the returns were counted, Federalists had swept 
state, county, and city offices for the fourth con- 
secutive year in the 20 years the election has 
been staged at Howe. 

Federalist Sharon Huff leads her party in selecting then- 
candidates for the Howe state election. This same morn- 
ing Nationalists held their state convention. 

Elections, events, and economics provide 

Eager to see the election outcome, party officials Sandy 
McMullen, Bob Lang, and Judy Shaner tally the returns 
of the voting machine. 

"Nationalists will get you next year," secretary of state 
Charlie Adkins assures Federalist governor Tom Johnston. 

Jr. Town Meeting panelists Leonard, McGillem, Roe, and 
Campbell listen closely to arguments of speaker Smartz. 

Boh Squires tries to entice prospective "investors" Bob 
Briles and Marty Ragsdale with information about stocks. 

diverse topics for social studies classes 

Part of the Social Studies Department, the 
social science classes, psychology, sociology, and 
family relations, study human behavior. Howe- 
ites in these classes find the personality tests and 
sociological surveys helpful in understanding 
human behavior. At the end of the semester each 
student selects a phase of the social science he 
would like to learn more about and writes a term 
paper on that subject. 

Studying the development of world history is 
the course of study in the department open to 
freshmen. A two semester study of United States 
history is a required course in the program of 
juniors. Students showing special aptitude are 
recommended to an advanced class in the second 

Howeites look forward to their final semester 
of study in the Social Studies Department be- 
cause each student studying economic problems 
receives a mythical $1,000 to invest in stocks. In 
this same course, pupils write a report on a 
famous industrialist. 

Social studies students prepare discussions for 
Junior Town Meeting, a local radio broadcast. 

Each year the Lilly Endowment Fund awards 
a $1,000 scholarship to the social studies major 
of each city high school who submits the best 
paper on a social studies theme. 

While studying foreign nations, Linda Harrison. Steve Ed- 
wards, and Andrea Huggins examine Japanese souvenirs. 


Extensive English courses and addition 

Making good use of the newly installed language labo- 
ratory, Spanish students practice correct pronunciation. 

In three years of required English courses 
Howeites study grammar, composition, spelling, 
and literature. Most pupils elect the final year of 
English: a study of English literature and an in- 
tensive grammar review. Reading lab, usually 
taken in the freshman year, strives to increase the 
student's reading comprehension and speed 
through use of special machines. Sophomores and 
juniors in English conduct research on vocations 
while senior students complete a more formal re- 
search theme. 

Each semester of English has a "G" class, which 
covers the same subject matter as regular courses 
and also provides time for deeper study and dis- 

During Book Week Howeites review fiction 
books and each class collects money to purchase 
new books of their choosing for the school library. 

Additional courses offered by the English De- 
partment, speech and library practice, are often 

Each year many Howeites enrolled in English 
courses return with prizes and honor from com- 
petitions, given on both local and national levels, 
testing various English skills. 

Student librarian Phyllis Tisdale, at the desk, checks out 
a book from the school library for Phil Wilson. 

Doug Paul and Jim Warren display the Globe Theater 
model during their class unit of study on Shakespeare. 


of foreign language lab fill modern needs 

Latest addition to Howe's teaching facilities is 
the newly installed language lab. This modern 
teacher's aid is one of four in the city high schools. 
Equipped with twenty-eight soundproof booths, 
the unit is controlled by the teacher using a con- 
sole in the front of the lab. This permits language 
students to practice and to acquire improved pro- 
nunciation without interrupting class functions. 

To keep language study interesting, other de- 
vices such as films, slides, demonstrations, and re- 
ports are used. While studying courses in an active 
department, many language students enter con- 
tests testing their knowledge of Latin, Spanish, 
or French. Among other activities, a visitor from 
Cuba, Senor Rafael de Armas, talked with the 
Spanish classes about the Cuban Revolution and 
other timely topics. 

Late in the year, Latin Club members plan their 
annual activity. Last spring the group sponsored 
a Roman Banquet intended to create interest in 
Roman customs. Students, dressed in togas, rep- 
resented famous Roman personalities and gods. 

Greeting his guests, Fred Shick, dressed as Apollo, ad- 
dresses Latin Club members attending Roman Banquet. 

While describing her recent trip to Mexico, Midge Austin displays some collected sou- 
venirs to classmates Stanley Keeler, Bob Briles, Carolyn Smith, and Marsha Crockett. 


•w r 


Using his award-winning flannel board, Mr. Merle Wimmer illustrates a factor of hered- 
ity for biology students Donna Loudermilk, Tom White, Dotty Leffler, Joyce Kockritz. 

Math and science reveal that today's 

Studying technical equipment used in senior science, physics enthusiasts Lynda Bell, 
Terry Mueller, and Tom Mabel examine the oscilloscope's indication of current change. 


After Sputnik opened the Space Age, educators 
began a stepped-up requirement program in both 
math and science and this policy is still pro- 

Freshmen take a general science course and 
then they may enroll in the more specialized sci- 
ences offered: biology, chemistry, and physics. 
Each fall semester is marked by biology students 
rushing around hunting insects and the spring 
semester by these same students searching for 

Future chemists don't really mind the smells 
that come from test tubes because this may be 
the experiment that will teach them to recognize 
rotten eggs. 

On the receiving end of electric shocks and 
showers of water, physics students often learn 
their facts the hard way. In both advanced sci- 
ences, Howeites find their study of mathematics 

All Howeites visit the east wing math class- 
rooms during their two years of required math 
study, and those who are college bound elect 
trigonometry, college algebra, calculus, or ana- 
lytical geometry. Some Howeites studying math 
devote extra hours annually to prepare for the 
regional and state math contests. Combining 
teachers' guidance and personal effort, these stu- 
dents bring many honors to Howe. 

In analytical chemistry Mike Simmons and Lana Purs'ey 
learn they must weigh all ingredients and eqiipmsnt. 

theories may become facts of tomorrow 

Above — Geometry classes appreciate Mr. Justin Rehm's 
explanation of the solution to a construction problem. 

Right — Phillip Fassnacht follows Mr. Barton Richardson's 
instructions to use a hypsometer to measure height. 

Courses aid students in development 

Cadet teacher Marty Richards watches a second grader 
put finishing touches on a miniature of our community. 

Gilda Gray, Nancy Merriman, and Karen Swihart further 
develop their shorthand ability by taking dictation. 

Lots of hard work went into making their pie exactly according to the recipe and as Nancy Irvin 
and Catherine Turner remove it from the oven, they look forward to testing the taste of dessert. 

of mental and physical coordination 

Laboratory courses offered to Howeites give 
them an opportunity to practice skills that may 
one day become part of their life. Boys studying 
courses in the Industrial Arts Department learn 
the fundamentals of such trades as printing, car- 
pentry, metal work, and draftsmanship. These 
shops often help other departments by repairing 
items or printing programs. 

Domestically minded girls enroll in courses of- 
fered in home economics. Advanced students in 
cooking classes prepare a noon meal for teachers 
and the administrative staff to display their 
kitchen talents. Many Easter dresses come from 
the sewing classes and future nurses may get their 
start in home nursing. In home management 
class, girls learn principles they can apply in 
managing their own home. 

Howeites who may be future teachers enjoy 
the close contact and experience with youngsters 
they get while serving as cadet teachers in grade 
schools. Some of these cadets spend their daily 
double period in a high school class, instead. 

To business students, the Business Education 
Department offers a wide curriculum. Some stu- 
dents take only basic typing and shorthand 
courses to speed their homework and note taking, 
while others find they have definite business apti- 
tude and elect additional courses. All these classes 
help students prepare for their future. 

Nancy Hills takes time out from her own work to help 
Marcia Buckley adjust her dress pattern before a fitting. 

Competing for awards, Janet Berger, Pat VanSell, and 
Jane Platte work hard to improve their typing speeds. 

Denny Holmes pauses to re-ink his compass while finish- 
ing his drafting project, the blueprint of his dream home. 


Practical lab courses help Howeites 

Stretching to touch their toes, gym students find the exercise strenuous but slenderizing. Every 
Howeite is required to have at least one year of accredited physical education before graduation. 

All Howeites graduate with a least one year of 
physical education to their credit. Many elect 
more semesters and those with physical aptitude 
are recommended for advanced classes which 
participate in sports, such as archery, that require 
more skill. Boys and girls classes join to practice 
square dancing and ballroom dancing. 

Driver's education cars used by Howeites re- 
ceive surprisingly few wrinkled fenders. One 
semester of studying the driver training book is 
required and many brave the hazards of an addi- 
tional course of actual driving experience. This 
behind-the-wheel practice has been proved to 
produce better teenage drivers. 

Entering their classroom, health students are 
often startled by a large model of the human eye. 
This and other models like it are of great help to 
teachers for the study of body structure. 

This course covers both physical and mental 
health to give Howeites a basic understanding. 
The classes often hear speakers from local health 
agencies such as the Marion County Mental 
Health Association. 

Sandy Mitchell and Beverly Shad practice their first aid 
principles in patching up classmate Bob Alexander. 


prepare for future careers and homes 

Glass-covered bulletin boards on the main floor 
always hold several outstanding pictures done by 
gifted art students; and on the lower floor, a show 
case displays work from the hands of jewelry and 
sculpture students. Winning entries of national 
scholastic competitions are an annual display in 
that case. 

Craft arts serve as an introduction to the Art 
Department courses after which interested Howe- 
ites elect a course dealing with a specific branch 
of art study. 

Students who like to develop an object from 
raw material with their hands may elect classes 
in jewelry, plastics, or sculpturing. 

Others work in crayon, paints, or ink on paper 
or canvas, and students who have interests in 
even more specific art fields may enroll in fashion 
drawing or lettering. 

Musically minded freshman students may elect 
boys or girls glee clubs. From these groups, the 
directors select members of performing music 

The Boys Glee Club was host to glee clubs 
of other city high schools for a combined program. 

Howe's two-band system gives members an 
opportunity to gain practical experience in the 
B-Band before they are recommended to posi- 
tions in the performing A-Band. 

Katha Patterson and Diane Carrington demonstrate 
for glee club an exercise to develop breath control. 

Finishing her ring with a set of natural stones, jewelry 
student Lynn Silvey files off the remaining rough edges. 

Scholastic Arts Award winner, Carolyn Utigard, touches 
up yvater-color paint on her blue-ribbon fashion drawing. 



Revue troubles and rehearsals build to 



Hard work and limit- 
less cooperation make up 
the PRR, which holds 
two performances every 
year. The Revue is writ- 
ten, staged, and acted 
entirely by the students. 

Dutch girls and boys set the 
scene in Garden Gaity by 
singing "In an Old Dutch 


Sweet William, Dick 
Whitaker, tries to overwhelm 
his fair flower, Daisy, Mari- 
ann Goodwin, with his sing- 
ing of "A Bicycle Built for 

"Swingin' Man!" Gone beat- 
niks Renee Wise and Larry 
Brown "swing" in Mania 
while onlookers try to be 
"way out." 

Bob Warren, Jim Surface, 
Steve Deal, and Bill Sharp 
portray bathing beauties 
along Atlantic Avenue in Mu- 
sical Monopoly. 

Horrible Harry, Dan Graves, 
and Mr. Dillon, Tim Wits- 
man, almost come to blows 
over who can outdo the other 
as they sing "I Can Do Any- 
thing Better Than You." 

Suzan White, Karen Baker, 
Carole Schweiger, Caryl Rog- 
ers, Jenny Cord, and Mary 
Ann Wimmer seem happy to 
be jail guards in Musical Mo- 


Merry Marketing finds a 
confused shopper, Susan 
Schmidt, trying desperately 
to hunt bananas. Clerks 
Chris Miller, Ron Banta, Ed 
Diehl, and Ron West reply, 
"Yes, We Have No Bananas." 

Janet Fields sings of short - 
nin' bread as her fiendish lit- 
tle pride and joy, Mary Kay 
Little, tugs at her dress. 

Act Chairmen— The Mania: 
Renee Wise, Mary Lou 
Propps, Klaska Haugh; 
Merry Marketing: Emily 
Cronau; Alphabet Antics: 
Judy Skomp, Betty Harry- 
man; Garden Gaity: Pat 
Myers, Janet Campbell, Jane 
Platte; Musical Monopoly: 
Carol Vance, Lynda Bell; 
Merry Marketing: Brenda 

Cadaver-carriers Donna 
Walter, Judy Harsin, and 
Janet Van Sandt portray 
"Casey's Cavalcade of 
Mournful Melodies." 

"Chorus girls" Wes 
Thompson, Steve Switzer, 
Dick Woodbury, and Gary 
Wallace kick high to show 
off their "curves" in Alpha- 
bet Antics. 

"Rock-n-Rollers" Judy Dee- 
ter, Karen Stocking, Pam 
Butler, and Sharon Miner 
play leap frog while Nancy 
Stewart supervises the "ABC 

Chipmunks Judy Craig, 
Jane Carson, and Betty Hart 
look contented, but they 
cause all kinds of mischief 
during their intermission act. 

As the closing chorus sings 
"The Revue Is Over," the 
1959 PRR ends. 

Preparing for Federal Inspection, the R.O.T.C. sponsors Rita Biddle, Dotty Shake, Lydia 
Hildreth, Nancy Bowman, and Midge Austin brush up on their study of army weapons. 

R. 0. T. C. program gives Howe cadets 

x yf4* f 

Under the direction of Commandant M/Sgt. 
James Grandy and instructor Sgt. William Step- 
toe, the R.O.T.C. cadets learn to prepare them- 
selves for their term in the armed forces after 
graduation. The military program, enforced by 
principles of discipline, not only helps the cadets 
to realize the importance of respect, cooperation, 
and dependability, but also promotes a feeling of 
esprit de corps among the unit. Polished shoes 
and brass are signs which mark inspection day 
conducted by cadet sponsors Lydia Hildreth, Rita 
Biddle, Midge Austin, Dotty Shake and Nancy 
Bowman. To test the cadets properly, the girls 
themselves must know military details ranging 
from the nomenclature of the M-l rifle to the 
complete chain of command. 

Battle Group Commander Major Chuck Cald- 
well presided over officers' meetings at which 
the annual Military Ball was a major topic of 
discussion. Assisted by the sergeants, the spon- 
sors and cadets turned the gym into a ballroom 
for the evening of March 12. Sponsors were queen 
candidates, and Honorary Cadet Major Lydia 
Hildreth was crowned queen of the evening. 

Sgt. Schmidt and Capt. Hoisington award Superior Jun- 
ior Cadet 1st year honors to Cadet Cpt. Charles Fewell 
and the VFW medal to Cadet Major Charles Caldwell 
at Federal Inspection, May, 1959. 


Back Ron •— 2nd Lt. Tretter, 2nd 
Lt. D. Johnson, M/Sgt. Nuckols, 
2nd Lt. Denison, 1st Lt. Stultz, 
2nd Lt. D. J. Johnson. Second 
Row — 1st Lt. Jones, 1st Lt. 
Arbogast, Maj. Pavey, 2nd Lt. 
Hawkins, 1st Lt. Bromstrup, 1st 
Lt. Scott. Front Row — Maj. 
Caldwell, 2nd Lt. Shick, 2nd Lt. 
Stewart, Capt. Bacon, 1st Lt. 

training for prospective military life 

Back Row — Steolting, Bafert, Richards. 
Huggins, VanSell. 


Front Row — Back Row — 2nd Lt. Hawkins, 2nd Lt. Dennis Johnson, 

2nd Lt. Denison, 2nd Lt. Donald Johnson, Sfc. Scholl, 
Sfc. Kolsky. Front Ron— Maj. Caldwell, 2nd Lt. Shick, 1st 
Lt. Arbogast, 1st Lt. Scott, Sfc. Manning, Pvt. Estes. 


Back Row— Cpl. Waugh, Cpl. Canada, Pfc. Israel, Cpl. 
Horton, Com., M/Sgt. Nuckols, Cpl. Lucas, Sgt. Buck, 
Pfc. Keen, Pfc. Powell. Second Row — Sgt. Hendrickson, 
Sfc. Heath, Pvt. Castor, Pfc. Cullings, Cpl. Cullings, Cpl. 
Miller, Pvt. Holmes, Pfc. Hauschild, Sfc. Manning. Front 
Roir— Pfc. West, Cpl. Stith, Sgt. Ping, Cpl. Fulford, Pvt. 
Estes, Pfc. Fitch. 

In 1959-60 the boys' rifle team brought several 
outstanding honors to the Howe R.O.T.C. unit. 
The team took first place award in the city meet 
and ranked among the top 30 squads in the entire 
Firth Army Division. A .22 caliber rifle is the 
weapon with which the boys practiced their firing 
on the range. Although the girls' rifle team, spon- 
sored by Miss Dorotha Kirk, had little opportun- 
ity for competition, the girls improved their 
knowledge and use of weapons by firing on the 
range each Thursday after school. 

The boys' and girls' drill teams represented the 
R.O.T.C. corps at several school and civic func- 
tions. Captain Lynn Ann Phillips and co-captain 
Jane Platte called out commands to the girls' drill 
team as they practiced in the gym every Tuesday 
and Thursday morning at 7:30. These quick step- 
ping girls entertained at football and basketball 
games throughout the year. They also had the 
opportunity of marching in various downtown 
parades such as the Armed Forces Day parade 
and the Veterans Day parade. 

For its command performance in the Veterans 
Day parade, the Battle Group received a 50-star 
flag. At the Fifth Federal Inspection in the spring 
of 1959, the unit won an honorable rating. 

Marching units practice long hours 

Back Row — Clapp, Oliver, Duncan, Cronau, McCoy, Frazier, Simpson, Lich, Green, 
Imle, Elder, Nauta. Second Row — Carson, Callahan, Meredith, Goodwin, Spargur, 
Howard, S. Phillips, Kelly, Peterson, Shaner. Front Row — Capt. L. Phillips, Beck, 
Wiegmann, Kutche, Burk, Campbell, Deeter, Patterson, Co-capt. Platte. 

9^ rk * ym 


Back Row — White, Austin, Kockritz, Kirk, Harsin, Kish, 
Hildreth, Cord, Norton, P. Cox, Coulter, Endsley, Bill- 
hymer, Carter, Ackelmire, Chenault, McBurnie, Fortner, 
Englehart, Witsman, Whitaker, Fotiades. Third Rote — 
Partington, Hunter, Lashbrook, CoHnian, Hargate, Con- 
way, Wickes, West, Graves, Guidone, Muterspaugh, Wim- 
mcr, Zumvvalt, Sehweiger, Fields, Cronau, Caldwell, 

Highlighting the choir's activities this year was 
the March concert produced jointly with the In- 
dianapolis Philharmonic Orchestra. This type of 
performance was a first in the choir's history. 

Meredith, Crandall, Skaggs, Cheney, Rogers. Second Row 
— Cook, Cox, Kim, Applegate, Christie, Baker, Edwards. 
Kelly, Bailey, Ettner, Burns, Stevenson, Kapp, Banta, 
Mabel, Nelson, Fields, Leonard. Front Row — Keller, 
McClellan, Dearth, Stith, Brown, Hatcher, Beights, 
Dugan, Brittain, Steinmetz, Francis, Shoemaker, Carson, 
Haugh, Newman, Cantwell, Wiegmann. 

May Pageant, Senior Vespers, and Commence- 
ment. Programs for the P.-T. A., the radio show. 
"Young America Sings," and all-city 7 choir festivals 
were also part of the choir's full agenda. 

Choir members sing with Philharmonic 

After the opening number, Finlandia, by the Phil- 
harmonic Orchestra conducted by Mr. Michael 
Bowles, the Howe Choir, under the direction of 
Mr. Frank Watkins, sang four a cappella selec- 
tions. The orchestra and choir combined on Hal- 
lelujah from Mount of Olives and The Last Words 
of David. Prologue in Heaven from Mefistofele, 
with Mr. William Kennedy as soloist, climaxed 
the evening's performance. 

First period every morning the Howe Choir is 
hard at work rehearsing for one of its many en- 
gagements. It is difficult to believe that these 
people dressed in ordinary school clothes are the 
same songsters who, garbed in their brown robes 
and gold stoles, add a touch of formality to various 
occasions. This select group of vocalists is com- 
posed of students chosen from the boys' glee clubs 
and Choralaires, an all-girl choral unit. 

The group entertained, as is the annual cus- 
tom, on the Monument Circle during the Christ- 
mas season, at the Christmas Community Sing. 
student assemblies, the May Music Festival, the 

"Come on, you'll be late!" Nick Fotiades and Stan Carter 
rush Fran Billhymer so they'll be on time for the choir's 
performance at the Christmas Community Sing. 


0^ ^ cv 

*"? n ^ A 

Bacfc Row; — Drinkut, Walter, Newman, Bell, N. Jones, 
Vance, Poole, White, Stickle, Steinmetz, Bourne, Whitsit, 
Henry, Diane Archer, McCoy, Poulos, Mulry, Dye. Third 
Row — Spears, Boots, Sentman, Phillips, Beitz, Ling, 
Shake, Schmidt, Conway, McKee, S. Jeffries, Leipnitz, 
Nauta, Williams, J. Jeffries, Sutton, Kohlstaedt, Gilliland, 

Gladden. Second Row — Huff, Sample, Groom, Barclay, 
Pheasant, Nelson, Doran, Roesener, Peterson, Whalin, 
Fields, Moore, S. Jones, Nield, Thompson, Goodwin, 
Weber, Kirkham. Front Row — Patterson, Myers, Bruness, 
Shick, Bunyard, Plummer, Cayton, Donna Archer, Bow- 
man, Fisher, Sims, Watson, Sandt, Dirks, Little, Augustus, 
Beck, Wagner. 

Select organizations provide music 


Back Row — Stevenson, Secrist, Keeler, Brown, Beights, 
Nelson. Front Row — Rogers, Van Sandt, Walter, Har- 
sin, Nauta, Steinmetz, Sutton. 

Various select music organizations at Howe 
provide entertainment at many school and com- 
munity functions. Choralaires, an all-girl choral 
unit, is directed by Mr. Frank Watkins. The group 
has sung for the radio program, "Young America 
Sings," the all-city Girls' Glee Club 
Festival at Shortridge, and for sev- 
eral women's clubs. 

Singing in an atmosphere of 15th 
and 16th century England, the Mad- 
rigal Singers provide many groups 
with their a cappella renditions. 
Madrigals are directed by Mr. Wil- 
liam Roberts. 

Boys' and Girls' Octets perform 
for local P.-T.A. meetings, for 
church activities, for assemblies and 
for radio programs. The octets spe- 
cialize in singing semi-classical 

Howe's Dance Band has a very 
busy schedule. The band, directed 
by Mr. Louis McEnderfer, plays for 
assemblies, the Winter Wonderland 
Dance, and for the annual PRR. 



Members of the Girls' Octet are (left to right) Ellen 
Christie, Nancy Brittain, Midge Austin, Jeanette Cord, 
Alice Muterspaugh, Sandy Kirk, Diane Kelly, Kathy Mer- 
edith, and Cathi Kim, accompanist. 


Members of the Boys' Octet are ( front row ) Stanley 
Keeler. accompanist, Ron Banta, Allen Hatcher, John 
Stevenson, ( back row ) David Smartz, Mike Conway, 
Dennv Wickes, Chris Miller, and Stan Carter. 

and entertainment for school activities 



Orchestra and band claim majority 

This group of instrumental performers devotes 
long hours of practice to prepare for each per- 
formance. Under the direction of Mr. Constan- 
tine N. Poulimas, the Howe orchestra offers serv- 
ice and pleasure through its participation at 
school functions, including student plays, the an- 
anual Christmas sing, and Senior Vespers. Cli- 
maxing the orchestra's activities is the formal May 
concert held for the benefit of the entire com- 
munity. The string class, a preparation division 
for beginning string players, feeds into the or- 
chestra. This year, the Howe orchestra proudly 
claims a majority membership in the Indianapolis 
High School Symphony. 


Back Row — Blaisdell, Shannon, Suiter, Poulimas, Whit- 
tington. Fifth Row — Attkisson, Keegan, Galyean, Cas- 
tlcman. Herring, S. Phillips, Kayler, Simmons, Shearer, 
Hessong, R. Phillips, Noxon, Ennis, Patterson, Apple- 
gate, Keeler. Fourth Row — Knight, McMullen, Taylor, 
Richards, Duselis, Hatcher, Coval, Carden, Millner. Third 
Row — Dirks, Garman, Raeber, L. Davis, D. Smith, C. 
Smith, Fitch, McClure, Nelson, Moon, Derrett, Maners. 
Second Row — Morris, Hold, Combs, Lemon, Conner, 
Jump, Bogart, Price. Front Row — Tempelmeyer, Arment, 
Spaulding, Pettee, B. Davis, Drinkut, Fittz, Roth. 

membership in city organizations 

Flashiness, fervor, and the blare of brass are 
combining symbols which mark the Howe band. 
Members of the band lend faithful support be- 
tween halves at football and basketball games, 
assemblies, R.O.T.C. Federal Inspection, and 
commencement. Under the direction of Mr. Louis 
McEnderfer, the active unit brings fine repre- 
sentation to Howe through its participation in 
community affairs and downtown parades. Out 
of all city high schools, the Howe band boasts a 
majority membership of 27 in the All-City Band. 
The B band, a secondary unit, provides funda- 
mental training for beginners. 


Back Row — Suiter, Jadrich, Blaisdell, Shannon, Meeks, 
Pershing, J. McClure. Third Row — Turner, O' Sullivan, 
Bassett, Bohrer, McCollough, Warmoth, B. Hollowell, 
Livengood, S. Phillips, Herring, Castleman, Meggen- 
hofen, Petersen, Scott, Briggs, Hession, B. Phillips, El- 
liott, Mittan. B. Hollowell, Bailey, Hesson;;, Shearer, 
Simmons, Betts, P. Campbell, ML McBurnie, Hollings- 
worth. Second Row — Millner, Quick, Boots, Fortner. 
VanSell, Bromstrup, Foster, Snider, Spear, Billhymer, 
Grindstaff, Kayler, Kattan, Cuhl, C. Campbell, Thomp- 
son, Nelson, Fiesel, Waite. Front Row — Coval, Hatcher, 
Garden, B. McBurnie, Bosemeyer, B. McClure, Sinclair, 
Asher, Marchal, Fitch, Smith, Lamb. 

TOWER provides reading enjoyment 

Room 240 bustles after school when the HOWE 
TOWER staff combines jokes and laughter with 
long hours of hard work to meet the deadline for 
Howe's bi-weekly newspaper. Reporters fre- 
quently scurry around the halls of Howe in efforts 
to gather up interesting bits of news and to check 
facts on their stories. 

The staff produces the TOWER according to 
four basic steps. On the same day the paper is 
distributed in homeroom, assignments for the 
next issue are posted. During the next few days, 
eager reporters conduct a series of interviews 
with teachers and students. Copy readers must 
carefully check all stories and write headlines be- 
fore sending them to the printer. Galley proofs 
are returned from the printer, read for correc- 
tions, and cut and pasted into page layouts. The 
proofreaders make a second check for errors on 
the page proofs and corrections are phoned to 
the printer; then the cycle begins again. 

Eleven members of the TOWER staff attended 

summer sessions of the Indiana University High 
School Journalism Institute. Editor - in - chief, 
Mike McDonald, won first place for his editor's 
brief. Named alternate for the Ernie Pyle Schol- 
arship, Rita Riddle, news editor, reaped first 
places for a news story published in the Indiana 
Daily Student and for overall performance in 
editing. Janie Shick, now editorial editor, won 
the award for outstanding performance in busi- 
ness management. An interview gained first place 
for Lynda Bell, feature editor. News Bureau 
head, Diane Hawke, received the first place 
award in radio writing and presentation. Bonnie 
Jo Burk won first place for an interview in ad- 
vanced news writing and won the best all-around 
performance award in radio-TV-news bureau. 
Other TOWER representatives who won honor- 
able mentions and awards are Shirley Applegate, 
Leslie Freeman, Betty Harryman, Klaska Haugh, 
and Fred Shick. 

Each spring a new staff is chosen by the retir- 
ing staff and adviser Miss Carolyn Holder. 


Back Row — Simpson, McCoy, Shick, Gladden, Spears, — Parke, Freeman, Vance, Burk, Conway, Cole, Wise, 

Townsend, O'Connell, Campbell, Brown, Mulry, Price. Haugh. Front Row — Meyer, McCormick, Crockett, Ap- 

Third Row — Morrow, Bell, Dirks, Phillips, Surface, Mc- plegate, Biddle, Shick. 

Donald, Hopping, Harsin, Harryman, Vance. Second Roiv 


for Howeites during homeroom period 

Managing editor Janice 
L. Meyer and editor-in- 
chief Mike McDonald 
join the HOWE TOWER 
adviser Miss Carolyn 
Holder to edit copy and 
to plan layouts tor the 
next issue of the bi-weekly 
newspaper. Last summer 
Mike and Janice learned 
many new and interesting 
techniques for their 
paper. Janice studied 
journalistic writing and 
contemporary affairs at 
the Journalism Institute 
at Northwestern Univer- 
sity. Mike attended the 
High School Journalism 
Institute at Indiana Uni- 

Scanning page proofs is fun when Fred Schick, editorial 
editor; Rita Riddle, news editor; Klaska Haugh, copy 
editor; Shirley Applegate, sports editor; and Lynda Bell, 
feature editor, puts heads together. 

( Standing) News Bureau members Bonnie Jo Burk. Diane 
Hawke, Terry Hohman, and Mary Owen gather to look- 
over past editions with ( seated ) Jeanette Cord, Dotty 
Shake, Sandy Sotzing, and Starlyn Sims. 


Hilltopper workers slave to conquer 

Sports editor Pat McKee tries a "high jump" over the 
Hilltopper office wall for copy editor Sharon Youngling. 

"Today is the deadline!" When that statement 
is cried out in HILLTOPPER, everyone knows 
that copy, headlines, pictures, idents and cap- 
tions must be in. It is not unusual to peer in Room 
240 at 5 p.m. and see various editors frantically 
typing away and proportioning pictures. 

Editor-in-chief Emily and associate editor 
Karen wracked their brains trying to supervise 
every detail that went into the HILLTOPPER. 

Senior editors type up the four-year activities 
lists while the copy editor is inspired with all 
kinds of ideas for copy. Activities editors and 
club editors sometimes look in each other's folders 
because of a mix-up over who covers what. While 
underclassmen editors mount pictures, index edi- 
tors check the spelling of names. A glimpse of 
the photographer shows him taking a football 
shot while the sports editor thinks of a caption 
to go with it. As the staff is working away in the 
office, the business manager campaigns for buyers 
all over school. 

"What, me worry?" Asst. editor Karen Kish, sponsor 
Mrs. Ellen Jenkins, and editor-in-chief Emily Cronau 
look for suggestions in MAD on layouts for the dummy. 

Activities editor Deanna Callahan looks over copy as 
club editor Sue Dirks and activities editor Lydia Hil- 
dreth try to think of captions for their pictures. 


mighty deadline 

Mrs. Ellen Jenkins, the staff sponsor, also has 
to scrutinize every HILLTOPPER detail. Her 
never-failing quip to the staff is "Get started 
early!" All too soon, the staff realizes the truth 
of her statement. She is an understanding coun- 
selor to various members of the staff who are 
sometimes "snowed" with too much to do. 

You never can tell about that HILLTOPPER 
staff! The day of the 1959 Turnabout Twirl, they 
were dripping water all over the gym trying to 
take poor little fish out of a bucket, because the 
theme of the dance was "Under the Sea." The 
Brown and Gold and Turnabout dances are two 
of the staff's money-raising projects. 

The 1960 HILLTOPPER staff would like to 
express their thanks to Mr. Earl C. Loudermilk 
and his staff, photography; Mr. Richard Brier, 
the Capitol Engraving Company; Mr. P. M. Bene- 
fiel, Miles Press, Inc.; and Mr. Jack Bundy, S. K. 
Smith Cover Company, for their cooperation 
and helpful advice in producing the yearbook. 

Senior editors Judy Craig and Brenda Halbrooks work 
hard trying to synchronize the varied activities lists of 
419 seniors with their pictures. 

Back Rote — Hildreth, ac- 
tivities ed.; Kish, associ- 
ate ed.; Halbrooks, sen- 
ior ed.; Diehl, photogra- 
pher; Youngling, copy ed.; 
Richards, make-up ed. 
Second Row — Cronau, 
ed. -in-chief; Hopper, pho- 
tographer; Austin, club 
ed.; Pursley, index ed.; 
McKee, sports ed.; Reyn- 
olds, underclassmen ed. 
Front Row — Callahan, ac- 
tivities ed.; Bo wen, index 
ed.; Kemper, underclass- 
men ed.; Craig, senior 
ed.; Merkle, club ed.; 
Dirks, club ed. 



Back Row — Pat Myers, 
asst. secretary; Jim Sur- 
face, Marion County 
Teenage Traffic Safety 
Council rep.; Ron Gui- 
done, treasurer; Dick 
Woodbury, freshman rep. 
Front Row — Dan Graves, 
president. City Student 
Council rep.; Steve Swit- 
zer, City Student Council 
rep.; Jim Thomas, sopho- 
more rep.; Sue Crossland, 
vice-president, Linda 
Daniels, secretary, Ken 
Huff, senior rep. 

Student council brings services and 


Back Row — Surface, Switzer, Pershing, Breckenridge, Thomas, Fudge, Woodbury, Hunt, Nation, 
Brown, Graves, Youngling, Barrett. Third Row — Green, Harryman, Hunter, Bell, Maloy, Combs, 
Miner, Austin, Mearling, Kelley, Stewart, Goodwin, Huff. Second Row — Bowman, Partington, 
Lamb, Kockritz, Fischer, Ritter, Schmidt, Daniels, Moore, Diehl, Crossland. Front Row — Rob- 
ertson, Peterson, Hawke, Francis, Wolfe, Thomas, Morrison, Joseph, Butler, Myers. 

d o f*s Q ^ H — 


Who takes the credit for those bumps and holes 
which vanished from the student parking lot? 
The Student Council, of course. Resurfacing of 
the lot was only one of many projects sponsored 
by the council, a group composed ol one repre- 
sentative from each homeroom. 

The councils annual clean-up campaign keeps 
the student body on the alert for any signs of 
messiness while their sale of brown and gold 
derbies adds to the excitement of Sectionals. 
Howeites also enjoyed post-ball game dances and 
the Faculty-Senior basketball game sponsored by 
the council. Entertainment is not neglected as 
the council plans and conducts their annual all- 
school talent assembly and helps the 91Vs become 
acquainted at the Freshmen mixers. 

Full Student Council meetings alternate weekly 
with those of the cabinet which is composed of 
officers and class represenatives. Council presi- 
dent, Dan Graves, also serves as vice president 
of the Indianapolis City Student Council. 

Sharon Maloy and Babara Diehl "brighten up" the cafe- 
teria as they decorate the council's Christmas tree. 

entertainment to grateful Howeites 

Dick Woodbury adds a contribution to Cindy Sinnin's 
wastebasket in her quest for litter in the clean-up cam- 
paign. Jay Barrett also puts in his "two cents worth" 
of litter for the all-school campaign. 

Dallene Francis and Larry Brown meet in Mrs. Loew's 
office to discuss preparations for the annual Senior- 
Faculty basketball game and to make arrangements for 
the after-game dance sponsored by the Student Council. 

Revelers' biggest 

Cast members of "Night of January 16th": 

Karen Andre Betty Harryman 

District Attorney Flint . . . Stanley Keeler 
Defense Attorney Stevens . . . Tim Witsman 

Nancy Lee Faulkner Midge Austin 

Secretary for the Defense .... Karen Kish 
Secretary for the Prosecution . . Judy White 

Bailiff Bob Morton 

Prison Matron Sandy Carwein 

Policeman Dennis Johnson 

Court Attendant Art Keller 

Clerk of the Court Steve Koepper 

Judge Heath Dave Mabey 

Dr. Thomas Kirkland Bill Hoff 

Mrs. John Hutchins Diane Hawke 

Homer Van Fleet Gary Paternoster 

Elmer Sweeney Bob Briles 

John Graham Whitfield .... Bill O'Connell 

Jane Chandler Karen Baker 

Magda Svenson Kathie Meredith 

Sigurd Jungquist Phil Hopping 

Larry Regan Rick Scholl 

Roberta Van Rensselaer . . . Diane Bunyard 
Jury Chosen From Audience 

Prosecuting attorney Stanley Keeler cross-examines wit- 
ness Diane Hawke, wife of the night janitor, as to 
exactly what did happen during the night of January 16th 
while Judge Heath (Dave Mabey) looks on with interest. 

"One of us is lying, and we both know which one!" 
Defendant Betty Harryman's rivalry and hatred for her 
lover's wife, Midge Austin, comes to a boiling point 
as defense attorney Tim Witsman tries to restrain her. 

"So you were going to murder him and get the $10,000,- 
000 nobody knew about!" Prosecuting attorney Stanley 
Keeler accuses Bjorn Faulkner's supposed lover-killer, 
Betty Harryman, as judge Dave Mabey quietly observes. 

moment is "Night of January 16th" 


Back Row— Hildreth, Price, Kish , Halbrooks*, Briles , 
Merriman, Shick , Hawke°,Hailey. Third Row — Marchal, 
Hanson, Brexer, Cronau", Merkle, Tillery , Wise , Wat- 

son. Second Row — Haugh, Owen, Kohlstaedt, Crockett, 
Beitz, Keeler , Ray. Front Row — Mitchell, Shick , Sweet, 
VanSell, Campbell. ° Thespian. 

FOOTLIGHT REVELERS was organized for 
those interested in acting and taking part in pro- 
ductions. Any student taking part in a produc- 
tion is considered a member of the dramatic club. 
Several members have the honor of belonging to 
the National Honorary Thespian Society. Officers 
this year were Renee Wise, president; Stanley 
Keeler, vice president; Jane Shick, secretary; and 
Fred Shick, treasurer. 

The Revelers' climax of the year was "Night 
of January 16th," story of the murder trial of 
Karen Andre, accused slayer and secretary-lover 
of Bjorn Faulkner. He gave her his lavish pent- 
house apartment. The defense tried to prove that 
Faulkner killed himself, but it developed later 
that Faulkner's body may not have fallen from 
the penthouse since a body was found in the 
wreckage of a plane in a western valley. It was 
up to a jury of six men and six women chosen 
from die audience at the beginning of the play 
to determine the verdict of guilty or not guilty. 
The play was produced and directed by Mr. 
Bruce L. Beck. The stage crew also played an 
important part in the production. 


Back Row — Lawson, asst. mgr.; Goines, Oliver, Boldon, 
Barton, stage mgr.; Osborne, Hughes, Houschild, Mor- 
ton. Second Row — Betts, Lashbrook, Cash, Lynn, Keller. 
Front Row — Collins, Campbell, Mitchell, VanSell. 





Back Row — Merriman, At- 
wood, Shick, Witsman, Hoi- 
lingsworth, Scholl, Heaven- 
ridge, Johnson, Schuber, 
Hower, Campbell, Tibbs, 
Kent, Rrown. Third Row — 
Bremer, Muterspaugh, 
Clapp, Sotzing, Pettee, Wim- 
mer, Hargate, Austin, Tur- 
pen, McKee, Pearson, Mor- 
row, Beitz, Second Row — 
Stone, Parke, Stout, Harry- 
man, Peterson, Reynolds, 
Shake, Newman, Freeman, 
Evans, Leonard, Bowen. 
Front Roiv — Bruness, Spears, 
Owen, Jones, Brittain, Kelly, 
Crockett, Watson, Hill, Ap- 


Back Row — Coval, Brewer, 
Spears, Canada, Rethmeyer, 
Bradbury, Townsend, Hem- 
mer, Smith, Jones, Evans, 
Brown, Phillips, White. 
Third Row — McGillem, 
Cardwell, Cronau, Cole, Bell, 
Utigard, Kish, Simpson, 
Youngling, Hildreth, Cran- 
dall, Rafert, Caldwell. Sec- 
ond Row — Miner, Beavin, 
Surface, Vance, Imle, 
Wright, Leonard, Miller, 
Knight, McDonald, Calla- 
han, Nordman. Front Roiv 
— Morelock, Little, Blanton, 
Dirks, Haugh, Kim, Lee, 
Keeler, Kemple, Meyer. 

Hours of service and study result in 

"Will I be tapped?" This is a question that 
many juniors and seniors ask themselves at the 
all-school "tap" assembly where they are notified 
of their candidacy for the NATIONAL HONOR 
SOCIETY. Juniors must be in the upper ten per 
cent of their class and seniors in the upper fifteen 
per cent to be eligible for membership. 

Candidates officially become members at the 
formal initiation in which they receive pins and 
certificates and light the NHS torch. This torch 
symbolizes the light of learning and appears on 
the pins. Next day the initiates wear blue and 
gold NHS badges signifying their membership. 
Members are pledged to create an enthusiasm 
for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render 
service, to promote worthy leadership, and to 
encourage the development of character. 

NHS members help with Career Day and Col- 
lege Night and they explain to freshman classes 
the significance of basing their years at Howe on 
scholarship, service, leadership and character. 


NHS officers prepare armbands for the annual tap assem- 
bly to announce new members. Shown are Jim Surface, 
Lynda Bell, Mr. Robert Turner and Sharon Caldwell. 

During the year, the BETA HI-Y, a service club 
for freshman and sophmore boys, has various 
projects and activities to further its goal of main- 
taining "high standards of Christian character." 
Money earned from helping the Senior Hi-Y with 
after-game dances is donated to such projects as 
the World Service Organization and the mental 
hospital. Mr. George Van Duscn is the club 

Many junior and senior boys are active in 
SENIOR HI-Y. Again this year, they sponsored 
dances after basketball games to provide recre- 
ation for Howeites and to raise funds for their 
service projects. Projects which they support in- 
clude gifts for patients at the mental hospital, 
toys for underpriviledged children, and others. 
Delegates from our Hi-Y, and from other Hi-Y 
and Tri-Hi-Y clubs throughout Marion county, 
attend the Model United Nations, which is spon- 
sored each spring by the Indianapolis YMCA. 
The highlight of the year is the Sweetheart Dance 
in the spring. Candidates for Hi-Y Sweetheart are 
chosen by the club members, while final choice 
is made by those who attend the dance. The club 
sponsor is Mr. Harold Crawford. 


Rack Row — Heath, Crum, Corley, Fountain, Gilkison, 
Hedges, Johnson, Canada, Purvis. Third Row — Stiffler. 
Kent, Dugan, pres.; Southerland, Sachs, Paul, treas.; 
Leonard, sgt. at arms; Rennard. Second Row — Klippel, 
Leonard, Jamison, Baldwin, Arthur, Gilkison, Estes, v. 
pres. Front Row — Kuonen, Jourdan, Fitch, Durman, 
Foster, chap.; Carmichael. 

honors and a sense of achievement 

Back Row — Spears, Van Note, Brooks, sec.; O'Connell, 
Flynn, Kinsel, Tretter, Hollingsworth, hist.; Kirk. Third 
Row — Burns, Irvin, sgt. at arms; Brown, v. pres.; Proctor, 

pres.; Thompson, Sherron, Mabel, treas. Spaulding. 
Second Row — Waite, Shearer, Manning, Riley, Marchal. 
Sample. Front Row — Johnson, Marshall, Miner, chap.: 
Koss, Otto, Roe. 

Top Picture 
Back Row — Mundy, Cord, 
Austin, McMillan, Love, 
Graves, Page, Merriman, 
Yeager, Gray, Hargate, 
Jacobs. Fourth Row — 
Leipnitz, Kelly, Branam, 
Woodward, Swihart, N. 
Jones, Archer, Fassnacht, 
Crawford, McCoy. Sinnin, 
Sturgeoni, Lich, Merkle. 
Third Row — S. Jones, 
Partington, Carwein, 
Crockett, Goodwin, Sharp, 
Howard, Poulos, P. New- 
man, Lawless, Homier, 
Kohlstaedt, Nield. Second 
Row — Francis, Dirr, Bun- 
yard, Spears, Doran. Sent- 
man, Cook, Todd, Enoch, 
S a m in i s , Alexander, 
Mitchell. Front Rom — 
VanSell, Campbell, Wieg- 
in, hi. Sullivan, Hicks, 
Joseph, Plummer, B. New- 
man, Sheets, Platte, 

Bottom Picture 
Back Row — Nicholas, 
Johnson, Youngling, Wal- 
lace, Halbrooks, Hooker, 
Hidy, Green, Gaither, 
Skomp, McGillem, Pey- 
ton, Jones, Alexander, 
Jackson, Tillery. Third 
Row — Meredith, Amos, 
Harvey, Moore, Schmidt, 
Richards, Legg, Alyea, 
Van A r s d e 1 , Harvey, 
Craig, Hines. Second Row 
— Oliver, Flee h arty, 
Moore, Hedding, Shaner, 
Vance. Holt, Edwards, 
Wiggins, Imle, Weber, 
Carson, Cronau, Front 
Row — Meyer, Kim, Gam- 
mons, Watson, Miner, 
Nichelson, Boots, Bogart, 
Davis, Hart. 

Busy Howe girls' activities range from 

Back Row — Callahan, vice president. Second Roiv — 
Hildreth, song leader; Merriman, secretary; White, chap- 
lain; Crossland, historian. First Row — Peterson, sergeant 
at anus; Caldwell, treasurer; Baker, president; Mrs. Hari- 
ette Baker, sponsor. 

TRI-HI-Y, a club for junior and senior girls, 
has become one of the largest and most active 
clubs at Howe. They start off their year at Flat- 
rock where plans are made for the Model UN 
which is held in the spring. New girls are initi- 
ated into the club in December in an impressive 
ceremony. Near St. Patrick's Day, a program is 
given on Ireland which is soon followed by an 
April Fools' Day program. Later in the spring, 
they have a Palm Sunday Breakfast. Throughout 
the year, there are swimming parties held at the 
Eastside Y.M.C.A. as well as joint meetings with 
the Hi-Y. Speakers and panel discussions give 
even more variety to the programs. The Model 
UN is the highlight of the year. Hi-Y members 
from Marion County recreate the UN as it is in 
New York. Near die end of the year, a Mother's 
Tea is given. This provides an opportunity for 
mothers and girls to have an afternoon getting 
better acquainted with each other's friends. New 
officers are elected and installed shortly before 
close of school. Sponsor is Mrs. Hariette Baker. 


Top Picture 

Back Row — Thorn a s . 
Weingardt, Ennis, Stew- 
art, Watson, Wyciskalla, 
Nauta, Fittz, Purdy, 
Bundchu, Martin. Layton, 
Biddle. Third Rote— Will- 
eford, Schaub, Earley, 
Wiseman, Taylor, Oswalt, 
Cron, Shepard, Davis, 
Benz, Swinford, Bertram. 
Second Row — Hamilton, 
Kami), Whittington, Beitz, 
Switz, Warmoth, Holmes, 
Sanders, Vanee, Gunder- 
m a n , Sweet, P u r s I e y , 
Crawford. Front Row — 
Weaver, Dobbs, Sammis, 
Johnson, Raeber, Pheas- 
ant, Carrington, Carney, 
Slater, Allen, Billups. 

Bottom Picture 

Back Row — Lamb, Gray, 
Moll in. in , LaTourrette, 
England, Carroll, Haas, 
Keller, Headlee, Heit- 
hecker, Davis, Butler, Bur- 
rell. Third Row— Stock- 
ing, Fischer, Hamilton, 
Roth, Probst, Dobbs, Low- 
ing, Green, Long, Walker, 
Grove, Harrell. Second 
Row — Richart, Mueller, 
Johnson, Huggins, Cegoy, 
Abbott, Fields, Ware, 
Heilem, Horsley. Front 
Row — Goben, Jaus, Bow- 
man, Graham, Jordan, 
Goulet, Kutche, Hawke, 

parties and fun to training for the future 

SELOFRA, the freshman girls elub, helps the 
girls to become acquainted with school and its 
activities. The girls strive, through their pro- 
grams, to attain the qualities incorporated in the 
club name which are service, loyalty, and friend- 
ship. Initiation for Selofra is held early in the 
year. At this time, the girls are presented with 
green ribbons which denote their class. At a 
panel discussion in the fall several senior girls 
speak on how to be successful in high school. 
Selofra also works with the other girls' clubs on 
the Christinas Party. Then, at the change of se- 
mester, they give a party for incoming freshmen. 

One of the biggest events of the spring is the 
style show, written and directed by the girls. In 
the show they model their own clothes, showing 
current styles for any occasion. Each year a 
beauty consultant gives a talk and demonstration 
on make-up and various hair styles. The advice 
on grooming proves very valuable. A panel of 
Beta Hi-Y boys give their opinion on the ideal 
date at one of the meetings. Club sponsor is Miss 
Ellen O'Drain. 

Selofra officers Lissa Purdy, Myra Early, Jodi Dobbs, 
and Jill Vance look back on a year of fun and success. 



Interests of Howe pupils are beneficial 


Back Row — Guidone, Brunei', Graham, Fudge, Harold, ond Row — Peterson, Daniels, Legg, Shake, McCoy, Part- 

Whiteman, Johnston, Graves, Hildreth. Third Row — Jack- ington. Front Row — Campbell, Myers, Shaner, Mitchell, 

son, Mabel, Harpold, Brooks, Adkins, Mulry, Espich. Sec- Platte. 

Howe's student BUSINESS MANAGERS play 
a very important role in school activities. Business 
Managers have responsibilities for almost every 
extracurricular activity, such as PRR, plays, ath- 
letic events, and others. They spend one period a 
day in the senior office working on these activities. 
Their main duties are to keep financial records, to 
promote advertising, to usher, and to sell and take 
tickets to extracurricular events. Managers' jobs 
are divided among individual staffs. Current staff 
heads are Tom Mabel and Larry Whiteman. Mr. 
John Trinkle supervises the group. 

Boys who work on the PUBLIC ADDRESS 
SYSTEM perform very important services for 
Howe. They maintain the equipment, supervise 
the daily broadcasts and operate the central sound 
system for all school activities and extracurricular 
events. Faculty sponsor of this group is Mr. Rich- 
ard Hammond. 

have been organized at Howe only two years but 
it has already become one of our most active clubs. 
Meetings this year have emphasized the place of 
business in modern life through films, speakers, 
and group discussions. This helps the members to 
prepare for work they plan to do after graduation. 
Several members attended the FBLA State Con- 
vention in April where they participated in the 
speech and spelling contests. Sponsor of this group 
is Miss Maryon Welch. 

Members of the PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB learn 
techniques of the various phases of photography 
through speakers, demonstrations, and movies. 
They also have access to the school darkroom and 
all school picture developing equipment. One of 
the major activities this year was a photo contest 
judged by local photographers with winning pic- 
tures submitted to a national contest. Mr. Bruce 
Beck sponsors the club. 


to both the school and to the individual 

F. B. L. A. 

Back Row — Whitsit, 
Gatther, Hidy, Atwood, 
Heavenridge, Halbrooks, 
Green, treas.; Mansfield, 
B t o w n . T h i r d R o w — 
Bevis, Johnson, Swihart, 
Youngling, sec.; Wallace, 
Sotzing, Howard, pres.; 
Elder. Second Row — 
Spears, Branam, Beitz, 
Abigt, Hoff, Dudley, 
Lawless. Front Row — 
Bruness, v. pres.; Bun- 
yard, Bagsdale, Beavin, 
Augustus, Morelock. 

John Foster, Earle Nay, Fred Shiek, and Kenny Hopper 
operate the school's public address equipment. 

Back Row — Criun, Hession, School, sec; Johnson, Tret- 
ter, D. Johnson. Second Row — Barkdull, Hohman, v. 
pres.; Shick, Gladden. Front Row — Harrison, Keller, 
Owen, pres. 



Howe girls develop interest in feminine 

Home Economics Club officers Marjorie Sammis, Sue 
Price, and Marilyn Heavenridge discuss programs. 

In preparation for their futures, the girls of the 
HOME ECONOMICS CLUB have devoted time 
this year to learning helpful hints for homemak- 
ing. At the meetings they enjoyed demonstrations 
in gift wrapping, fabric choice, beauty culture, 
and corsage making. The club is unique in that the 
girls tour the school, from boilerroom to tower 
each year. Miss Lois Coy, the club sponsor, feels 
that the members can benefit from both the in- 
structional and social aspects of the organization. 

Membership is open to any girl who has had at 
least one semester of a home economics course. As 
part of the club's program a welcome party for 
new homemakers is held at the beginning of each 
semester. An initiation ceremony is held later, and 
the girls are formally presented with their own 
ribbons and colors. 


Back Row — Bundchu, Long, Love, Turner, Hooker, Mob- 
ley, Colvin, McClain. Third Row — Deeter, Freeman, Bef- 
vem, Brickham, Beynolds, Williams, Carter. Second Row 
— Sferruzzi, Anderson, Evans, Cronin, Monroe, Bader. 
Front Rote — Yech, Beck, LaFary, Swindle, Meek. 
Back Row — Sotzing, Fields, sec; Adams, Thompson, Kes- 

terson, Heavenridge, v. pres.; Embry, Price, Fowler, B. 
Shepherd. Third Row — Adams, Graham, Flynn, Schilling, 
Powell, Clouse, Phillips, Anderson, Sulgrove. Second Row 
— Golden, Scott, Hobbs, Fitzsimmons, Hoff, Kniep, Slay- 
men, Price. Front Row — Coffey, Joseph, Sammis, pres.; 
Morrison, Julian, M. Shepherd, LaFary. 


fields of future homemaking, nursing 

Back Row — Van Arsdel, 
McGillem, sec; Brian, 
Tibbs, Green, Porter, 
Thompson, Overmyer, 
Knight, pres.; Shepherd. 
Third Row — Koepke, K. 
Carney, treas.; Peters, v. 
pres.; McNeill, Brefer, 
Cronin, Sample, S. Car- 
ney. Second Row — Hert, 
Shaner, Brown, Oswalt, 
Gunderman, Gividen, M. 
Shepherd. Front Row — 
McCormick, Bruness, 
Wright, Mosby, Beineke, 

Back Row — Reeves, Fitzsimmons, Allen, Sinclair, Fass- 
nacht, Brickham, v. pres.; Hamilton, Gentry. Third Row 
— Fleehcarty, sec; Scott, Shugert, Martha Bonn, Mari- 
lyn Bonn, Adams, Sample. Second Row — Anderson, An- 
drews, Thornburg, Sponsel, Galyean, Jaus. Front R'>w — 
Swindle, Joseph, Sferruzzi, LaFary, treas. 

Beginning the year with an initiation ceremony 
the FUTURE NURSES got off to a wonderfuf 
start. Among the activities were speakers, films 
and parties. Mrs. Marilyn Gunderman spoke on 
"Nurses Training at Indiana Central College," at 
a special meeting. In other programs the girls were 
informed of the requirements and rewards in nurs- 
ing as a profession. 

This year, club pins were ordered by the mem- 
bers. The girls sold refreshments at two basket- 
ball games to aid financially with the project. Miss 
Celia Smith, the school nurse, is the club sponsor. 

by Miss Sue Willits, has carried out many inter- 
esting monthly projects. Representatives of the 
group met with the city-wide Red Cross organiza- 
tion to plan cooperative activities. As part of their 
program, the girls made tray favors and place 
cards for hospitals. 

Money was collected in homerooms and used to 
buy supplies for deprived families overseas. 



Top Picture 
Back Row — Kightlin- 
ger, Richards, Fass- 
nacht, Pettee, Frus- 
hour, Braney, Crum, 
Porter, Koepper, Coo- 
per, Overmyer, Cran- 
dall. Third Row — 
Hottman, Newhouse, 
Sample, McKee, Cas- 
tor, Gilkison, Hoff, 
Zumvvalt, Bremer, 
Freeman. Second Row 
— Leonard, Surface, 
Bertram, Probst, Leon- 
ard, Dobbs, Madison, 
Brittain, Horsley, Kel- 
ler. Front Row — 
Kutche, Beineke, 
Fields, Bank, Barclay, 
Parke, Goulet, Bru- 
ness, O'Sullivan. 

Bottom Picture 
Back Row — Tibbs, 
Huber, Millner, Smith, 
treas.; Arment, Hider, 
England. Third Row 
— Stafford, White, 
Watson, Schmidt, 
Hopping, Lewis. Sec- 
ond Row — Long, Sil- 
vey, Frushour, Porter, 
Robbins. Front Roiv — 
Collins, Todd, Van- 
Sell, Hollowell. 

Language and culture groups encourage 

Sandy Leonard, Leslie Freeman, Margo Sullivan, and 
John Smith, officers of the Latin Club, inspect a model 
of an old Roman road. The club had several programs 
this year about the Romans, their language and way of life. 

Highlighting the year for LATIN CLUB mem- 
bers was their chance to see Cupid as he made an 
appearance for their Valentine Party. With some 
of the group dressed in togas, sandals, and laurels, 
the gathering was very picturesque. 

Club sponsor, Mrs. Vesta Cohee, encourages 
the study of Latin both as a background for good 
English and for historical value. The club had 
various programs dealing with the decline and 
fall of ancient Latin-speaking cultures and the 
romance and mythology of Latin. 

With the color and custom of our South-Amer- 
ican neighbors, the members of the SPANISH 
CLUB had a "piriata party" this year. The fiesta 
was in celebration of "Navidad," as the Spanish 
call Christmas. Mr. Raymond Hulce, club spon- 
sor, feels that those who attend the meetings and 
special events benefit their oral Spanish very 
much, because no one is permitted to speak Eng- 
lish. As another aid to the members, speakers 
from Spanish-speaking countries visited the meet- 
ings and lectured in their native tongue. Club 
programs also dealt with customs and history of 
the language and the people of Spain. 


Back Row — Mabey, pres.; Diehl, Hession, Cord, Schmidt, 
Graves. Second Row — Huff, Keller, Austin, Daniels, 
Wise, Jones. First Row — McCormick, Owen, v. sec.; 
Conway, Grassland. 

Back Row — Spittler, McBride, pres.; Wagner, Mansfield, 
D. Cash. Second Row — Arthur, B. Cash, Canada, Alger, 
vice pres.; Cooper. Front Row — Turtle, John Pendleton, 
Jim Pendleton, VanSell, sec. 

members in achieving skills, knowledge 

Organized for those who like to play chess, 
the CHESS CLUB also helps students who want 
to improve their skill. The members had oppor- 
tunity for both of these this year. They partici- 
pated in inter-school tournaments and had 
leagues and various other competitive activities. 
Rivalry was keen within the organization for local 
recognition and honor. Mr. Robert Carr, sponsor 
of the club, feels that members can have the op- 
portunity not only to enjoy themselves, but also 
to learn quality in the art of chess playing. 

Traveling from Muncie to Lafayette to Colum- 
bus and back, has been only a fraction of the 
busy schedule kept by the FORENSIC CLUB 
members. Formerly the Speech Club, this year 
with the coming of a new sponsor, Mr. Robert 
Walker, the organization placed its membership 
in the National Forensic League. 

Original, dramatic, and humorous oratory were 
basic parts of the members' activities. Solo speak- 
ers in tiiese areas, along with the debate team 
(Midge Austin, Ed Diehl, Dave Maybe, and 
Mary Owen), entered both local and statewide 
tournament competition. All concerned were re- 
warded by the best season in the club's history. 

Back Row — Ragsdale, Stout, Taylor, Cord, Barlow. 
O'Brien. Second Roic — Cox, Ware, Owen, pres.; Fulk. 
sec; Grove, Abbott. Front Rote — A. Owen, Carney, 
Smith, Patterson, v. pres.; Cook. 


Departmental clubs arouse interest; 

^^e J0*K &*^\ r % 

ci J^H 


? ik^ m , ] 

4f i «l fl 1 



4 ' ^U 

— ii 

If :• ^ 


: ■ 

S3 1 

I A 

||k 4 mm 



BflcA - Roif — Fulk, Zumvvalt, Hohman, Blust, Cooper, 
Lang, McKee. Third Row — Keller, Ragsdale, Buck, Free- 
man, Barnett, Sample. Second Row — Abbott, Huff, Bank, 
Newhouse, Phillips. Front Row — Carney, Park, Leon- 
ard, Billups. 


Rack Row — Meek, Tedrowe, Sacks, McCullough, Vicars, 
Davis, Booe. Second Row — Freeman, Vance, Totten, 
Fulk, Nation, Richardson, Madison. Front Row — Barrett, 
Ritter, Anderson, Goulet, Slater, McClure. 

Rack Row— Tibbs, Gladden, Canada, Tretter, R. Scholl, 
Dusilis. Second Row — Huff, Kepper, Lang, L. Scholl. 
Front Row — Wright, Cooper, Galyean. 

SUBSET is the freshman math club and is 
sponsored by Mrs. Mary Smuck. "Mathematics 
can be fun," the members learned as they solved 
intriguing number problems and puzzles. If the 
students plan to major in math they can graduate 
to the Math Club in their sophomore year. 

The HISTORY CLUB was sponsored by Miss 
Nancy Adams. Although the club started off 
strong the fall semester and had many interesting 
meetings and field trips, other outside activities of 
members interfered with the club so meetings 
were not held during the spring semester. 

Sponsored by Mr. Robert Carr the MATH 
CLUB is designed for students majoring in mathe- 
matics or who are interested in this field. The 
club had many speakers this year, including Mr. 
R. G. Rudness of the Linde Company who lec- 
tured on and demonstrated synthetic gems. There 
have been films on a variety of science and math 
topics. Individual students prepared projects 
such as speaking on favorite math and science 
studies, working "brain teasing" math problems, 
and aiding the Math Department by making large 
graphs for classrooms. Club members also toured 
several industries. 


while Audio -Visual provides service 


Back Ron — Nelson, Cavannaugh, Dugan, Stultz, Kelleher. 
Second Row — Papas, Hargate, Grindstaff, Hogue. Front 
Row — Warren, Castor, Jones. 

Back Row — Shaw, Hider, Israel. Scholl, Keen, Keith. 
Graca. Third Row — Paul, Light, Koepper, Frushour. 
Warren, Hohman. Second Row — Barnett, Wallace. 
Thompson, Sheppard, Weber, Schick. Front Row — Gor- 
don, Estes, Lynn, Foster. 

One of the largest school service organizations 
is the AUDIO-VISUAL CLUB. By giving one 
period daily, club members are able to operate 
thirty-five sound projectors and to show more 
than one thousand films a year for classes. Each 
film may be shown about five times daily. On Hon- 
ors Day in June, senior club members who have 
served five semesters receive a pin in recognition 
of their service. Other members receive Citations 
of Merit for their work in the club. Mr. William 
Smith is the sponsor. 

With increased emphasis being placed on the 
training of more scientists, the SCIENCE CLUB 
does its part by encouraging students to take more 
science courses. Members also plan their pro- 
grams to promote interest in all phases of science. 
This year the club toured the IBM office and 
WISH-TV. Program chairman, Jim McClure, ar- 
ranged for such speakers as Dr. Thorn Verhave, 
an animal psychologist, and Dr. W. Rogers, a 
hypnotist. At some meetings members presented 
their own projects to the club. Some members 
attended a meeting at Washington High School 
conducted by the Union Carbide Co. on gems. 
Club sponsor is Miss Jerry Motley. 

Back Row — Hohman, Shick, Gladden, s. pres.; Tretter. 
pres.; Crnm, Barkdull, Frushour. Second Row — Harvey. 
S. Frushour, Baldwin, Fassnaeht, Cooper. Front Row — 
Straith-Miller, Burk, Morrow, sec.; Owen. 


: -- . 


1 / 

^ r 



Ik fc %: 

Hard work and a strong will to win help 

S^fkT7J 3 #- 4 -^°4 


Back Row — Mr. Guyer, Mr. Richardson, Mr. Flatt, Mr. 
Stutz, Mr. Moon, Mr. Pierson. Fourth Row — Horton, 
Hannah, Hider, Nuckols, Lewellen, Mueller, Graham, 
Harold, Whiteman. Third Row — Williams, Campbell, 

Hardin, Hower, Guidone, Johnston, Adkins, Vicory. 
Second Row — Hockett, Lambirth, Switzer, Toole, Har- 
pold, Mulry, West, Wenzler. Front Row — Betchel, Bill- 
ups, Wallace, Hovis, Fiesel, Nichols, Black, Paul. 

City-county scoring champion, Darlan Billups, was un- 
successful in his second try for a Hornet score against 
the invincible line of the Washington Continentals. 

Rain dampened the Homecoming crowd but not their 
spirits as they cheered the muddy Hornet gridmen on to 
an important victory over county rival, North Central. 

r 9/J 

& ' m m *i 

mm \ W W J 

gridmen to best record in Howe history 

Boasting its best grid season in history, the 1959 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE 

Hornet team under the coaching of Richard Howe 26 Tech 7 

Guyer began the first of many long, hard practices Howe 19 Attucks 

in mid-August. Lengthy workouts and skull prac- Howe 20 Manual 13 

tices helped the Hornets build their strength and Howe 32 Noblesville 7 

fighting spirit. The profits of these sessions cou- Howe 19 ...... . Broa( i Ripp i e 

pled with the power of nine returning lettermen Howe 41 Madison Heights 19 

enabled the Howe gridmen to finish the 1959 Howe 19 North Central 14 

football season with only one loss. Howe 2f . Warren Central 6 

Following only a fair showing at the City Foot- Howe Washington 33 

ball Jamboree and unimpressive pre-season fore- Howe 39 Scecina 13 

casts, the gridiron men began regular play by 

defeating eastside rival Tech. After a scoreless score. The nearly impregnable Howe line, 
first half, the Howe team came back to score twice strengthened with an increasing will to win, con- 
in each remaining quarter and to crush Tech by tributed to Hornet victories over both Broad Rip- 
a 19-point margin. pie and Madison Heights of Anderson. 

The Attueks Tigers and 1958 State Champions, Howe's homecoming game, highlight of the 

Manual Redskins, were next to bow to a superior season, took place on a cold, rainy night at the 

Hornet squad. Scatback Darlan Billups, who Tech field when the Howeites met North Central 's 

scored three touchdowns, led the Howe eleven Panthers. The muddy field handicapped the 

on to trample Noblesville. Quarterback Jim players and its was nearly impossible for either 

Hower made the first of two second-quarter team to gain any yardage or to catch the slippery 

touchdowns against Noblesville and Mansfield pigskin. Because the Howe gridmen did not play 

Lambirth later plunged over the three-yard line up to their usual standard, the team trailed by 

and added six more points to the Hornet fourteen points at the half. 

Tech Greenclads fail to stop Billups' plunge over the 
goal line. This final touchdown brought the score to 
27-6 in favor of the Hornets. Indianapolis Star Photo 


Football Queen Sherri 
Bell receives her flowers 
from Bob Hibner, vice 
president of the Alumni 
Association, after being 
crowned at the Home- 
coming game. Sherri and 
her court, Barbara Leon- 
ard, Margo Nordman, 
Diane Archer, Dian Co- 
vert, and Pam Butler suf- 
fer from the severe rain 
and cold which prevailed 
over the Howe - North 
Central game. 

Queen Sherri Bell reigns over cold, wet 

After abbreviated Homecoming ceremonies, an 
inspired Brown and Gold came back to put the 
only scratch on North Central's perfect record. 

Following an easy win over the Warren War- 
riors, the Hornets suffered their only defeat at the 
hands of a powerful and swift Washington. 
Howe's gridsters ended their season by smash- 
ing the Scecina Crusaders 39-13. 

Ron Lewellen, senior tackle, was named a 
member of both the All-State and All-City High 
School football teams. Teammate Billups was 
also selected for the All-City and became city- 
county scoring champ. 

At the athletic awards assembly Dick Harpold 
and Billups were announced as co-captains; Dave 
Hockett received the Best Mental Attitude 
Award; Billups received the award for most val- 
uable player. All members of this Hornet team 
won major letters and many of the team also 
received white letter sweaters. 

With twelve returning lettermen and additions 
from Coach Harrison Richardson's reserve team, 
next year's squad has a good potential. The re- 
serve team finished their season with a 3-3-1 rec- 
ord. The freshmen, under Head Coach Lyman 
Combs, chalked up a 1-4-1 season. 

Mansfield Lambirth, a member of Howe's strong back- 
field, runs downfield from his opponents toward the 
Hornet goal. Lambirth is one of twelve junior letter- 
men who will return to strengthen the team next fall. 


I i K 

* ml 

f* #^ WW 

m m h m * m 


r / 





■S» s 

*T? »■— 4 


Back Row — Hunsucker, Miller, Licli, Timmons, Pusey, 
Hider, Madinger, Wenzler, Brooks, Foster, France, Buck, 
Huybers. Second Row — Foster, Sample, Williams, Brit- 

ton, Eskew, Bayot, Tiedemann, Campbell, Mayo, Young, 
Henshaw. Front Row — Pershing, Denney, Lovell, Brown, 
Lynch, Pugh, Parsons, Lawson, Hovis, Espich. 

but thrilling and victorious Homecoming 


Howe 7 Manual 

Howe 14 Crispus Attucks 6 

Howe 13 Broad Ripple 

Howe 6 Cathedral 26 

Howe Sceeina 

Howe Warren Central 14 

Howe 6 Washington 18 




6 Broad Ripple 7 

Manual 7 
Sceeina 26 
Warren 20 

Howe 14 ....... . Washington 


Back Row — Tucker, Barnes, Breckenridge, Hallam, lie, Sanford, Dearth, Griggs, Barrett, Armstrong, Smith. 

Woodbury, Thomas, Mills, Billhymer. Third Row — Cul- Surber, Wolfe. Front Row — Lunsford, Sinclair, Deeter, 

ver, Rubush, Higgins, Shingleton, Hamilton, Wickes, Meeks, J. Deeter, Miller, Rover, Proctor, Stanley, Brad- 

Bennett, Adams, Shackle. Second Row — Edwards, Les- bury, Rohrer. 

Twirling batons keep majorettes busy 

Howe's Major- 
ettes are a busy 
and colorful march- 
ing group. The girls 
paraded with the 
band in the half 
time ceremonies at 
football games this 
year and did some 
solo routines dur- 
ing basketball 

Back Roic — Camp- 
bell, Jeffries, Baldwin, 
Smile. Front Row — 
Cook. Propps, Deeter, 

1959 Cross Country Schedule* 

Howe 28 Washington 27 

Howe 17 Lawrence Central 38 

Howe 25 North Central 30 

Howe 31 Warren Central 25 

Howe 8th place Howe Invitational 

Howe 21 Muncie Bums 38 

Howe 7th place City Meet 

Howe 15 Crispus Attucks 59 

Howe 28 Manual 27 

Howe 8th place Sectional 

Howe 31 Broad Bipple 20 

Reserve Schedule 

Howe 17 Lawrence Central 38 

Howe 42 North Central 18 

Howe 25 Warren Central 34 

Howe 20 Muncie Burris 42 

Howe 38 Manual 17 

Howe 25 Broad Ripple 30 

° In cross country, low score wins. 

Jim Stultz, Max Hess, Bob Hargate (back row), Jim Bose 
and Steve May ( front row ) give first aid, take care of the 
valuable equipment, and attend every practice and game 
as athletic managers for Howe. 


Cross country team posts .500 record 


Back Row — Coach Anderson, Kuoncn, Sims, Barrett, Sinclair, Smith. Third Roiv — 
Sachs, Cooling, Ulrey, McDivitt, Madinger, Shaw. Second Row — Garland, Jones, 
Isenberg, Akers, Simmons, L. Sachs. Front Row — Irvin, Wiggins, Miner, Huff, 
Harold, Jones, Rumbaugh. 

Taking eighth place in their own 19th annual 
Invitational Cross Country Meet, the varsity har- 
riers, under Coach Rex Anderson, put together a 
.500 season. Four returning lettermen and three 
outstanding sophomore runners added to the 
strength of the 1959 squad. 

Washington surpassed Howe by one point in 
the opening meet of the season; but, seeking re- 
venge, the harriers crushed Lawrence Central 
in their second meet. At the Shortridge Invita- 
tional Meet, Hornet Ken Huff finished eleventh 
in a field of more than 300 runners. He was third 
of over 200 entrants in the Sectionals and placed 
22nd in the State Meet. 

The reserve team lost only two of six meets, 
while the freshmen defeated Manual and lost to 
Broad Ripple on their limited schedule. 

In the Howe Invitational Howe runner Ken Huff, winner 
of the Ray Bowman Cross Country Award, placed second. 

Matmen sport ten wins, four losses 

Under the fine coaching of Mr. Raymond Moon 
and Mr. Denny Krick, Howe's matmen racked up 
their third wrestling season, bettering the record 
of previous years by turning in a total of ten wins 
and only four losses. 

Although the Hornets began with four straight 
wins, Howe had a rough schedule this year. They 
defeated the county champions, North Central, 

but lost to the city champs, Broad Ripple, by 
four points. 

Senior returning letterman Ron Lewellen rep- 
resented Howe in the heavyweight division of 
the State Wrestling Meet after pinning the de- 
fending state champion in the sectionals. 

The reserve grapplers had a .500 season record 
of seven wins and seven losses. 


Howe 27 ........ . North Central 21 

Howe 26 Warren Central 24 

Howe 48 Beech Grove 8 

Howe 50 Sacred Heart 3 

Howe 19 Lawrence Central 26 

Howe 19 Broad Ripple 23 

Howe 24 Cathedral 21 

Howe 48 Decatur Central 8 

Howe 16 Manual 31 

Howe 21 Washington 24 

Howe 24 Scecina 21 

Howe 36 Tech 15 

Howe 36 Deaf School 15 

Howe 26 Ben Davis 21 


Howe 36 North Central 20 

Howe 16 Warren Central 38 

Ho%ve 34 Beech Grove 18 

Howe 43 Sacred Heart 11 

Howe 19 Lawrence Central 27 

Howe 19 Broad Ripple 27 

Howe 16 Cathedral 24 

Howe 31 Franklin Twp. 21 

Howe 10 Manual 44 

Howe 26 Washington 24 

Howe 29 Scecina 17 

Howe 27 Tech 24 

Howe 16 Greencastle 34 

Howe 23 Ben Davis 29 

Back Row — Wolfe, 
Parsons, Tiedemann, 
Denbo, McBride, 
Wenzler, Cooksey, 
Coach Moon. Second 
Row — Lee, Foster, 
Diersing, Bradley, San- 
ford, Follis. Front Row 
— Dearth, Carmichael, 
Jones, Bailiff. 

Back Row — Hockett, 
Billups, Williams, 
Lewellen, Johnston, 
Huff, Coach Moon. 
Front Row — Jones. 
Anderson, Diersing, 
Spaulding, Bechtel. 
Not Pictured — S. 
Guidone, Jo r don, 
Leane, Bacon. 

Cheer block adds spirit to Howe sports 

CHEER BLOCK: Abbott, Alexander, Allen, J. Alyea, N. Alyea 
Amos, Anderson, Arbogast, Archer, Aston, Atwood, J. Baker 
K. Baker, Badger, Barnett, Barry, Basset, Beatty, Beavin, Bell, Beck. 
Beitz, Benz, Biddle, Bolander, Boswell, Bowman, Bourne, Branham 
Bryan, Buckley, Bunyard, Burk, Butler, Campbell, Callahan, Car- 
son, Carney, Carroll, P. Carwein, S. Carwein, Clapp, Clift, Clifton. 
Cobin, Combs, Conway, Craig, Crockett, Cron, Cronau, Crossland 
Cuppy, B. Davis, D. Davis, Deal, DeWitt, DeLashment, Diehl 
Dirks, Dirr, Dobbs, Eitel, Emig, Evans, Fallowes, Fassnacht 
Fields, Fisher, Flowers, Francis, Gammons, Garch, Gaston, Gilli- 
land, Goode, Goodwin, Goulet, Graves, Greeson, Grindstaff. 
Guoynes, Halbrooks, Hamilton, Hargate. Harrell, Harvey, Heaven 
ridge, Hellem, Henderson, Henry, Hert, N. Hilliring, Hines, Hitch 
Hollow ell. Holt, Homeier, Howard, Hudson, Huetten, Huff, Jenkins 
Johnson, Johnston, Jones, 
Dean, Kelly, Kemp. Kemper, 
Kightlinger, Kirkham, Kiink, 
Kockritz, Krug, Lash. LcfHer, 
Legg, Leonard, Lewis, Lich, 
Ling, Loudermilk, Love, 
Mansfield. Mcarling, Meeks, 
Mercer, Meredith. Mcrkle, J. 
Merriman, N. Merriman, 
McCoy McGillem, McMillan, 
McNelly, McCormick, McMul- 
len, Martin, Madinger, Mer- 
cer, L. Miller, S.Miller, Miner, 
Mitchell, Monger, Moore, 

Ken Huff and Boh Spaniel- 
ing work out in prepa- 
ration for the Sectional 
Meet. Wrestling requires 
great stamina and long 
hard practice. 

Morrison, Mundy, Munden, Murry, M. Myers, P. Myers, Nauta 
Newman, Nicholson, Nield, Owens, Page, Patton, D. Peterson 
S. Peterson, Phillips, Platte, Poole, Raeber, J. Reynolds, N. Rey 
nolds. Rhodes, Richards, Richardson, Richart, Roesener, Roth 
Sample, M. Sammis. R. Sammis, M. Schmidt. S. Schmidt, Sentman 
Shaner, Sheets, Sherrard. Shick. Shimer, Shugert, Siegman, Skomp 
Spargur, Sotzing, Stafford, Stevens, Steinmetz, Stoelting, J. Straith 
Miller, S. Straith-Miller, Stewart, Sirmin, Swinford, Taylor, Tern 
plemyer, Thomas, Thominson, Thompson, Tomlinson. Townsend 
Treon, VanArsdel, C. Vance, J. Vance, VanSell, Vasil, Waga 
man, Walpole, Warren, Watson, Weaver, Whalin. Wheeler, White 
Whiteman. Whitset, Weigman, Wiesehahn, Wilson, Wolfe, Wood 
ward, J. Wright. K. Wright, Wychiscalla, Yeager. Youngling 



Back Row — Elich, Hannah, Townsend, Cuppy, Nuckols, Hooper, Coach Stutz. Front 
Row — Harpold, Fuson, Hardin, Matthews, Holmes, Brunei - . 

Strength of four returning lettermen 


Howe 52 Washington 63 

Howe 53 Franklin 60 

Howe 63 Connersville 64 

Howe 58 Lawrence Central 53 

Howe 68 Broad Ripple 73 

Howe 47 . City Tourney. . Shortridge 43 

Howe 45 . City Tourney. . . . Tech 69 

Howe 56 Terre Haute Garfield 71 

Howe 54 Southport 57 

Howe 46 Shortridge 54 

Howe 56 Shelbyville 50 

Howe 53 Columbus 56 

Howe 53 Tech 75 

Howe 50 Crispus Attucks 69 

Howe 61 Ben Davis 48 

Howe 62 Cathedral 64 

Howe 66 Scecina 68 

Howe 66 Manual 84 

Howe 66 Warren Central 69 

Howe 76 Lebanon 66 

Howe 53 . Sectionals . . . Beech Grove 54 

With a nucleus of four returning lettermen for 
the 1959-60 season, Coach Jim Stutz and his Hor- 
nets posted a record of five wins and sixteen 
losses. The Brown and Gold achieved a better 
record than had been earned in the previous 
two seasons. High scoring John Townsend, Mike 
Matthews, Dick Harpold and Steve Fuson led 
the Howe Hornets to triumphs over Lawrence 
Central, Shelbyville, Ben Davis and Lebanon, 
after a slow start in the season. 

In the city tourney competition at Butler Field- 
house, the underrated Hornets picked up their 
fifth win by an upset defeat of a strong Shortridge 
team in the first round of play. The next day the 
Hornets bowed to the emerging city champions, 

The varsity basketball team had a rough sched- 
ule, and lost eight games by five points or less to 
teams with much better records than that of the 
Brown and Gold. 

During the half time of the Shelbyville game, 
which Howe won, Susie Schmidt, senior, was 
crowned basketball queen by Steve Switzer. 


mft : *«*fi jgf ' .jsSf ^ws^ 'tigs 

John Townsend, number 32, and Steve Brunei', number 
11, stand ready to assist teammate Dennis Cuppy keep 
the ball from the grasp of a Southport player. 

In the exciting Columbus game which Howe lost by three 
points, Steve Fuson, captain of the varsity squad, vies 
for the ball in a jump with number 43 of Columbus. 

help make season best in two years 

Susie Schmidt (fourth from left) was crowned I960 Basketball Queen at the Shelby- 
ville game. Court members with her are Jodi Dobbs, Lynda Barnes, Pat VanSell, 
Sharon Kockritz, Donna Lich, Jean Moore, and Pain Bichart. 


Howe netmen have a rough schedule 

The Howe Hornets drew the Beech Grove 
Hornets for the first night of sectional competi- 
tion at the Southport Fieldhouse. With two sec- 
onds of playing time left, the game stood with the 
score 53 for Howe and 52 for Beech Grove. The 
Beech Grove Hornets made a frantic attempt 
for a basket and as the final buzzer sounded, the 
ball was on its way to the basket to make the 
winning point for Beech Grove and eliminate 
Howe from further sectional play. 

The Men's 400 Club award for the Most Val- 
uable Player went to letterman John Townsend, 
who also received the free throw award. Guard 
Dick Harpold received the Best Mental Attitude 
Award presented by the Kiwanis Club. Steve 
Fuson was elected captain by his team mates. 

The Howe reserve squad under the coaching of 
Mr. Steve Vencel also had a slow start and fin- 
ished the season with two wins. Coach Boger 
Schroder's freshman roundballers boasted a sea- 
son record of nine wins against six losses. Mr. 
Justin Behm assisted with the frosh team. 

(Above) Guard Steve Bruner attempts to grab a loose 
ball before a Southport Cardinal can snatch it away. 

To avoid the waving arms of Shelbyville's number 35, 
John Townsend takes to the air in a try for a basket. 

Reserves, frosh have building season 

W.'Wy-yw- -M^-':W, -m- 

Back Row — Bailey, Blanton, Nichoalds, Gilkison, Simpson, Campbell, asst. Coach 
Rehm, Coach Vencel. Front Row — Witsman, Bishop, Robeson, Espich, Cotton, 
Knuchten, Hower. 


Howe 29 Washington 41 

Howe 36 Franklin 51 

Howe 41 Connersville 58 

Howe 34 Lawrence Central 40 

Howe 35 Broad Ripple 47 

Howe 41 City Tourney .... Crispus Attucks 53 

Howe 46 Garfield 49 

Howe 40 Southport 48 

Howe 48 Shortridge 63 

Howe 44 Shelbyville 50 

Howe 48 Columbus 51 

Howe 36 Tech 46 

Howe 29 Crispus Attucks 51 

Howe 27 Ben Davis 52 

Howe 33 Cathedral 50 

Howe 29 Scecina 36 

Howe 31 Manual 60 

Howe 50 Warren Central 38 

Howe 48 Lebanon 45 

Howe 45 
Howe 45 
Howe 45 
Howe 37 
Howe 45 
Howe 41 
Howe 40 
Howe 44 
Howe 42 
Howe 49 
Howe 38 
Howe 32 
Howe 44 
Howe 35 
Howe 31 


. Wood 

. Lawrence 


Ben Davis 




. . Wood 

Broad Ripple 

. Cathedral 


. Southport 

. . Tech 


Sacred Heart 



Back Row — Coach Schroder, asst. Coach Rehm, Childers, Martin, Woodbury, Allen, 
O'Haver, Rreckenridge, Rubush, Shaw. Second Roiv — Spaulding, Cole, Sinclair, 
Downey, Thomas, Wise, Culver. Front Row — McKee, Richardson, Waugh, Smith, 
Clouse, Barrett. 

New school record and three state 

Ken Huff, letter-winning Hornet runner pushes himself 
to stay ahead in the City Track Meet. 

Winning six of eight dual cinder clashes, and 
with Glenn Pride and Steve Shackle setting new 
records, the Hornets lived up to Coach Rex And- 
erson's expectations to have another winning 

New school records were set in 1959 by senior 
lettermen Shackle and Pride. Shackle poured on 
the steam to set two Howe records in the 100- and 
220-yard dashes with times of 10.0 and 22.3 re- 
spectively. Not to be outdone, Pride skimmed 
the high hurdles in 15.1 seconds to set another 

The Hornets placed third in the City Meet at 
Tech and later at the Sectional Meet, three Howe 
spikesters qualified for the State Meet. Mike 
Matthews qualified in the high jump, along with 
sectional-record-setting Shackle and Pride. In the 
State Meet Shackle finished first in the hundred- 
yard dash, and Pride placed fifth in the high 

The reserve team had an excellent season, 
boasting an undefeated record. The freshman 
team also had a winning season with a record of 
seven wins and one loss. 

Back Row — Jones, Lewellen, 
Mathews. Front Row — Miner, 
Brown, McDonald. 

meet contenders spark track season 


Howe 47% Bloomington 52% 

Howe 82% Ben Davis 26 % 

Howe 62 Lawrence 55 

Howe 43% Broad Ripple 65% 

Howe 84% Washington 24% 

Howe 79 Cathedral 30 

Howe 87 Attncks 22 

Howe 86% Manual 59% 

Warren 19 

Howe 76 Southport 33 

Sue Crossland, Hoosier Relays Queen, admires the medal 
of the Howe Track Queen Linda Daniels. Starting with 
three teams in 1948, the Hoosier Relays have grown until 
last year they consisted of over sixty schools and over one 
thousand athletes. Sponsored by Howe, the Relays are 
held at the Indiana University Fieldhouse, and are the 
largest indoor track meet in the country. 

Glenn Pride strains to clear the last hurdle in the City 
Meet at Tech. Representing Howe in the State Meet, 
Glenn placed fifth. 

A familiar sight on the Howe track throughout the 
spring was runner Steve Shackle who placed first in the 
State Meet hundred yard clash. 

■i i ii' i iH«iinim» 


Frosh, reserves boast winning season 

l j t } j 

w f 

fts» 11 : - < L V** > ^ 



Back Row — Irvin, Hannah, Henshavv, 
Mayo, Mclntire, Bond. Second Row — 
Squires, Graham, Adkins, Simmons, 
Cobb, Campbell. Front Row — Adams, 
Gordon, Jordan, Lambirth, Fiesel. 


Back Row — Coach Richardson, Rayot, 
Lashbrook, Lawson, Wiggins, Prell, 
Ambler, Paul, Campbell. Second Row 
— Wenzler, Meggenhofen, Isenberg, 
Espich, Sachs, Newman, Tiedemann. 
Front Row — Watson, Harold, Jones, 
Hunt, Pugh, West, Garland, Early. 


Howe 84 Ben Davis 16 

Howe 79% Broad Ripple 29V 3 

Howe 92 Washington 17 

Howe 85 Attucks 24 

Howe 65 Southport 44 

Howe 81 Warren Central 28 


Howe 91 Lawrence Central 26 

Howe 82 Ben Davis 35 

Howe 82 Southport 35 

Howe 91 Washington 26 

Howe 86-1/6 Crispus Attucks 30-5/6 

Howe 42 Manual 75 

Howe 62 Tech 55 

Howe 95 Warren Central 22 


Cheerleaders support Hornets* morale 

"Go you Hornets and beat that foe!" This is the 
chant that was heard by everyone at football and 
basketball games. In any school the cheerleaders 
are half the spirit of the student body and our 
three peppy squads backed the varsity, reserve, 
and freshman teams to the limit. This year the 
cheerleaders managed to organize the biggest 
boys' and girls' cheerblocks in Howes history, be- 
sides planning several pep assemblies. They 
worked hard preparing the pre-sectional assem- 
bly skit and sportsmanship peptalk. Dave Wright, 
student council member from Washington High 
School, spoke and the 1960 sportsmanship slogan, 
"It's ball time in the Hoosier state; make sports- 
manship the Hoosier trait!" hung over the stage. 

Just like the athletic teams, the cheerleaders 
have to practice. Every Wednesday they come 
faithfully to 227 or the girls' gym to practice the 
new yells that win such enthusiasm from the spec- 

Under the direction of Miss Janice Brown, the 
new gym teacher and Howe graduate, all three 
squads had a very successful season. 

Top Picture — Graves, 
Nicholas, Tillery, Jackson, 
Poulos, Daniels. Bottom 
Picture — Buck Row — S. 
Jones, Groom, N. Jones, 
Partington. Second Row 
— Robertson, Shoemaker, 
Butler. Front Row— Bid- 
die, Hamilton, Deal, 
Weaver, Dobbs. 



Racquetmen end third winning season 

1 ■*- ^P"^"«" /"•#**~ • '^ <*£«£* 


&-4 & ■ ! *■ 

Coach Combs, Banta, Guidone, Beswick, Nonweiler, Thompson. 

Preparing to leave for a match Ronnie Banta and George 
Nonweiler discuss the team strategy. 

In its fifth year of competition with other 
schools, this year's tennis team ended the season 
boasting a 7 win-5 loss record. Victories over 
Attucks, Shortridge, Broad Ripple, Ben Davis, 
North Central, and Southport highlighted the 
1959 season. Three returning lettermen added 
power to the team. One of these, George Non- 
weiler, represented Howe in the city competition 
and placed first in the singles. Practice sessions 
were held at Ellenberger Park Tennis Courts 
under the direction of Mr. Lyman Combs. 


Howe 4 North Central 3 

Howe 6 Ben Davis 1 

Howe 4 x /2 Broad Ripple 2V2 

Howe 6 Attucks 

Howe 2 Columbus 5 

Howe 2 Cathedral 5 

Howe 6 Ben Davis 1 

Howe 5 Shortridge 2 

Howe 1 Tech 6 

Howe 1 Park 6 

Howe 1 Muncie Burns 5 

Howe 7 Southport 



Linksmen vanquish seven in '59 season 


Howe 12 Lawrence 11 

Howe 2nd Cathedral, Shortridge, 


Howe I6V2 Wood Wi 

Howe 10 Sacred Heart 8 

Howe IV2 Crawfordsville 13% 

Howe 2 Madison Heights 13 

Howe 3rd Washington 1st 

Shortridge 2nd 

Howe 4 Broad Ripple 8 

Howe 5th Bloomington Tourney 

Howe 10th City-County Tourney 

Howe 8 Manual 4 

Howe 5 Sacred Heart 7 

Howe 3 Cathedral 15 

Howe 14V2 Attucks V2 

Howe 3V2 Warren Central IIV2 

Howe 4V2 Shortridge l x /z 

Howe . . Bloomington (University) 12 

Howe IV2 North Central IOV2 

Howe 8 Warren Central 10 

Howe 3 Scecina 5 

Linksman David Smartz watches and listens to advice 
given by Brown and Gold golf medalist Jim Birk. 

Howe's 1959 linksmen sported seven wins 
against eight losses. Victories over Lawrence 
Central, Wood, Sacred Heart, Tech, Shortridge, 
Attucks and Manual highlighted this year's sea- 
son. The Brown and Gold team 
finished fourteenth in the Re- 
gional Meet held at Riverside 
Park Golf Course and placed 
nineteenth in the City Golf Meet. 
Coach Fred Lemley worked with 
a team composed mostly of un- 
derclassmen, as they held their 
practice sessions at Pleasant Run 
Golf Course. 

Jim Birk, returning from the 1958 golf squad, 
was captain of the Hornet linksmen. He was en- 
tered in the Regional Meet, winning a medal for 
the Brown and Gold with a score of 76. 

Back Row — Buck, Birk, Smartz. Front 
Row — McCoy, Kolsky, King. 


Rains and mud-soaked diamonds 

Coach Pierson, Yeskie, Bruner, Spears, Davis, Whiteman, Kirk, Harpold. 

Oft to a slow start in baseball, the Hornets came 
through in their last four games to end the 1959 
season with eight wins and five losses. Torrents 
of spring rain which forced the cancellation of 
three games, also created delays for many of the 
practice sessions. 

The four straight wins started with the Warren 
Central game in which two fine catches by John 
Buckley in the last innings stopped the Warren 
rally. Again the last inning proved the turning 
point in the Lawrence game which followed a 
Howe victory over Attucks. The game with Man- 
ual ended the season in another triumph. 


Howe 4 Scecina 6 

Howe 6 Sacred Heart 2 

Howe 5 Attucks 1 

Howe Broad Ripple 2 

Howe 3 Southport 4 

Howe 11 Zionsville 

Howe 2 Greenfield 6 

Howe 5 Ben Davis 4 

Howe Cathedral 6 

Howe 6 Warren Central 2 

Howe 6 Attucks 1 

Howe 7 Lawrence Central 4 

Howe 6 Manual 2 

Mike Justus, one of five returning lettermen, 
was elected captain. Don Marshall earned the 
Most Valuable Player award and Dick Harpold 
received the Best Mental Attitude award. 

Mr. Roscoe Pierson, varsity coach, will have 
good players coming up from Coach Denny 
Krick's reserve team which won three and lost 
six. The freshman nine won only one of seven 
games. Their coach is Mr. Harrison Richardson. 

-m. > 


can't keep Hornets from winning 

Larry Whiteman, out- 
fielder (left), stands 
ready to catch a grounder. 
Batting is important, and 
Larry warms up his form 
(right). Steve Bruner 
(center), Hornet first base- 
man, snaps up fast throw 
to make the third out. 


Not Pictured — Kemple, 
Fiesel, Simpson, Roe, 
Clapp, Gewell, Wenzler, 
Huybers, Parsons, Fort- 
ner, Keller, Witsman, 
Hower, Pierson, Kirk, 
Otto, Baden, Turner. 


Back Row — Mr. Richard- 
son, Bradley, Weber, 
Jones, Sachs, Wenzler, Mr. 
Schroder. Second Roic 
— Leane, Southerland, 
Rayot, Isenberg, Lash- 
brook, Lawson. Front 
Row — Showalter, Meg- 
genhofen, McNeely, Gil- 
kinson, Hunsucker, 



Howe 6 Scecina 11 

Howe 4 Broad Ripple 12 

Howe 6 Tech 8 

Howe 4 Park 10 

Howe 1 Ben Davis 9 

Howe 4 Cathedral 5 

Howe 3 Sacred Heart 7 

Howe 6 Washington 4 

Howe 3 Manual 1 


Howe 9 Scecina 3 

Howe 3 Broad Ripple 10 

Howe 2 Southport 9 

Howe 2 Ben Davis 12 

Howe 3 Manual 12 

Howe Southport 13 

Howe 4 Manual 5 

Passed on a walk, Dick Harpold. winner of the Best 
Mental Attitude Award, trots toward first base. 

Previous diamond experience helps John Buckley as 
he pours on the speed to outrun the flying ball. [Left) 


O *y 


Back Row — Mueller, Johnston, v. pres.; Stultz, Whiteman, 
Nuckols, Harold, Rumbaugh, Jones, Wiggins, Townsend, 
Hannah, chap. Third Row — Hower, Hockett, Nichols, 
Hooper, Matthews, Graham, Lewellen, sec.; Williams, 

Spears, Brown, Graves, Irvin. Second Row — Vaughn, 
Adkins, Paul, Thompson, Guidone, Vicory, Toole, treas.; 
West, Mulry, Bant a, Jordan, Huff. Front Row — Bechtel, 
Hargate, Fiesel, Wallace, McCoy, Switzer, Harpold, pres.; 
Miner, Billups, Guidone. 

GAA and Lettermen provide fun 

LETTERMEN'S CLUB and GAA are designed 
for students interested in athletics. A member of 
Lettermen's Club must have earned at least one 
major letter in one of Howe's many sports. Mem- 
bers serve the school by parking cars and usher- 
ing at basketball games. Also during the basket- 
ball season, those boys who don't play participate 
in the boys' cheer block. Mr. Lyman Combs is 
the sponsor of the club. 

GAA, or the Girls' Athletic Association, pre- 
sents a variety of sports for the girls to participate 
in. When the weather permits, such outdoor 
sports as speedball, softball and track and field 
events are popular. Indoors, volleyball, basket- 
ball and apparatus work are favorites. A gym 
meet was scheduled during February and prizes 
were awarded for superior work on the apparatus 
and in folk dancing. 

GAA and Lettermen jointly sponsor the Winter 
Wonderland Dance on the afternoon of the last 
day before Christmas vacation. 

GAA and Lettermen jointly sponsor the Winter 
Wonderland Dance with the coronation of a king 
and the appearance of Santa Claus on the after- 
noon of the last day before Christmas vacation. 


Barbara Bolander and Barbara Rhoades give lots of ad- 
vice and assistance to GAA member Margaret Surface 
struggling on the rings. 


Back Row — Mearling, 
Nicholas, v. pros.; 
Stafford, McGuire, 
Yeager, treas.; Cuppy, 
Sturgeon, Schorling, 
Love, Heckling, Wat- 
son, Martin. Third 
Row — Glascock, Sur- 
face, Siegman, Car- 
wein, Abight, Wilson, 
Bolander, Crockette, 
sec; Wiggins, 
Schmidt. Second Row 
— Hert, Gammons, 
Wolfe, Long, Bolmer, 
pres.; Teague, Petro, 
Rhoads, Petro. Front 
Row — Robertson, 
Campbell, Bruness, 
Beineke, Taylor, 
Treon, Goben, Ellis, 

GAA Girls also took part in the gym meet spon- 
sored by the physical education department in 
April. About fifty girls showed their top form in 
work on the parallel bars and side horse. Entrants 

were judged on coordination, consisting of beauty 
of movement; continuity, and degree of difficulty 
in the stunt they chose. First through fourth place 
ribbons were presented. 

and challenges for athletic Howe'ites 

Winter Wonderland King Candidates pose formally on the Tower staircase under the 
special Christmas decoration made and hung there by the Art Department. The gentle- 
men are Jim Thomas, Gary Kruchten, Jay Barrett, King Mike Matthews, Wes Thomp- 
son, Jim Hannah, Gary Wallace and Dick Woodbury. 


Teachers and new administrators work 

Mr. Thomas Stirling, filling the vacancy created by the retirement of prin- 
cipal Charles M. Sharp, quickly gets into the busy routine of supervising 
Howe. Mr. Stirling admits that co-ordinating almost two thousand pupils 
with a one hundred-member faculty is a difficult but rewarding job. 

Through the patient guidance 
of the faculty and administration, 
Howeites find it easier to pro- 
ceed "with our best foot for- 
ward." Teachers take an active 
part in sponsoring extra-curricu- 
lar activities, counseling stu- 
dents, or finding ways to improve 
their teaching techniques. Some 
of the Howe faculty have studied 
abroad in France, Spain, Mexico, 
Cuba, England, and Italy where 
they gained further insight in 
their particular field. 

At the head of the administra- 
tion is Principal Thomas Stirling 
who replaced Charles M. Sharp 
as Howe's second principal. Mr. 
Stirling, vitally interested in the 
advancement of Howeites and 
their school, advocates several 
programs for "pursuit of excel- 

In addition to the teaching 
staff, Howe is aided by another 
group, office workers, who per- 
form many valuable services 
such as taking care of the switch- 
board, attendance and guidance 
cards, student registry, and in- 
numerable records. 

THOMAS STIRLING - principal, 
Indiana State Teachers College, B.S.; 
Indiana University, M.S. 


principal, Indiana University, A.B.; 
Butler University, M.S. 

vice principal, Butler University, B.S. 
Indiana University, M.S. 


to create variety and progress at Howe 

NANCY ADAMS-social studies; Butler 
University, B.A. 

HELEN B. ALLEN— home economics, 
head; Indiana State Teachers College, 
B.S.; Columbia University, New York, 

REX ANDERSON-social studies; Earl- 
ham College, A.B.; Indiana University, 

Butler University, A.B. 

studies; Indiana University, A.B.; Teach- 
ers college, Columbia University, N. Y., 

DAVID BAUGH-business education; 
Indiana University, B.S. and M.S. 

BRUCE L. BECK-English; director of 
productions; Purdue University, B.S. 

Butler University, B.A. 

STEVEN T. BRIGGS-director of de- 
velopmental reading laboratory; Hardin- 
Simmons University, A.B. 

JANICE J. BROWN-physical educa- 
tion; Indiana University, B.S. 

MRS. JOAN BROWN-English; Indi- 
ana University, A.B. 

ROBERT L. CARR-mathematics; In- 
diana University, A.B. and M.S. 

RALPH V. CLEVENGER-English, di- 
rector of guidance; Indiana University, 
A.B. and M.S. 

MRS. VESTA R. COHEE-foreign lan- 
guage; Indiana University, A.B. 

VERNES COLLINS - science, health; 
Butler University, B.S. and M.S. 

LYMAN P. COMBS - physical educa- 
tion, head; Butler University, B.S.; Indi- 
ana University, M.S. 

LOIS COY — home economics; Otter- 
bein College, Westerville, Ohio, A.B.; In- 
diana University, M.S. 

SEWARD S. CRAIG - English, head; 
Indiana University, A.B. and A.M. 

studies; UCLA, California, A.B. 

CHARLES DEBOW - English; Butler 
University, A.B. and M.S. 

John Herron Art School, M.A. 

RICHARD DOWELL - science; Indi- 
ana State Teachers College, A.B.; Indiana 
University, M.A. 

WADE FULLER-social studies, direc- 
tor of placement; Central Normal College, 
A.B.; Indiana University, M.S. 

R.O.T.C; United States Army. 

JOHANNE GUENTER-physical edu- 
cation; Indiana University, B.A. and M.S. 

JESSE GUERRERO-foreign language; 
San Jose State College, San Jose, Califor- 
nia, B.A. 

BICHARD GUYER - science; Butler 
University, B.S. and M.S. 

ness education; Indiana University, B.S. 

Homework assignments and tests fill 

^■i JH 

RICHARD HAMMOND-science; Ball 
State Teachers College, B.S. 

RUTH HARDY - English; Butler Uni- 
versity, B.S. 

VIRGIL HENISER-science, head; Ball 
State Teachers College, B.S. 

ALICE HESSLER - English; Butler 
University, B.S. and M.S. 

CAROLYN HOLDER-Enghsh, direc- 
tor of publications; Indiana University, 

CYNTHIA HOOVER-business educa- 
tion; Indiana University, B.S. 

F. M. HOWARD-art, head; John Her- 
ron Art Institute, B.A.; Ohio State Univer- 
sity, M.A. 

RAYMOND HULCE-English, foreign 
language; Indiana University, A.B. 

FLOYD L. JEFFRIES - science, Ohio 
University, A.B.; Ohio State University, 

diana University, A.B.; University of Illi- 
nois, M.S. 

OWEN A. JOHNSON-business educa- 
tion; Indiana State Teachers College, B.S.; 
Indiana University, M.S. 

HARTWELL KAYLER-social studies, 
head; Butler University, A.B. and M.A. 

SAM KELLEY — physical education, 
athletic director; Oakland City College, 
A.B.; Indiana University, M.S. 

DOROTHA KIRK-social studies; Indi- 
ana University, A.B. and M.S. 

DENNY KRICK - driver's education; 
Indiana University, B.S. 

KATHLEEN LANG-English; Univer- 
sity of South Dakota, B.S. 

WATHEN D. LEASOR - industrial 
arts; Indiana State Teachers College, B.S. 
and M.S. 

FRED C. LE M LEY - mathematics; 
Central Normal College, A.B.; Indiana 
University, M.S. 

girls; Butler University, A.B.; Indiana 
University, M.S. 

WILLIAM D. LUMBLEY - science; 
Purdue University, B.S. 

LOUIS McENDERFER-instrumental 
music; University of Michigan, B.M. 

MARY McLANE-social studies; Butler 
University, A.B.; Indiana University, M.S. 

WAYNE MELLOTT - English; Ball 
State Teachers College, B.S.; Northwest- 
ern University, M.A. 

RAYMOND L. MOON-driver's educa- 
tion; Indiana University, B.S. 

TED MOORE - art; John Herron Art 
School, B.A.E.; Butler University, M.S. 

studies; Miami University, Ohio, B.S. 

JERRY MOTLEY-science; Butler Uni- 
versity, M.S.; Indiana Central, B.A. 

LYLE NAVE - industrial arts; Eastern 
Illinois College, B.Ed.; Butler University, 

only part of teachers* busy schedule 

ELLEN O'DRAIN - English; Butler 
University, B.A. and M.A. 

DARROW OWENS-English; Indiana 
University, B.S. and M.S. 

E. A. PATTERSON - industrial arts, 
head; Indiana State Teachers College, 
B.S.; Butler University, M.S. 

THEA K. PHELPS-foreign language; 
DePauw University, A.B. 

ROSCOE PIERSON - industrial arts; 
Indiana State Teachers College, B.S. and 

S. J. PITTENGER-business education; 
Ball State Teachers College, B.S.; Indiana 
University, M.S. 

mental music; Ithaca College, New York, 
B.S.; Jordan College of Music, Butler Uni- 
versity, M.M. 

studies; Butler University, A.B. 

MRS. RUTH REED-mathematics; In- 
diana University, A.B. 

JUSTIN REHM - mathematics; Han- 
over College, B.A. 

ics; Indiana State Teachers College, B.S. 

matics; Manchester College, B.S.; Indiana 
University, M.S. 

WILLIAM ROBERTS - vocal music- 
Jordan College of Music, B.M. 

MARJORIE RORK-foreign language; 
Butler University, A.B. and M.S. 

MRS. MARGARET ROWE - business 
education, head; Indiana University, B.S.; 
Northwestern University, M.A. 

ROGER SCHRODER - mathematics; 
Franklin College, A.B. 

CELIA SMITH -nurse; Indiana Uni- 
versity, B.S. 

MRS. DOROTHY SMITH - librarian; 
Butler University, A.B. 

RALPH SMITH - physical education; 
Butler University, B.S.; Indiana Univer- 
sity, M.S. 

WILLIAM SMITH-science, visual ed- 
ucation director; Butler University, B.S. 
and M.S. 

MRS. MARY SMUCK - mathematics; 
Butler University, A.B. 

R.O.T.C; United States Army. 

JAMES STUTZ-science; DePauw Uni- 
versity, B.A. 

MARY THUMMA- foreign language, 
head; Butler University, A.B. and M.A. 

HAL TOBIN-English; Butler Univer- 
sity, B.S. 

FRANK TOUT - English; Ball State 
Teachers College, A.B. and M.A. 

JOHN TRINKLE-business education; 
Indiana Central College, B.S.; Butler Uni- 
versity, M.S. 

ROBERT TURNER-foreign language; 
Jr. High-Sr. High counselor; DePauw Uni- 
versity, A.B.; Ball State Teachers College, 
M.A.; University of Havana, M.A. 


Behind-the-scenes workers keep Howe 

GEORGE VANDUSEN-dean of boys; 
Indiana State Teachers College, B.S. and 

STEVE VENCEL-social studies; Indi- 
ana State Teachers College, B.S. and M.S. 

HERVIE VERTREES-industrial arts; 
Indiana State Teachers College, B.S.: Co- 
lumbia University, New York, M.A. 

ROBERT WALKER - English; Ca- 
tawba College, Salisbury, North Carolina, 

FRANK WATKINS - music, head; 
Youngstown University, Youngstown, 
Ohio, A.B.; Illinois Wesleyan University, 

MARYON WELCH - business educa- 
tion; Indiana State Teachers College, B.S. 
and M.S. 

MRS. MARIE WILCOX-mathematics, 
head; Indiana University, A.B. and M.A. 

SUZANNE WILLITS-home econom- 
ics; Indiana University, B.S. 

MERLE WIMMER-science; Ball State 
Teachers College, B.S.; Butler University, 

studies; Butler University, A.B. and M.A. 

keeper, bookstore manager. 

MRS. MARIE BUSSEN - administra- 
tion office. 


MRS. RUTH ELDER-pupil personnel 
and English office. 



MRS. ARLA HUNT - cafeteria man- 

MRS. IRMA PAYNE - clerk-switch- 
board operator. 

sonnel office. 

JOHN TURPIN-head custodian. 


RALPH STATON-business educa- 
tion; Ball State Teachers College, B.S. 

FLORENCE K. JAUS-joined fac- 
ulty in second semester as cafeteria 


high school in efficient operating order 


Back Row — Betty Chandler, Levine Graham, Vada 
Snider, Gladys Hartle, Fay Plunkett, Ruth Laughlin, 
Lottie Johnson, Margarite Fender, Helen Stafford, Juanita 
McKinstry, Clementine Nix. Second Row — Ella Craw- 
ford, Florence Evens, Hazel Holycross, Helen Obery, 

Cora Bolmer, Anneliese Puschmann, Betty Scott, Clara 
Mosmeier. Front Row — Ina Leffer, Ella Edwards, Ethel 
Sturdevant, Hope Henderson, Flossie Nugent, Gladys Ste- 
phens, Velma Gray, Florence Jaus, Cafeteria Manager. 

Back Roiv — Robert 
Stringer, Victor Harris, 
Millard Stephens, Jessie 
Alexander, Charles Kos- 
eck. Front Row — John 
Turpin, Charles Robin- 
son, Margaret Thein, 
Harry Johnson. 


Juniors excitedly plan for last year 







Nancy Abigt, Mark Ackelmire, 
George Adams, Marty Adams, 
Lynn Ahlefeld, William Akers, 
Sandra Alexander, Art Allen, 
Virginia Amann. 

Don Ambler, Richard Ander- 
son, Bob Applegate, Shirley Ap- 
plegate, Bill Archer, Diane 
Archer, Dixon Arment, Wanda 
Asher, Shirley Atwood. 

Pat Aubrey, Midge Austin, 
Jeffrey Babbs, Jerry Baden, Wal- 
ter Badger, Betty Bailey, Bev- 
erly Baldwin, Leonard Barkdull, 
Lvnda Barnes. 

Bonnie Barrett, Neil Barton, 
Larry Batta, Phyllis Beach, Jack 
Beasley, Bob Beeler, Rosalyn 
Beitz, William Bennett, Basil 

Chuck Best, Donna Bevis, Jim 
Birk, Jay Bishop, Steve Bissel- 
berg, Mike Blaisdell, Phyllis 
Bluhm, Judy Boles, Dewey 

Marilyn Bonn, Sandra Bowen, 
Craig Bradley, Bradford Bunny, 
Barbara Branam, Stuart Bran- 
denburg, Tom Branham, Melvin 
Branson, Janice Bremer. 

Joseph Brewer, Norma Brian, 
Raymond Briggs, Lois Brinson, 
Nancy Brittain, Leighton Brit- 
ton, Jim Brooks, Josette Brown, 
Marcia Jeanne Brown. 

Patricia Brown, Stephen 
Brown, Carolyn Bruness, Byron 
Buck, Joyce Buckley, Diane 
Barnyard, Joyce Burge, Bonnie 
Jo Burk, Mike Burns. 

Betty Campbell, Charles 
Campbell, Janet Campbell, 
Terry Campbell, George Can- 
non, June Cantwell, Larry Ray 
CargaL Loretta Carlson, Jackie 

Bill Carrico, Sandy Carwein, 
William Harold Cavanaugh, Sue 
Cazula, Robert Chambers, San- 
dra Cheney, Robert Chortkoff, 
Dave Clapp, Patrick Cleland. 

Toni Clouse, Bud Cobb, 
Nancy Coburn, Lynda Collins, 
Janet Marie Collins, Hervey 
Cory, Sharon Combs, Bob Con- 
nor, Joyce Conner. 



Brenda Cook, Lynne Cooper, 
Jenny Cord, Garland Corley, 
Ronnie Cornforth, Dian Covert, 
Judy Cox, Luella Cox, John 

Rlioda Crawford, Gary Cripe, 
Marsha Crockett, Suzie Cross- 
land, Jim Callings, Ed Culp, 
Kathy Daugherty, Shirley Davis, 
Max Dawson. 

David Day, Sally Demaree, 
Richard Denbo, David Denison, 
Larry Denney, Carlos Depositar, 
John Deteh, Gerry De Vore, 
Marty Dirr. 

Ralph Disher, Judy Dobson, 
Miriam Doran, Carole Domte, 
Danny Duckett, Uldis Duselis, 
Saundra Earl, Mike Earley, Dick 

Steve Ehrlich, Paul Elich, 
Joan Elsey, Jo Ann Emig, Tom 
Engelking, Janet Enoch, Bar- 
bara Esch, Alyce Evans, Dianne 

Jackie Evers, Barbara Fass- 
naucht, Larry Fehr, Curtis Fend- 
ley, Damon Ferbrache, Bill Fel- 
ling, Jerry Fields, Shirley Fields, 
Larry Fiesel. 

John Flowers, Margaret Flow- 
ers, John Follis, Sandy Ford, 
James Foshee, Mike Foster, 
Steve Foster, Nick Fotiades, 
Mary Jo Fowler. 

Dave France, Dallence Fran- 
cis, Catherine Freeland, Sue 
Freeland, Leslie Freeman, Bill 
Gainey, Bob Gannon, Linda 
Gibbs, Ronald Gibson. 

Bill Gilkison, Jean Gilliland, 
Joan Gilliland, Gail Girdley, 
Thurman Gladden, Bob Goines, 
Mariann Goodwin, Bob Gordon, 
Phil Gordon. 

Mike Graber, Bob Graham, 
Ronal Graneeki, Sharon Graves, 
Gilda Gray. 

James Gray, Pamela Gray, 
Lynn Green, Jim Greer, Dave 

Fred Griffin, Margaret Grind- 
staff, Cheryl Grisham, Joyce 
Groom, Gary Haas. 

A familiar sight in the halls of 
Howe is a group of girls gath- 
ered before a locker filled with 
books and coats. Admiring pic- 
tures of current teenage idols 
are Sally Wheeling, Betsy Rob- 
bins, Becky Graham and Vicki 

m, 4tink- 


\ p q 1% ** 

-J ^4 J»kJ^ fa 

} ft 


Charles Hague, Robert Hall, 
Sharon Hailey, Jim Hannah, 
Claude Hardin, Bonnie Hargate, 
Dave Harper, Linda Harris, 
Betty Harryman. 

Allen Hatcher, Jerry Heath, 
Marilyn Heavenridge, Sandi 
Hendricks, Al Hendrickson, Bob 
Henshaw, Wayman Henson, 
Dale Hertweek, Janet Hicks. 

Denny Hider, Ellen Hill, Bill 
I limes, Sharon Hitch, Virginia 
Hobbs, Jim Hoffman, Thomas 
Hogan, John Hogue, Terry Hoh- 

Thomas Hollingsworth, Rich- 
ard Hollowell, Denny Holmes, 
Anne Holy, Janet Homeier, Ann 
Horsfield, Ronnie Horton, Steve 
Hovis, Barb Howard. 

Jim Hower, Denver Hubbard, 
Mary Huggins, Dave Hughes, 
George Hunsucker, Bart Hunt, 
Jim Hunt, Bob Hutchinson, 
Nancy Hutsell. 

Richard Huybers, Rita Jacobs, 
Barbara Jenkins, Florria Jenkins, 
Cynthia Johnson, Dennis John- 
son, Donald Johnson, Joyce 
Johnson, Judy Johnson. 

Susan Johnson, Norma Jones, 
Saundra Jones, Barbara Joseph, 
Chuck Judd, Linda Julian, 
Nancy Jurgen, Gerald Kapp, 
Mary Helen Kassing. 

Paul Keen, John Kelleher, 
Diane Kelly, Vicky Kemper, 
Mary Helen Kent, Thomas Kep- 
pler, Mary Faith Kern, Jeannie 
Kightlinger, Bill Kirk. 

Nancy Kirkham, Steve 
Kitchen, Jackie Klink, Steve 
Klippel, Eileen Kniep, Carolyn 
Knoop, Sally Ann Kohlstaedt, 
Ted Kolsky, Mansfield Lam- 

Bob Lang, Sarah Lang, Ed 
Lashbrook, Bob Lawhom, Linda 
Lawless, Roy Lawson, Robert 
Layton, Margo Lazier, Bill Lee. 

John Lee, Judith Lee, Ginny 
Leipnitz, Sandy Leonard, Danny 
Lester, Bonnie Lewallen, Vicky 
Lewellen, Rebecca Lewellen, 
Glenda Lewis. 

Donna Lich, Rod Lich, John 
Liedell, Sharon Lightle, Allen 
Livengood, Frank Locklear, Pat 
Long, Linda Losh, Donna Lou- 


Mary Kay Love, Denny 
Lovell, Charlotte Lucas, Ray 
Lucas, Richard Lucas, Mary 
Lutane, Robert Lutz, Kenneth 
Lynn, Michael McBride. 

Murray McBurnie, Donna 
McClain, Mike McClellan, Pat 
McCool, Vicki McCoy, Alice 
McCray, Portia McFall, Mary 
Francis Mcllquham, Pat McKee. 

Kenny McKinstry, Cindy Mc- 
Millan, Gerald McMullan, Mar- 
tha McNeely, Jim Maddox, 
George Maddinger, Sherry 
Maloy, Larry Maners, Fred 

Donna Mansfield, Sharon 
Marchal, Joe Marks, Jim Mar- 
shall, Ronnie Martinie, John 
May, Jan Mayo, Joyce Mearling, 
Marcia Merkle. 

Nancy Merriman, Lester Mer- 
ritt, Sandy Messer, Alan Mess- 
more, Carla Miller, Linda Miller, 
Stephen Miller, Rex Mills, Mike 

Bonnie Minton, Leanna 
Mitchell, Mitch Mitchell, Sandy 
Mitchell, Vicki Mohr, Don Mont- 
gomery, Jim Moore, Nancy 
Moore, Melinda Morrow. 

Patti Muegge, Tom Mulry, 
Charleen Mundy, Dale Murley, 
Alice Muterspaugh, Margaret 
Myers, Pat Myers, Earle Nay, 
Bill Nelson. 

William Nelson, Vici New- 
house, Beth Newman, Pam New- 
man, Roberta Nield, James Nog- 
gle, Ronnie Ochs, Ed O'Donnell, 
Steve Oliver. 

Carla Sue O'Neal, Tom Os- 
borne, Perry Oskins, Tom Otto, 
Mary Owen, Benton Owens, 
Joyce Owens, Jim Packard, Su- 
san Page. 

Virginia Parish, Barbara 
Parke, Jim Parsons, Pat Parting- 
ton, Allen Passow, Doug Paul, 
Richard Pearson, LaVon Pen- 
nington, Dick Pershing. 

Kenneth Peterson, Charles 
Peterson, Sue Peterson, Peter 
Petrakis, Shirley Petro, Ruth 
Pettee, Lynn Phillips, Jane 
Platte, Sharon Plummer. 

Joan Poole, Jack Pope, Janet 
Porter, Karol Porter, Mary Lynn 
Porter, Julie Poulos, Clara 
Powell, Sharon Powell, Warren 


Janie Proctor, Lana Pursley, 
Jerry Quick, Robert W. Rahn, 
Marvin Raper, Sandy Ray, Helen 
Marie Reed, Sue Refvem, Joel- 
en Reynolds. 

Sharon Reynolds, Diana 
Riedl, Joan Roberts, Kathy Rob- 
ertson, Doris Roesener, Caryl 
Rogers, Jim Rose, Rill Rucker, 
Rob Rumbaugh. 

Lloyd Russell, Larry Sachs, 
Marjory Sammis, Eugene Sam- 
ple, Patricia Sampsel, Kay San- 
ders, Sharon Sorber, Joyce Scan- 
land, Frank Scharold. 

Rill Scheele, Clo Ann Schil- 
ling, Ronald Maurice Schoen, 
Richard Scholl, Jean Ann Schor- 
" ng, David Schubert, Carole 
Schweiger, Rita Marie Scott, 
Gene Donald Sechrest. 

Margaret Sentman, Dotty 
Shake, Reverly Sharp, Rill 
Sharp, Diane Lee Sheets, Robert 
Shelton, Marie Shepherd, Fred 
Shick, Jane Shick. 

William Clarence Shoemaker, 
Richard Showalter, Larry Shultz, 
Lynn Silvey, George Simmons, 
Mike Simmons, Stanley Simp- 
kins, Jack Simpson, Jerry Simp- 

Starlyn Sims, Karen Sinclair, 
Cindy Sirmin, David Smartz, 
Carina Lita Smile, Carol Smith, 
John Snider, Darlene Somers, 
Larry Sorley. 

Sandra Sotzing, Mark South- 
erland, Dale Sparks, Anita 
Spears, Shirley Reth Stafford, 
Susan Stafford, Karen Steimnetz, 
Margie Steimnetz, Ronnie 

Gary Stevens, Karen Stevens, 
Kathy Stevens, Lester Stewart, 
Jo Anne Stone, John Andrew 
Stout, Nancy Stradtman, Joe 
Strain, Jack Strandjord. 

Gloria Streeval, Sally Strough, 
Glenda Sturgeon, Margot Sulli- 
van, Robert Sumner, Nan Sut- 
ton, John Swadner, Karen Swi- 
hart, Eddie Tanber. 

Gary Tarter, Vivian Teauge, 
Tim Teepe, John Tharp. 

Bob Thomas, Carole Thomas, 
Patricia Ann Thomas, Jim 

Juniors always look forward to 
driving to the sectionals. Bar- 
bara Howard, joined by Diane 
Archer, Bob Graham, Mitch 
Mitchell, Pete Henshaw, and 
Gary Wallace, is ready to head 
for Southport. 


Nancy Tibbs, Doug Timmons, 
Carol Todd, Janie Tomlinson, 
Tom Trusty, John Turner, Kath- 
erine Turner, Diana Turpen, 
Kaywood VanNote. 

Pat VanSell, Judy Vaughn, 
Virginia Vodney, Phil Vos, 
Cindy Vote, Judy Ann Vroman, 
Judy Waggoner, Joellen Wag- 
ner, Linda Waidlieh. 

Gary Wallace, Pat Walpole, 
Jim Warren, Fritz Watkins, 
Sandra Watson, Tom Watson, 
Harry Webber, Phil Weiker, 
Danny Wenzler. 

Beverle West, Michael West, 
Ron West, Norma Wheeler, 
Sally Wheeling, Dick Whitaker, 
Thomas White, Linda Whitsit, 
Margaret Wiegman. 

John Wiggins, Bob Williams, 
Carol Williams, Lois Williams, 
Max Williams, Marcia Wilson, 
Steve Wilson, Mary Ann Wim- 
mer, Tim Witsman. 

Vicki Woodward, Nadine 
Yeager, David Yeaman, John 

"Take five" is a welcome sound 
to the ears of these tired Howe- 
ites. They have been going 
through night after night of 
long, grueling rehearsals in 
preparation for the annual 
Pleasant Run Revue. This pop- 
ular yearly activity gives stu- 
dents who are willing to work 
hard a chance for a touch of 
show business and a lot of fun. 


Sophomores show eager freshies How(e) 

Alice Abbott, Nancy Alyea, 
Brenda Anderson, Mary Ander- 
son, Bonita Andrews, John An- 
drews, Ann Arbogast, Judy 
Aretz, Bill Aronis. 

Karmin Arthur, James Asa, 
Linda Asher, Ronald Atnip, Rus- 
sell Bailiff, Judy Baker, Myron 
Baldwin, Judy Balfour, Larry 

Penelope Bandy, Carol Bank, 
Ann Barclay, Steve Barnett, Wil- 
liam Barnett, Jay Barrett, Rus- 
sell Bartholomew, Rosemary 
Bassett, Charles Beard. 

Jody Beatty, Charles Bechtel, 
Charlene Beck, Raymond 
Beights, Joanne Beitz, Sherri 
Bell, Fred Bennett, Jim Blanton, 
Karen Bluhm. 

Dennis Broadman, Barbara 
Bolander, Dean Boldon, Nancy 
Boswell, Sandy Bourne, Nancy 
Bowman, Susan Bowman, Dar- 
lene Branham, Linda Breyer. 

Betty Brinkman, Blanche 
Brown, Carol Brown, Dave 
Brown, Mike Bruney, Jim Bus- 
sell, Pam Butler, Brenda Byers, 
Keyo Cameron. 

Phyllip Campbell, Jack Can- 
ada, John Canada, Larry Car- 
den, Nancy Carroll, Becky Car- 
ter, Jerry Castieman, Tony Ca- 
zula, Rita Chaney. 

Sydney Clapp, Bill Clark, 
Margie Clark, Jerry Clark, San- 
die Clark, Carolyn Clift, Dale 
Clifton, Sarah Cochran, Jerry 


Rickey Cody, Donna Coffey, 
Karen Coffey, Sharon Coffey, 
David Coffman, Sue Cohoon, 
Ann Cole, John Combs, Ted 

Kathleen Conway, Terry 
Cooper, Alice Cope, Janie Co- 
penhaver, Richard Corley, Donna 
Cornforth, Cathy Cottontail, 
Don Cotton, Jim Cox. 

Sandra Crabtree, Sharon 

Cripe, Dale Cram, Dick Culley, 

im Cunningham, Paul Davis, 

Steve Deal, Timothy Dearth, 

Mary Deeter. 



Gary Deeter, Marie Deeter, 
Paul Defenderfer, Judy Dela- 
shmit, Susan Demaree, Steve 
Demosthenes, DeAnn Derrett, 
Geraldine Dewitt, Barbara 

Daniel Diersing, Marybetli 
Dirks, Charles Dixon, Larry 
Doehlman, Shirley Drake, Mike 
Dugan, William Durman, Jim 
Eberly, Ed Eckard. 

Judy Edens, Charlene Ellis, 
Sharon Ellis, Dorothy Ellison, 
Wendell Elmore, Annette Era- 
bry, Jim Englehart, Ron Eskew, 
Bob Espich. 

Bill Estes, Jill Eudaly, Jim 
Evans, Anita Fair, Sydney Fal- 
lowes, Philip Fassnaeht, John 
Fawver, Travis Fendley, Jim 

Carole Fields, Pamela Fischer, 
Karen Fitch, Beverly Flynn, 
Dave Ford, John Foster, Ken 
Foster, Dan Franklin, Samuel 

Tom Fulrord, Terry Fulk, 
Mary Galyean, Woody Garland, 
George Gibbs, Jim Girton, 
Diana Gividen, Barbara Glass, 
Mike Gorski. 

Carl Graca, Karen Graham, 
Camilla Grayson, Pat Green, 
Cameron Greenwood, Rosic 
Greeson, Don Griffin, Jim 
Griggs, Sandra Grissom. 

Steve Guidone, Linda Guoy- 
nes, Robert Hall, Cindy Hamil- 
ton, Geraldine Hanson, Lynne 
Hare, Bill Harold, Harold Hare, 
Linda Harrell. 

Keith Hartman, Sharon Hart- 
son, Karen Hauschild, Susie 
Hazzard, Marcia Heck, Judy 
Heckman, Barbara Hedding, 
Mike Hedges, Sharon Hender- 

Marty Hendrickson, Connie 
Henry, Sherry Hert, Max Hess, 
Nancy Hillring, Nancy Hills, 
Judy Himes, Martin Hodape, 
Bill Hoff. 

Kay Hohn, Beverly Hollowell, 
Mike Holmes, Steve Hooker. 

Steve Hooper, Tim Hoover, 
Phil Hopping, Ed Horton. 

Sophmores Sharon Henderson, 
Barbara Rhodes, Dave Treanor, 
Bob Espich, and Tim Hoover, 
are working on their vocational 
themes, one of the highlights of 
English III. 

3 t\ ^h -^ ■■.-■ Q 

£> £% fa Z\ 

9 .« 

yH^ |~ >• '^3 ; • r ^**v '^3 '^ 


Cheryl Howery, Jim Hubbard, 
Diana Huber, Cindy Hudson, 
Pat Huetten, Linda Huff, David 
Hunter, Steve Huntley, Norman 

Jim Isenberg, Bruce Israel, 
Richard Jackson, Judy Jeffries, 
Larry Jenkins, Leila Jenkins, 
Joseph Joachim, Larry Johnson, 
Sandra Johnson. 

Jackie Johnston, Don Jones, 
Tom Kattau, Allen Kayler, Pat 
Keegan, Art Keller, Sharon Kel- 
ley, Sandra Kesterson, David 

Cyndi Kirk, Michael Klippel, 
Sharon Knight, Joyce Kockritz, 
Stephen Koepper, Carolyn Koll- 
man, Gary Kruchten, Dorothy 
Krug, Lee Kunce. 

Jan Kutche, John Lacy, Bar- 
bara LaFary, William LaFary, 
oyce LaForce, Judith Lasnicka, 
Diana Lawless, John Leane, Sue 

Chuck Lee, Donald Lee, Ra- 
chel Lee, Ronny Lee, Dotti Lef- 
fler, David Leim, Steve Leim, 
Bob Leonard, Gerry Leonard. 

Sandra Lester, Paul Light, 
Sandy Lindsay, Judy Ling, 
Chester Long, Vona Loy, John 
Lynch, William Lynn, James 

Peggy McCormick, Ronald 
McGuffee, Patricia McGwire, 
Jim McLean, Rita McMullen, 
Carol Madinger, Paul Madinger, 
Kay Magee, Mopsey Merga- 

Sharon Maners, Bud Mans- 
field, Mike Martin, Ronald Mar- 
tin, Larry Meadors, John Meeks, 
Sylvia Meeks, Tom Meggen- 
hofen, Mary Mercer. 

Julie Michael, Bill Miller, Don 
Miller, Mike Miller, Darrell 
Millner, Jerry Monday, Nancy 
Monger, Ken Montgomery, John 

Carl Moore, Jean Moore, Ed 
Morgan, Bettie Morris, Rose- 
mary Morrison, Jacque Mulry, 
Pat Mulry, Kathy Murray, Der- 
rell Myers. 

Linda Nauta, Barbara Nelson, 
Joe Nelson, Ronnie Newman, 
Dave Nichoalds, John Non- 
weiler, Kay Offutt, Chris Ogilby, 
Jack Orme. 



John O'Sullivan, Bob Ott, Pa- 
tricia Overmyer, Sandra Owens, 
Carolyn Packard, Sharon Pad- 
gett, Louellen Park, Katha Pat- 
terson, Gary Paul. 

James Pendleton, John Pen- 
dleton, Susan Peters, Dianne 
Peterson, Janet Pflueger, Jo 
Pheasant, Anetia Phillips, Frank 
Phillips, Ralph Phillips. 

Tom Ping, Karen Poos, Helen 
Price, Ralph Price, Larry Pugh, 
Lissa Purely, Carla Pursley, John 
Purvis, Paul Pusey. 

Carol Rains, Jim Ragsdale, 
Steve Rasmussen, Jim Rayot, 
Sharon Reed, Barbara Rhoads, 
Robert Rhodes, Marilyn Rich- 
ards, Sharon Richards. 

Lonnie Richmond, Larry 
Ridgeway, Linda Ridle, Anthc 
Rigney, Betsy Robbins, Brenda 
Roberts, Mike Roberts, Judy 
Robertson, Mary Robertson. 

John Robeson, Rebecca Rob- 
erson, Harold Rohrer, Lois Roth, 
Donna Rouse, Clara Rudolf, 
Emily Sam, Caroline Sample, 
Richard Scherman. 

Barbara Schmidt, Martha 
Schmidt, Marsha Schmitt, Bob 
Scudder, Loretta Shaw, Mark 
Shaw, Barbara Shepherd, Sherry 
Sheppard, Jerrilyn Sherrard. 

John Schick, Kathy Shinier, 
Don Silvey, Steve Simmons, 
David Simms, Lanny Simpson, 
Stanley Sims, Judy Skaggs, Jae- 
quelin Skomp. 

Mary Slaymon, Wayne Smal- 
ley, Marilyn Smith, Stephen 
Smith, Nancy Smither, Cheryl 
Snyder, Judy Spargur, Jon 
Spaulding, Dixie Spilker. 

Dave Spittler, Danny Steen- 
bergen, John Stevenson, Karen 
Stewart, Diane Stickle, Leslie 
Stith, Mike Stonebraker, Donald 
Storer, Gregg Storm. 

Judith Straith- Miller, Susan 
Straith- Miller, Phil Sturgeon, 
Sandy Sturgeon, Jack Suiter, 
Marjorie Sulgrove, Mary Sulli- 
van, Margaret Surface, Bonnie 

Barbara Taylor, Janice Taylor, 
Andrea Tenipelmeyer, Jim 
Thomas, Sharon Thomas, Linda 
Thompson, Pamela Thompson, 
Lynne Tiedemann, Tom Tiede- 

t 1 f 




rK iJ- 7 

a r\ a a ^ 


|«s «J £»*3, 


Jeri Tiery, Donna Tisdale, 
Marcia Todd, Marcia Townsend, 
Martha Tracy, David Treanor, 
Ronald Turk, John Turner, 
Thomas Tuttle. 

Janet VanSandt, Sharon Van- 
Sell, Carolyn Vasil, Marianne 
Vicory, Nancy Wagaman, Philip 
Wagner, Rose Walker, Gloria 
Wallace, Marie Wallace. 

Donna Walter, Joyce Warren, 
Melinda Watson, Philip Watson, 
Donald Waugh, Carolyn Webb, 
Pat Weber, Joyce Wells, Bill 

Sandra Whalin, Judy White, 
Jane Whitton, Eileen Whit- 
worth, Denny Wickes, Diane 
Wickes, Nancy Wiesehahn, 
Sandy Wilford, Cheryl Wilson. 

Janet Wiseman, Donna Wolfe, 
Jean Wood, Gwenn Wright, 
Kathie Wright, Laura Wycis- 
kalla, Margaret Yech, Ron Yes- 
kie, Gary York. 

Sandra Zessin, Barbara Zum- 

Serious-minded and believing everything they 
hear, Selofra club members turn their backs 
on the camera when told of the "reflector lens" 
the photographer was using for their picture. 


Enthusiastic frosh get off to fine start 

Charles Adams, Janet Adams, 
Frank Adams, David Allen, 
Karen Allen, Ruth Allen, Sharon 
Allen, Marsha Ambler, Jean 

June Anderson, Shirley Archer, 
Elaine Arment, Robert Arm- 
strong, Leah Attkisson, Albert 
Aust, Reta Railey, Wayne Bald- 
ridge, Betty Ballinger. 

Walter Ballinger, Bruce Bar- 
clay, Peter Barlow, Jim Barnes, 
Linda Barnes, Dennis Barrett, 
Jon Basham, Judy Beach, Tom 

Janice Beineke, Linda Ben 
der, Stephen Bennett, Sandr 
Benz, Julianna Bertram, Brend; 
Beshear, Bun- Betts, Sue Biddle 
James Billhymer. 

limmv Louise Billups, Edgar 
Bland, Steve Blust, Robert Bok- 
erman, Jolin Booe, Keith Brad- 
bury, Daniel Breckenridge, Jane 
Ann Brown, Sharon Bruness. 

Connie Byran, Patty Bryant, 
Rodney Buchanan, Marcia Buck- 
ley, Ellen Bundchu, Patricia 
Burger, Sharon Burns, Rita Bur- 
rell, Janie Butler. 

Scarlett Cade, Martha Sue 
Caldwell, Sandra Dianne Call, 
Larry Carmichael, Janice Car- 
ney, Dianne Carrington, Patty 
Carwein, Bob Cash, James 

Ruth Cegoy, Don Childers, 
Marilyn Clark, Gary Clouse, 
Shirley Cobb, Dianne Coffin, 
David Coldin, Alan Cole, Lyon 

Bob Collins, David Collins, 
Peggy Collins, Patricia Colvin, 
Linda Combs, Dannie Cook, 
Richard Cook, Jim Cooling, 
Sandra Corey. 

Clarence Cornelious, Melvin 
Cornelious, Joyce Coval, Jean 
Cox, Linda Cox, Lois Crawford, 
Judy Cron, Gayle Sue Cronin, 
Eddie Culver. 

Kay Cuppy, Connie Danforth, 
Monty Daniels, Barbara Davis, 
Janet Davis, Karen Davis, Lois 
Ann Davis, Ronnie Davis, Jean- 
nie Deal. 


Q . I a. r^ q 

< * Uj i _% 

0Kjk ,-^Sk jm \ 


o a a 

21 o 

J* 4 



* milk 

K r „'| 




J fa, 

f > £J ft /^ 

'■3 £$ ^ a a A 

ft *3> £> tfl ■?' £1 «3 Q j^k 

Jll ^ 

■.■■sW*^, 1 


Michael Deatline, John Dee- 
ter, Dick Denney, Joan Dobbs, 
Susie Lynne Dobbs, Sharon 
Dobson, Vicki Sue Dobson, Rich 
Downey, Susan Downey. 

Thelma Duncan, Frank Dwire, 
Myra Earley, Paul Eblers, Steve 
Edwards, Bill Eggcrt, John Eick- 
nian, Harrell Elliott, Martha 

Phyllis England, Margaret 
Ennis, Loretta Evans, Jan Fer- 
guson, Anna Marie Fischer, Ter- 
rence Lee Fitch, Barbara Ellen 
Fittz, William Ford, Allan 

Margaret Fox, Mary Jane 
Freeman, Cliff Funk, Nancy 
Gaines, Led Garman, Margo 
Carman, Beverley Ann Gaston, 
Susan Marie Gentry, Virginia 

Robert Gerson, Roy Gibbs, 
Steven Gibbs, Ruth Gibson, Judy 
Gifford, Tom Gilkison, Cheryl 
Cohen, Doris Godfrey, Cheryl 

Becky Graham, Constance 
Gray, Michael Gray, Rick Greg- 
ory, Jim Griffin, Glendyn Grove, 
Janie Gunderman, Mary Haas, 
Rex Hallam. 

Dean Hamilton, Nancy Ham- 
ilton, Gary Hanes, Patricia Lou 
Harrell, Bob Harris, Gene Har- 
ris, Linda Harrison, Albert Hart, 
Katherine Hartman. 

Warren Hauschild, John Hav- 
crstick, Barbara Dee Hawke, 
Suzanne Hawkins, Elizabeth 
Ann Haynes, Anne Headlee, 
Glenn Heckman, Denny Heiny, 
Susan Heithecker. 

Dorothy Hellem, Malcom Her- 
ring, Danny Higgins, Jim Hilt, 
James Hine, Paula Ann Hobbs, 
Marilyn Holden, Carol Holmes, 
Jane Holtman. 

Mary Horsley, Joyce Hubbard, 
Marilyn Huetten, Andrea Hug- 
gins, Charles Jamison, Sheila 
Jaus, Mike Jenncr, Tim Jett, 
Billic Johnson. 

Stuart Johnson, Lois Johnson, 
Patsy Johnson, Mary Jordan, 
Paul Jourdan, Diane Jump, Cas- 
sandra Kamp, William Katzen- 
berger, Janice Keller. 

Ralph Kent, Steve Kinsman, 
Linda Koepke, Karen Kaaus, 
Charles Kuonen, Anna Kutche, 
Jackie Lamb, Judy LaTourrette, 
Jean Lawrence. 



Kay Lawson, Cheryl Layton, 
David LeMasters, Janie Lemon, 
Don- Leslie, Steve Lindley, John 
Long, Sarah Long, Carol Lowing. 

Mike Lunsford, Marvin Me- 
Clain, Sandra MeClain, Ruth 
MeClure, Jim MeCollough, Maek 
McCormick, Wesley MeDivitt, 
Kaye MeCilliard, Jim MeKee. 

Joe MeKinstry, Cheryl Mc- 
Neill, Ruth Madison, Jill Martin, 
Jim Massey, Kent Maxfield, 
Steve May, Gary Meek, Violet 

Larry Miller, Rob Mills, Dar- 
rell Mitchell, Margaret Mitchell, 
Dave Mittan, Olaf Moetus, 
Linda Monday, Harley Monroe, 
Marjorie Monroe. 

John Moon, Raymond Morse, 
Sharilyn Mosby, Pamela Mosi- 
man, Carolyn Mueller, Karen 
Munden, Gloria Myers, Michael 
Nation, Dianne Nauta. 

Susan Noxon, Edna Nuckols, 
Larry O'Brien, Deane O'Dell, 
Gregory O'Haver, Barbara Onan, 
James O'Sullivan, Susan Oswalt, 
Barbara Overmeyer. 

Anne Owen, Bob Papas, Ed 
Parker, Robert Parr, Don Par- 
tain, Betty Patrick, Emily Pat- 
ton, Bob Paul, Marsha Payne. 

Glena Petro, David Pflum, Jim 
Pierson, Sally Pitts, Virginia 
Porter, Harry Powell, Linda 
Price, Pamela Probst, Jim Proc- 

Terry Proctor, Mary Rader, 
Mary Jo Raeber, Larry Ratliff, 
Charles Reading, Jerry Reese, 
Linda Reeves, Don Rennard, 
Earl Richards. 

Sammy Richardson, Virginia 
Richardson, Pam Richart, Mike 
Rider, Jo Ann Ritter. 

Dianne Robbins, Susan Rob- 
inson, Jerry Roesener, John 
Roessner, Lewis Rogers. 

Ronnie Royer, Jim Rubush, Jo 
Ann Rumbuugh, Brenda Rump, 
Throckmorton Rabbit. 

One of the first things facing 
freshmen is getting the right 
books and supplies. Waiting in 
line at the bookstore are Rita 
Burill, Bill Katzenburger, Dan- 
ette Ware, and Janie Butler. 


. 3 

iiii i iiilB 



Forrest Ryan, Steven Sachs, 
Roberta Sammis, Julie Sanders, 
Don Sanford, Joe Saner, Sue 
Sehaub, Carole Sfemizzi, John 

Paul Shingleton, Steve Shaw, 
Cheryl Shepherd, Sheryl Shep- 
herd, Anita Shields, Glenn Shoe- 
maker, Shelvey Short, Victoria 
Shrill, Jean Siefman, 

Robert Siler, Ricky Sims, 
Stephen Simpson, Bill Sinclair, 
James Sinclair, Sally Slater, Anna 
Smith, Geraldine Smith, Merri- 
linda Smith. 

Miles Smith, Richard Smith, 
Reva Sponsel, Sally Stafford, 
Terry Stanley, Sharon Statzell, 
Steve Steed, Sue Sterling, Cyndi 

Nancy Stewart, Rick Stiffler, 
Susan Stilwell, Sarah Stockdale, 
Tanya Stodgill, Karen Stoelting, 
Mary Stone, Mike Stone, Don 

Donna Sweet, Jackie Swindle, 
Connie Swindle, Pat Swinford, 
Uvaldo Tanguma, Norman Tay- 
lor, Ruth Tedrowe, Katherine 
Chavers, Judy Theo. 

Alan Thomas, Freddy Thomas, 
John Thomas, Cherryl Thorn- 
burg, Judith Thomburg, Jim 
Todd, Sharon Todd, Susie Tom- 
linson, George Toney. 

Beverly Totten, Jim Tout, 
Gary Trabue, Graceann Treon, 
Terry Tucker, Phyllis Uberto, 
Donald Ulrey, Jeri Urich, Phyl- 
lis Utigard. 

Bob Utsler, Geneva Vance, 
Jill Vance, Candace VanGundy, 
Robert Vaughn, Robert Vicars, 
Tom Vittetow, Kathy Walker, 
Sharon Walker. 

Daniel Walls, Sharyn Walls, 
Dannette Ware, Mary War- 
moth, Tommy Watkins, Dick 
Watson, Patricia Watson, Carol 
Weaver, Elaine Weingardt. 

Max West, David Wheeler, 
Linda Whiteman, Lynn Whit- 
tington, Linda Wilkerson, Eileen 
Willeford, Ivy Williams, Nancy 
Williams, Jay Wise. 

Robert Wolfe, Carole Wood, 
Dick Woodbury, Linda Wren. 


Andrea Adams, Charlene Aik- 
man, Charles Arthur, Ron 
Bashani, Norman Beach, Betty 
Beam, Greg Beck, Jane Berry- 
man, Tom Bond. 

Jennie Bradley, Stanton Brad- 
ley, Sally Brandt, Bill Broelman, 
Margaret Bromstrup, Ann 
Brown, Sandra Bruce, Warren 
Bunyard, Linda Campbell. 

Charlene Denters, Twanette 
Chambers, Kipp Clark, Janice 
Cobb, Pat Cole, Barbara Cox, 
Clifford Cox, Steve Cox, Johnny 

Sharon Davis, Suzanne Davi- 
son, William Denison, Linda 
Drum, Gill Elliott, Barbara 
Evans, Becky Eversole, Jane 
Foley, Michael Fowley. 

Ann Freeland, Ernest Frick, 
Carolyn Gerstner, James Gilpin, 
Patrick Gray, Steve Grubbs, 
Paul Guhl, Chester Hackett, 
Robert Hanneman. 

Carl Harmon, Jean Harrell, 
Bill Harvey, Joanne Hendrick- 
son, Connie Hinsch, Carolyn 
Holman, Kenny Hughes, Sharon 
Hunt, Richard Hunter. 

Charlene Johnson, Linda 
Johnson, David Kinsey, Carol 
Laird, Ronald Lakin, Diana 
Lamb, Raymond Lazier, Danny 
Lewellen, Robert Lewis. 

William McCleery, Steve Mc- 
Clintie, Robert McDaniel, Bar- 
bara McKeel, John Marshall, 
Maxene Mitchell, Marty Mohr, 
Patricia Monroe, Chuck Mundy. 

Robert Neel, Sandy Orr, 
Charles Payne, Steven Parrish, 
Douglas Pool, Ellen Powell, 
Donna Prell, Roy Query, John 

Susie Reed, Karen Richards, 
Jennet Richardson, Larry San- 
born, Therein Schad. 

Larry Scott, Robert Secrist, 
John Sellers, Stanley Settles, 
Tom Shaner. 

Marion Sinclair, David Smith, 
Richard Snider, Suzanne Soult, 
Jim Spear. 

The Freshmen Mixer offers 
freshmen a chance to meet 
other new students. Highlights 
of the afternoon were dancing 
and a program given by the 
student council. 

O, ( U4 O f\ 

*t r^- M 


../ ' *. 



■h&L A ,ni j /j*mM 

Wp 0* Ri 

(J| p\ Q ps : gl 

Mi A AWT- 


Mk Jtk, ^L am. 

£S t f*\ (T\ 


Joyce Splittler, Gail Spreen, 
Sharon Stieh, Nancy Taylor, 
Jane Thiesing, Janice Thornton, 
Eugenia Trembley, Mike Un- 
derwood, Jeanie Vos. 

Shirley Walker, Tom Walters, 
Tom Warren, Donald Wessel, 
Sandra White, Allen Wilkins, 
Rob Wills, Kenneth Wolff, John 


Rebecca Zander. 


Deborah Aston, Pat Barth- 
olomew, Ronald Brown, 
James Bullock, Gary Combs, 
Joyce Compton, Bill Crist, 
Esther Evans, Doretta Figg, 
David Fouty, Webb Garri- 
son, Sharon Heaton, Kenneth 
Johnson, Johnny Johnston, 
Steve Jordan, Joy Kahn, Billy 
Leach, Chris Lowe, Carolyn 
McLeod, Floyd McWilliams, 
Alan Miller, Dan Miller, Me- 
lynda Mobley, Robert Mof- 
fett, Paula Shanahan, Robert 
Williams, Norbert Winkler. 


Jeannine Barber, Sandra 
Bell, Cecil Bracken, Jim 
Christensen, Herb Cory, 
Leonard Ginsbaugh, Jerry 
Hodges, Carlos Jeffries, 
Gloria Johnston, Charles 
Jones, Linda McLaughlin, 
Rosylyn Mahler, John Mat- 
tern, Sharon Prather, Earl 
Richardson, Victoria San- 
ders, Cheryl Tressler, Mike 
Weaver, Betty Wilson. 


Charles Adams, Brenda 
Anderson, Michael Bailey, 
Lawrence Ballinger, Steven 
Barnett, William Barnett, 
Anna Blackwell, Alice 
Bloomer, Mary Bradley, Lois 
Bragdon, Linda Breyer, Betty 
Brinkman, Russell Brown, 
Larry Carden, Katherine 
Chavers, Joel Childers, Ron- 
ald Coghill, David Colvin, 
James Cooling, Carl Cowgill, 
Ronald Day, Paul Devine, 

Bob Dickerson, Nancy Dur- 
ham, Henry Eckert, Paul 
Ehlers, Sheron England, 
Roger Farmer, Henry Fine, 
Nancy Garroll, John George, 
Kenneth Hendrickson, Kenny 
Hopper, Charles Hunter, 
Judy Long, Earl Marsh, Den- 
nis Pfuffev, Anthony Pruitt, 
Jerry Rutherford, Warren 
Stafford, Pat Stanton, Mar- 
garet Turpin, Benny War- 
ren, Danny Wells. 

After donning their Sectional 
derbies, Dottie Leffler, Pat 
Green, Pam Newman, and Vicki 
Nevvhouse leave for an after- 
noon of fun at the Southport 
gymnasium. Sectionals often 
prove to be a mad combination 
of slumber parties, cotton candy, 
bubble gum, laughter, tears, and 
of course, Hoosier Hysteria, 


"Faculty fatmen" compete against seniors 

Coach Rehm calls Jim Stutz into the Faculty Fatmcn huddle. 
Faculty members and seniors donned their wildest outfits to 
compete for the Howe basketball ( ? ) championship. 

Faculty Queen, Miss Thea Phelps, and King for the second 
year standing, Richard Guyer, pose for a moment to flash 
the personality smiles that helped them win their royal titles. 

Red-hot seniors seem confident as they prepare to face the 
mighty Faculty Fatmen. The wide variety of costumes dis- 
plays the imagination and artistic abilities of the senior team. 

Leading the yells for the seniors and cheering them on to victory 
were varsity cheerleader Joy Tillery and varsity left end Ron 
Guidone. Seniors beat the faculty 53-45 in a "wild" game. 

As the last minutes of their senior year slip quickly away, the class of 1960 stands 
listening to Pomp and Circumstance. They wait tensely for the words that will begin 
their final walk down Violet Hill and usher them into a new life. 

Seniors climax four years' work with 

Karmen Lamb and Diana Sims examine this year's senior 
colors which were beige, mint green, and yellow-gold. 
They were symbolic of the standards of the class. 

"Togetherness" plays an important role in every senior's 
life, especially in senior homeroom where jovial grad- 
uates-to-be come charging in full of pep. 


In addition to daily routines the 1960 senior 
class had many special activities which required 
their attention. Two special days when the class 
members arrived in party dresses and suits for 
their parties and the presentation of senior colors 
were just two. Among class privileges were spe- 
cial assembly seats and home room in the cafe- 
teria, both of which were characterized by a 
never-to-be-forgotten mad scramble to beat the 
tardy bell. Seniors also had responsibilities to 
fulfill: attending committee meetings, ordering 
name cards and announcements, and being fitted 
for caps and gowns. The senior office was head- 
quarters for college bulletins, applications, and 
scholarship information as well as job informa- 
tion. The class of '60 will remember its almost 
all-senior football and basketball teams, class 
meeting, the senior-faculty game, vespers, com- 
mencement, and the prom. The class' last year 
was filled with fun, hard work, and the realization 
that the end of four years' work was close at hand. 


( Top Picture ) Ron Givan, Lynda Bell, and Bob Stop- 
penhagen pause a moment in the senior office to leaf 
through the bulletin board, a gift from the class of 1956, 
in quest of current scholarship information. 

( Middle picture ) An important part of being seniors is 
ordering name cards and announcements. Seniors Cathy 
Dudley and Janet Cardwell pick their own special name 
cards from the order book. This years' commencement 
announcements featured a line drawing of the entire 
building and a larger Howe crest. 

( Bottom picture ) Mr. Landis of the Harry K. Landis 
Company measures Judy Badger for her cap and gown 
while Mary Jo Bristow and Sharon Carney wait their 
turns. Howe's girl seniors wear powder blue robes and 
the boys wear white robes; officers are distinguishable 
because of the gold tassel on their caps. The robes were 
designed exclusively for Howe. 


The senior play cast spent spring vacation and 
three more weeks rehearsing for this year's senior 
play; "You Can't Take It with You." The four 
weeks of rehearsing, under the direction of Mr. 
Bruce Beck, were filled with fun, laughter, and 
many hours of old-fashioned hard work. Many 
days were spent in memorizing lines and learn- 
ing proper cues and gestures; and then still more 
time in polishing them. 

"You Can't Take It With You" centers around 
the Sycamore family. The Sycamore household 
includes an iceman who moved in to live; a "Mad 
Russian" dancing teacher; and the grandfather 
who doesn't believe in the income tax. The pres- 
ence of a printing press and a fireworks factory 
in the basement add to the fun. 

The story revolves around Alice Sycamore and 
her fiance, Tony Kirby. When Tony's staid par- 
ents arrive for dinner on the wrong night they 
are shocked and appalled by their future daugh- 
ter-in-law's zany family. Alice also is convinced 
that she and Tony should call off their wedding 
plans despite their love. Everything ends on a 
happy note as Mr. Kirby defects to the Sycamores 
and Alice and Tony proceed with their plans. 

Seniors shine 

(Top picture) Alice Sycamore (Emily Cronau ) welcomes 
her fiance, Tony Kirby (Ken Huff), and his parents 
( Renee Wise and Bill O'Connell ) as they arrive for dinner 
— on the wrong night! Tony switched the dates so that 
his parents might see the Sycamores as they really were, 
not as they would be when they were prepared for im- 
portant guests. 

(Second picture) Penny Sycamore (Klaska Haugh) paints 
her version of "The Discus Thrower" using the used-to-be- 
iceman, Mr. De Pinna (Gary Paternoster) as a model. 
At the same time Boris Kolenkhov ( Frank Alger ) gives 
"His little Pavlova," Essie Carmichael (Marilu Propps), 
her ballet lesson. 

(Third picture) The mad Russian, Boris Kolenkhov in- 
troduces his friend, The Duchess (Laurie Scholl), to 
Penny Sycamore. The Duchess, a member of Russian 
nobility, whose cousin was the Czar of Russia until the 
Revolution in 1917, is now reduced to working as a 
waitress in Child's restaurant. 

(Bottom picture) "G-Men" Bob Stoppenhagen, Dave 
Mabey, and Ken McCoy arrest Paul Sycamore (Bob 
Morton) after they discover his fireworks factory in the 

The senior pla> cast 
gathers en masse for 
the dinner scene in 
which Grandpa in- 
vokes a blessing upon 
the Sycamores, their 
guests and friends. 
Cast members are 
(clockwise standing i 
G-Men ( Bob Stoppen- 
hagen and Ken Mc- 
Coy), Grandpa (Dan 
Graves), G-Man (Dave 
Mabey), Rheba (Diane 
Hawke); (clockwise 
seated ) Penny Syca- 
more (Klaska Haugh), 
Paul Sycamore ( Bob 
Morton), Gay Wel- 
lington (Jane Carson). 
Donald (Miles Hes- 
sion), Boris Kolenkhov 
(Frank Alger), Mr. 
Kirby (Bill O'Connell). 
Mrs. Kirby ( Renee 
Wise), Tony Kirbv 
(Ken Huff), Hender- 
son (Bob B r i 1 e s ) , 
Duchess (Laurie 
Scholl), Alice (Emily 
Cronau),Mr. De Pinna 
(Gary Paternoster), 
Essie (Marilu Propps). 
Ed (Stanley Keeler). 

in Tom Can't Take It With You" 

The cast of "You Can't Take It With You" 

written by 

Moss Hart and George Kaufman 

Penny Sycamore Klaska Haugh 

Essie Marilu Propps 

Rheba Diane Hawke 

Paul Sycamore Bob Morton 

Mr. De Pinna Gary Paternoster 

Ed Stan Keeler 

Donald Miles Hession 

Grandpa Vanderhof Dan Graves 

Alice Emily Cronau 

Henderson Bob Briles 

Tony Kirby Ken Huff 

Boris Kolenkhov Frank Alger 

Gay Wellington Jane Carson 

Mr. Kirby Bill O'Connell 

Mrs. Kirby Renee Wise 

Three G-Men Mike Conway 

Ken McCoy 

Bob Stoppenhagen 

Duchess Laurie Scholl 

Donald and Rheba stand by while Grandpa "zeroes in" 
on the unsuspecting and intoxicated Gay Wellington. 

/~ *i 


Seniors step forward to future life 

MIKE McDONALD - Senior Class 
President; HOWE TOWER Sports ed. 3, 
editor-in-chief 4; Brown Boy cand. 4 
Natl. Honor Soc. 3-4; Basketball 1-3 
Baseball 1-2; Track 1-4; PRR 3; Bus 
mgr. 4; Intramurals 4; Student Council 
1-2, jr. rep. 3. 

NITA GAMMONS-Senior Class Vice 
President; Basketball Queen cand. 3; Sel- 
ofra 1; Vihota 3; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Latin Club 
1; PRR 3-4; Cheer block 3-4; Gym asst. 
4; May Pageant 1-3. 

Secretary; Natl. Honor Soc. 3-4; HILL- 
TOPPER photography ed. 3, activities ed. 
4; Jr. Prom Queen Cand. 3; Selofra 1 
La Nina 2; Vihota 3; PRR 4, act ch. 3 
Tri-Hi-Y chaplain 3, vice pres. 4; Girls 
Drill Team 3-4; Majorette 2; Ind. H.S. 
Journalism Inst. 3; Speech Club 3; Stu- 
dent Council 2; State Student Council 
Convention 2; Office mess. 3; Cheer block 
1. 3-4; Model UN delegate 4; Footlight 
Revelers 3; Thespians 3. 

EDWARD DIEHL-Senior Class Treas- 
urer; PRR 3-4; HILLTOPPER photog- 
rapher 3-4; Wrestling 3; Intramurals 3-4; 
Debate Team 4; Brown Boy Cand. 3; 
Student Council 2; Track 1. 

Class Alumni Secretary; ROTC Sponsor 
2-4; HOWE TOWER reporter 3; HILL- 
TOPPER activities ed. 4; PTA Style Show 
1-4; Selofra 1; La Nina 2; Vihota 3 
Tri-Hi-Y 3, songleader 4; Bus. mgr. 4 
PRR 1, 3-4; Military Ball Queen cand 
2-3, Queen 4; Footlight Revelers 3-4 
May Pageant 1-2; Choralaires 3; Choir 4 
Latin Club 1-2; Student Council fresh- 
man rep. 1; Cheer block 1. 

From our freshman year we have looked 
forward to the day when we would be sen- 
iors. We took the first step toward being 
seniors in the middle of our junior year when 
we ordered class rings. Before we were 
ready, September of '59 had arrived and we 
were the senior class. With the advent of 
class elections, senior day, and our daily 
routines we became accustomed to our new 
position. Things began to move fast as the 
Senior Play, Vespers, and Commencement 
rolled by. Suddenly our senior year has 
ended. For some of us this means further 
education in college; for others it begins the 
application of what we have learned at 
Howe. Our education and background at 
Howe has provided us with a firm founda- 
tion on which to build our lives and futures. 

Class officers Mike McDonald, Nita Gammons, 
Deanna Callahan, Ed Diehl, and Lydia Hildreth, 
aided by Mr. Ralph Clevenger, class sponsor, ar- 
range committees for senior activities. They strove 
to place each class member on at least one com- 




MARINELL ADAMS-Chess Club 1-4; Baton 
Twirlers 3-4; Cheer block 1-2; Future Nurses 4; 
Subset 3; Jr. Red Cross 4. 

CHARLIE ADKINS-Football 1-4; Track 1, 
3; PRR 3-4; Winter Wonderland King cand. 3; 
Bus. mgr. 4; Jr. Prom King 3; Intramurals 2-3; 
Lettermen's Club 4; Jr. Prom comm. 3; Mock 
Election sec. of st. 4. 


KAY ALEXANDER-Tri-Hi-Y 4; May Pageant 
1-3; Office mess. 4; Music Festival 1-3. 

ROBERT ALEXANDER-Beta Hi-Y 1, pies. 
2; Baseball 1; Intramurals 2-4; Track 1; Tennis 
2; Hawaiian Holidays King 4; PRR 3-4. 

JOYCE ALYEA-Selofra 1; La Nina 2; Vihota 
3; Cheer block 2-4; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Bus. mgr. asst. 
1; Gym asst. 1; PRR 3-4; Student Council 1-2; 
Office mess. 3-4; May Pageant 3. 

SALLY ANN AMOS-Selofra 1; La Nina 2 
Vihota 3; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Cheer block 1-4; PRR 3-4; 
May Pageant 2-3; GAA 1; Hoosier Relays Queen 
cand. 4. 

KAREN ANDERSON-Selofra 1; La Nina 2; 
Vihota 3; PRR 3-4; Cheer block 1, 3-4; Girls' 
Drill Team 2-3; Mock Election treas. 4; Basket- 
ball Queen cand. 3; Jr. Prom comm. 3; Hi-Y 
Sweetheart Queen cand. 3. 

ROSALIE ANDREWS-Jr. Red Cross 1-2, 4; 
Home Ec. Club 1; Office mess. 3; Cheer block 2; 
Girls' Rifle Team 2-3, capt. 4; Hoosier Relays 
Queen cand. 3. 

Latin Club 1-3; Chess Club 1-2; ROTC Rifle 
Team 4; Photography Club 4; Speech Club 3. 


School, Salineville, Ohio, 1-3. 


CAROLE AUGUSTUS-Selofra 1; La Nina 2; 
Choralaires 4; Vihota 3; FBLA 3-4; Spanish 
Club 1 ; Cheer block 2. 

RICHARD BACON-Wrestling 2-4; ROTC 

JUDY BADGER-La Nina 2; Vihota 3; Cheer 
block 2-4. 

LEE M. BAILEY-Latin Club 1; Choralaires 
2-3; Choir 4. 

3; Home Ec. Club 2; Cheer block 2-4; Selofra 1. 

KAREN SUE BAKER-Selofra 1; La Nina 2; 
Vihota 3; Choralaires 2-3; Choir 4; Tri-Hi-Y 2, 
historian 3, pies. 4; PRR 4; "Night of January 
16" 4; Home Ec. Club 1; Model UN 3-4; Cheer 
block 2, 4; Natl. Honor Society 4. 



hota 3; GAA 1-2. 

1; La Nina 2; Vihota 3. 

RONALD BANTA-Wrestling 2; Tennis 1-4; 
Football 3; PRR 1-4; Dance Band 1-2; Choir 
3-4; Boys' Octet 3-4; Band 1-2; Aviation Club 2; 
Lettermen's Club 2-4; Track 1; Cross Country 1. 

DAVID BARLOW-Track 1-4; Band 1-2. 

Nina 2; Vihota 3; PRR 3-4; Choralaires 2-3; 
Golden Girl cand. 4; Jr. Prom comm. 3; Cheer 
block 2-4. 

CHARLES BARTON-Stage crew 1-3, mgr. 4; 
Latin Club 1-2; PRR 2-3; Footlight Revelers 
1-4; Student Council Talent assembly 2. 

HARRY BARTON-Senior Hi-Y 3; Intramurals 

MARY LOU BEAVIN-La Nina 2; Vihota 3; 
Orchestra 2-3; Cheer block 2-4; FBLA 4; Natl. 
Honor Society 3-4. 

SONDRA KAY BEINEKE-Selofra 1; La Nina 
2; Vihota 3; Cheer block 1-2; FBLA 3; Office 
mess. 1-2. 

DONNA JEAN BELL-Selofra 1; La Nina 2; 
Vihota 3; GAA 1. 

porter 3, page 3 ed. 4; Natl. Honor Society 3, 
vice pres. 4; Cheer block 1; Spanish Contest 1st 
place; Student Council 3-4; Spanish Club 1; PRR 
act. oh. 4; Selofra 1; La Nina 2; Girls' Rifle 
Team 3; Student Council Talent assembly 3-4; 
Cub Club 2; Jr. Prom comm. 3; Mardi Gras 
Talent Show 3; H.S. Journalism Inst. 3, 1st 
place advanced news 4; Hawaiian Holidays Tal- 
ent Show 4; Ernie Pyle Scholarship 3. 

JANET BERGER-GAA 1-2; Radio Club 1; 
Baton Club 1; PRR 4; Selofra 1; La Nina 2; 
Vihota 3; Cheer block 1. 

Nina 2; Vihota 3; GAA 1; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Cheer 
block 2-4. 

MARY ANNA BETTS-Latin Club 1-2; Jr. 
Red Cross 1; Home Ec. Club 1-2; Cheer block 
2-3; Jr. Classical League Convention 1. 

RITA BIDDLE-Latin Club 1-2; Latin Con- 
test 1, 1st place 2; HOWE TOWER asst. copy 
ed. 3, page one ed. 4; Selofra 1; La Nina 2; 
Vihota 3; Tri-Hi-Y 4; ROTC Sponsor 3-4; Mili- 
tary Ball Queen cand. 3-4; H.S. Journalism Inst. 
1st place over-all performance; PRR 4; GAA 1; 
American Legion Good Citizenship Award 3; 
Student Council 3; Jr. Town Meeting 3-4; Natl. 
Honor Society 3-4. 

FRAN BILLHYMER-Choralaires 2-3; Jr. Red 
Cross 4; Selofra 1; La Nina 2; Vihota 3; Choir 4. 

DARLAN BILLUPS-Lettermen's Club 2-3, 
sec. 4; Track 1-4; Football 1-3, co-capt. 4, state 
leading scorer 4, MVP 4; Intramurals 2; Wres- 
tling 2-4; Basketball 1; Gym asst. 4. 

Basketball 1-4; Baseball 1-4; PRR 3-4; Bus. mgr. 
2-4; Mock Election It. gov. 4; Track 1. 



MAURICE W. BLANTON-Battle Creek H.S., 
Battle Creek, Mich. 1-3; Intramurals 4; Natl. 
Honor Society 4. 

Society 3-4; PRR make-up comm. 4; Latin Club 
1-2; Student Council 2; HILLTOPPER under- 
classmen ed. 3; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Vihota 3; La Nina 
2; Speech Club 3; Jr. Red Cross 3; Clinic asst. 
4; Orchestra 1-4; Footlight Revelers 1-2. 

sec. 3, pres. 4; Gym asst. 4. 

MARTHA BONN-Jr. Red Cross 4; Home Ec. 
Club 1. 

Model UN ROTC guard 2; Band 1-3; All-City 
Band 2; Radio Club 1; ROTC Battalion Group 3. 

JUDITH ANN BOOTS-Band 1-4; Choralaires 
4; Selofra 1; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Student Council 1; 
Cheer block 2-3. 

JERRY BRACKIN-Intramurals 4; Chess Club 1. 

DAVID BRADBURY-Natl. Honor Society 
3-4; Science Club 2-4; Natl, merit Scholarship 
semi-finalist 4. 

porter 3-4; Baseball 1-2, 4; Football 1-3; Intra- 
murals 3-4; Natl. Honor Society 3, advisory coun- 
cil 4; Track 1; ROTC capt. 1-3. 

J. NOELENE BRICKHAM-Jr. Red Cross vice 
pres. 4; Home Ec. Club 1; GAA 1-2. 

GEORGE T. BRIDWELL-Chess Club 1-3; 
Aviation Club 1-3; Track 1-2. 

ROBERT D. BRILES-Footlight Revelers 2-4; 
Thespian Society 3-4; PRR 4; "Arsenic and Old 
Lace" 2; "The Happiest Days Of Your Life" 3; 
"The Night of January 16" 4; Spanish Club 4; 
Si-. Play. 

MARY JO BRISTOW-Jr. Red Cross 1, vice 
pres. 2, pres. 3; Home Ec. Club 1-3, vice pres. 2; 
Selofra 1; GAA 1; Jr. Red Cross rep. to Miami, 
Ohio, Training Center 3; Baton Club 1. 

1-4; Latin Club 1; Math Club 3-4; Jr. Town 
Meeting 3-4; Model UN 4; Track 4; 20th Anni- 
versary Record 2; HOWE TOWER copy reader 4. 

STEPHEN BROOKS-Beta Hi-Y chaplain 1, 
vice pres. 2; Senior Hi-Y 3, sec. 4; Model UN 3-4. 

LARRY BROWN-Cross Country 1-4; Track 
1-4; Model UN 3-4; Carl Speiss Award 1; Choir 
2-3; Chess Club 3; 20th Anniversary Record 2; 
PRR 4; Student Council 3-4; Lettermen's Club 
2-4; Intramurals 4; Hoosier Boys' State 3; 
HOWE TOWER reporter 3; Natl. Honor So- 
ciety 3; Senior Hi-Y vice pres. 4. 

STEVE BRUNER-Football 1, 3; Baseball 
1-4; PRR 1-3; Basketball 1-4; Gym asst. 4; In- 
tramurals 4; Bus. mgr. 2-4. 

RITA GAYE BRYANT-Selofra 1; La Nina 
2; Spanish Club 1-2; Cheer block 1-3; Latin 
Club 4; PRR 4; Girls' Rifle Team 2. 

1 1 1 


ROBERT T. BURNS-Intramurals 1-4; Choir 
4; Science Club 1-2; Photography Club 1-3; 
Aviation Club 1. 

DAVID M. BUTLER-Football 1; Business 
manager 1-3. 

1-4; Tennis 1-2; Intramurals 3-4; Aviation Club 
1; Band 1-2; Cross Country 1; ROTC Rifle 
Team 3-4. 

reporter 3; La Nina 2; Vihota 3; Tri-Hi-Y 3, 
treas. 4; Natl. Honor Society 3, sec. 4; Orchestra 
2; Choralaires 3; Choir 4; Girls' Rifle Team 3-4; 
PRR 3; Cheer Block 2-3; Clinic asst. 4; Girls' 
State Outstanding Citizenship Award 3. 

JAMES CANADA-"The Man Who Came To 
Dinner" 1; Chess Club 2-3; "Arsenic and Old 
Lace" 2; Natl. Honor Society 3-4; Math Club 

JANET S. CARDWELL-Natl. Honor Society 
3-4; Office messenger 4; Lilly Scholarship 4. 

KARON LUE CARNEY-GAA 1; Cheer block 
1; Gills' Rifle Team 2-4; PRR 2, 4; Jr. Prom 
comm. 3; Jr. Prom Queen cand. 3; Future Nurses 
Club 3, sec. 4; Clinic asst. 4. 

Mock Election court judge 4; Cheer block 1; 
Girls' Rifle Team 2-4; Future Nurses Club 3-4; 
Clinic asst. 4; Jr. Prom comm. 3. 

JANE CARSON-Cheer block 1-4; Selofra 1; 
La Nina 2; GAA 1; Holidaze Queen 2; Girls' 
Drill Team 2-4; Jr. Red Cross 2; Choralaires 2-3; 
Jr. Prom comm. 3; PRR 3-4; Choir 4; Madrigals 
3; Vihota 3; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Student Council Talent 
assembly 4; Bus. mgr. 4; Hawaiian Holidavs 
Talent Show 4; Sr. Play. 

Boys' Octet 1-4; Madrigals 1-2; PRR 1-4; All- 
State Choir 2; All-City Choir 2-4. 

DAVID CASH-Broad Ripple H.S. 1-2; Stage 
Crew 4; Chess Club 4, sec. 3; Photography Club 
4; Math Club 3. 

SALLIE CAYTON-Selofra 1; La Nina 2; 
Choralaires 3-4; Vihota 3; Baton Club 3. 


Club 1, treas. 2; HOWE TOWER editorial writer 
1-3; Choir 3-4; Science Club 1-3; Madrigals 3; 
Track 1; Photography Club 3; Cub Club 1; 
Chess Club 1; All-City Choir 3-4. 

ELLEN E. CHRISTIE-Selofral; Madrigals 3; 
Choir 3-4; Choralaires 2; Girls' Octet 4; La 
Nina 2; Cheer block 1-3. 

2-3; Lettermen's Club 2-3. 

PRR 4; Cheer block 4. 

CHARNA CLINE-Selofra 1; Vihota 3; Cheer 
block 2-3; Majorette alt. 3. 



GARY COFFMAN-Choir 2-4; Madrigals 1-3; 
All-City Choir 2-4; All-State Choir 2, ROTC 
1-3; Projection Club 2, treas. 3. 

BEVERLY COLE-Shelbyville H.S., Shelby- 
ville, Ind., 1; Future Nurses Club 3-4; Natl. 
Honor Society 4; Clinic asst. 3-4. 

GARY COMBS-Band 1; Intramurals 3; Foot- 
ball 1. 

PATRICIA COMPTON-Projection Club 1; 
GAA 1. 


Madrigals 1-3; PRR 1, 4; Boys' Octet 4; Latin 
Club 1-2; Science Club 3; Speech Club 2; Dis- 
trict Vocal Contest 1st place 4; Sr. Play. 

GLORIA SUE COOK-Office mess. 2-3. 

Nina 2; GAA 1; Footlight Revelers 1-2; Pro- 
jectionist 3. 

NANCY COTTON-Vihota 3; La Nina 2; 
Girls' Drill Team 3; Cheer block 1; Student 
Council 2 

JUDITH D. COULTER-Choralaires 3; Or- 
chestra 2; Choir 4. 

ROBERT A. COVAL-Cross Country 1-2; 
Math Club 1-3; Track 1-2; Band 1-3, drum 
major 4; Orchestra 1-4; PRR Band 3-4; Dance 
Band 4; Intramurals 1-2, 4; Natl. Honor So- 
ciety 3-4. 

JANET DALE COX-Choir 3-4; Choralaires 2. 

JERRY J. COX-Band 1; Intramurals 2. 

JOYCE ANN COX-Home Ec. Club 1-2; 
Cheer block 1. 

PATRICIA ANN COX-Latin Club 1-2; Stu- 
dent Council 3; Choralaires 2-3; Choir 4; Cheer 
block 2. 

JUDITH ANN CRAIG-Selofra 1; La Nina 2; 
Vihota 3; HILLTOPPER asst. bus. mgr. 3, Sr. 
co-ed. 4; PRR 3-4; Violet Queen cand. 3; Ha- 
waiian Holidays Talent Show 4; Student Council 
Talent assembly 4; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Girls' Rifle 
Team 2-3; Cheer block 1-4; Mock Election court 
judge 4; Spanish Contest 1st place 2; May Pag- 
eant 2-4; Gym asst. 3-4. 

ESTHER CRANDALL-Latin Club 1-4; Cho- 
ralaires 2; PRR 4; Quiz 'Em on the Air 2; Choir 
3-4; HOWE TOWER copy reader 3; Natl. Honor 
Society 3-4. 

EMILY L. CRONAU-Selofra 1; La Nina 2; 
Vihota 3; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Footlight Revelers 1-4; 
Thespian 3-4; HILLTOPPER club ed. 3. editor- 
in-chief 4; Hoosier Girls' State 3; D.A.R. Good 
Citizenship Award 4; PRR act. ch. 3-4; Natl. 
Honor Society 3-4; Choralaires 2-3; Choir 4; 
Girls' Drill Team 2-4; Cheer block 3-4; Sr. Play; 
Them McAnn Leadership Award 4. 

i' ; 



DENNIS CUPPY-Basketball 2-4; Track 1-2, 
4; PRR 4; Cross Country 1-3; Intramurals 1. 

LINDA ANN DANIELS-Selofra 1; La Nina 
2; Vihota 3; Cheer block 1-2; May Pageant 1-4; 
Jr. Prom comm. 3; Cheerleader 1-4; PRR 1-4; 
Gym asst. 4; Speech Club 4; Student Council 
sec. 4; Track Queen 3; Bus. mgr. 4; GAA 1. 

CHARLES DAVIS-Baseball 1-4; Track 1; 
Intramurals 3-4; Lettermen's Club 4. 

DARLENE DAVIS-Selofra 1; La Nina 2; 
Vihota 3j PRR 3-4; Violet Queen cand. 3; Tri- 
Hi-Y 4; GAA 1. 

JERRY LYNN DAVIS-Intramurals 1-2, 4; 
Band 1-3; ROTC 2. 

Club 1-3; May Pageant 1-2. 

RUTH DAVIS-Broad Ripple High School 1. 

JUDITH KAY DEETER Selofra 1; La Nina 

2; Vihota 3; PRR 3-4; Student Council 1; Cheer 
block 1; Latin Club 1; May Pageant 1-3; Girls' 
Drill Team 3-4 Hoosier Relays Queen cand. 3. 


3; HILLTOPPER club ed. 4; Latin Contest 1st 
place 2; Choralaires 4; Latin Club 2-3; Natl. 
Honor Society 4; Cheer block 2-4; May Pageant 
1; Jr. Prom comm. 3. 

1-4; All-City Orchestra 3-4; PRR 4; Spanish 
Club 3; Choralaires 4; All-State Orchestra 4. 

CATHY DUDLEY-FBLA sgt. of arms 4; 
Spanish Club 3; Vihota 3; Clinic asst. 4. 

THOMAS DUGAN-Projection Club 2-4. 

KAY DUNCAN-Student Council 1; Selofra 1; 
La Nina 2; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Girls' Drill Team 3-4; 
John Herron Art Scholarship 3-4; FBLA 4; 
PRR 3-4. 


Nina 2. 


SHARON DYE-GAA 1-2; Selofra 1; La Nina 
2; Vihota 3; May Pageant 2-4; PRR 3-4; Cho- 
ralaires 4; Cheer block 3; Mock Election clerk of 
courts 4; Student Council 3; Jr. Prom comm. 3; 
Office mess. 4; Gym asst. 4; Track Queen 4. 



NANCY EDWARDS-Scloha 1; La Nina 2; 
Vihota 3; Choir 4; Tri-IIi-Y I- Footlight Rev- 
elers 1-2; Choralaires 2-3; All-City Choir 4; 
Cheer block 2; May Pageant 1, 4. 



2-4; La Nina 2; Vihota 3. 

TERRY JEANNE ELDER-Girls' Drill learn 
1-4; Spanish Club 1; GAA 1-2; FBLA 4; Gym 
asst. 2. 

GLANT ELLIOTT-Orchestra 4; Intramurals 
4; Golf 3; Band 3. 

MARSHA ELZEY-May Pageant 1-3; Selo- 
fra 1. 

GAIL ENDSLEY-Choralaires 2-3; Choir t; 
Selofra 1; La Nina 2; Spanish Club 1. 

MARIE L. ENNIS-Baton Club 1; Footlight 
Revelers 2; May Pageant 1-2; Cheer block 2; 
Jr. Prom comm. 3; Selofra 1; La Nina 2. 

SANDRA JO ESPICH-Selofra 1; La Nina 2. 

PEGGY ETTNER-Choralaires 2-3; Choi, 4; 
Girls - Drill Team 2-4; PRR 3; Selofra 1. 

ciety advisory council 3-4. 


CURTIS FENDLEY-Football 1-3; Intramu- 
rals 2-3; Track 1-2. 

Choralaires 2; Choir 3-4; GAA 1; May Pageant 
1, 3; Spanish Club 1; Hoosier Relays Queen 
cand. 4; Student Council Talent assembly 4. 

3-4; Dance Band 3-4; Band 2-4; Football 2-4; 
Wrestling 2-4; Track 1, 3; Lettermen's Club 
3-4; Intramurals 1; Speech Club 4. 

MIKE R. FLSHER-PRR 4; French Club 1-2; 
Speech Club 2; Cub Club 2; Cheer block 3-4. 

PATRICIA L. FISHER-Selofra 1; La Nina 
2; Vihota 3; Baton Club 1; Home Ec. Club 2; 
Choralaires 4; Cheer block 1, 4; May Pageant 1. 

1; Vihota 3; Home Ec. Club 1-4; Jr. Red Cross 
reporter 4. 



Hi-Y 4; Jr. Red Cross sec. 4. 

DIANA C. FLYNN-Jr. Red Cross 3; Home 
Ec. Club 1. 

MIKE FLYNN-Baseball 1, 4; Track 1; Beta 
Hi-Y pies. 2; Sr. Hi-Y 4; Intramurals 2-3; Cheer 
block 3-4. 

LARRY FORTNER-Intramurals 1-4; Band 
1-4; Choir 4; Baseball 3-4; Pep Band 4. 

RONALD E. FORTNER-Baseball 1-3; Intra- 
murals 3; Track 1. 

DONNA FRAZIER-Girls' Drill Team 1-4; 
GAA 1; Latin Club 1; Bus. agt. 3. 

RUSS FREELAND-Basketball 1-2; Intramu- 
rals 3-4; Basketball student mgr. 4. 

3-4; Latin Club 1-4; Boys' Drill Team asst. Com- 
mander 1-4; Science Club 2-4; Bus. mgr. 1; 
Projectionist 3-4. 

JERRY FUDGE-Football 1-2; Basketball 1-3; 
Track 1; Bus. mgr. 4; PRR 1-2; Winterland King 
cand. 2; Student Council 4. 

STEVE FUSON-Basketball 1-4; Track 1-3; 
Jr. Prom comm. 3; Intramurals 1, 4; PRR 4. 


KATHY GALYEAN-May Pageant 1; Selofra 
1; La Nina 2; Jr. Red Cross 4; Choralaires 3-4; 
HILLTOPPER Bus. mgr. 4; Glee Club accom- 
panist 2-4. 

Nina 2; Vihota 3; Cheer block 2; PRR 4; Track 
Queen cand. 4. 

ROBERT GIVAN-Football 1; Intramurals 4; 

Wrestling 3. 


BONNIE KAY GLADDEN-Projectionist 1-2; 
Home Ec Club 1-2; Choralaires 4; Future Nurses 
Club 4; Cheer block 1; Audio Visual Club 1. 

companist 1-4; PRR 4; Selofra 1; GAA 1-3; Gym 
asst. 2. 




1-2; Baton Club 3; Tri-Hi-Y 4; PRR 3; Projec- 
tionist 1-2; Gym asst. 3-4; May Pageant 1-4. 

JEANNE GOODE-GAA 1; Selofra 1; La Nina 
sec. 2; PRR 3; Vihota 3; Violet Queen cand. 3; 
May Pageant 1; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Cheer block 3-4. 

Red Cross Club 4; Home Ec. Club 1, 3, sec. 4; 
Cheer block 1-2; Clinic asst. 3; May Pageant 1-2. 

ROY DANNER GRAVES-Beta Hi-Y pies. 1; 
Math Club 1-2; Science Club 1-2; Football 1; 
Tennis 1-2; Brown Boy 3; Holidaze King 2; Jr. 
Prom King cand. 3; PRR 3-4; Cheerleader 1-4; 
Madrigals 3; Bus. mgr. 3-4; Choir 3-4; intra- 
murals 1-3; Student Council class rep. 2, vice 
pres. 3, pres. 4, Natl. Convention Delegate 4; 
City Student Council 3, vice pres. 4; Student 
Council Kiwanis Award 2-4; Speech Club 4; Sr. 
Play 4. 

LARRY J. GRAY-ROTC 2-3; Chess Club 2. 

companist 1-4; Future Nurses Club 2-3; Span- 
ish Club 3; May Pageant 1. 

SUELLEN GREEN-Selofra 1; Vihota 3; La 
Nina vice pres. 2; Cheer block 2-3; Office mess. 
2-3; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; FBLA 3, treas. 4; Spanish 
Club 2; Future Nurses Club 4. 

KEN GREESON-PRR 2; ROTC Rifle Team 1. 

TOM GRILLO- Audio Visual Club 2. 

ROTC 1, 3-4; Latin Club 1; Audio Visual Club 
2-4; Photography Club 3. 

WAYNE GROVE-Beta Hi-Y 1; treas. 2. 

RONALD A. GUIDONE-Football 1-4; Wres- 
tling 3-4; PRR 2-4; Tennis 1-4; Bus. mgr. 3-4; 
Intramurals 1-3; Choir 3-4; Madrigals 2; Mock 
Election sec. of st. 4; Gym asst. 4; Student Coun- 
cil 3, treas. 4; Lettermen's Club 3-4; Cheer 
block 3-4, Athletic Board 3-4. 

LUCY GWIN-Latin Club 1; Cheer block 2. 

BRENDA HALBROOKS-Selofra 1; La Nina 
2; Vihota 3; HILLTOPPER Sr. ed. 4; Tri-Hi-Y 
3-4; FBLA reporter 4; Violet Queen cand. 3; 
PRR act ch. 3-4; Footlight Revelers 3-4; Thes- 
pian Society 3-4; Latin Club 1; Cheer block 3-4. 

GAIL HALLING-Majorette 2; PRR 1-2, 4. 

Club 1; Selofra I; La Nina 2; Vihota 3; May- 
Pageant 1. 

mgr. 3-4; Jr. Red Cross 1, vice pres. 2; Intra- 
murals 4; Choir 3-4; Lettermen's Club 4; Pro- 
jectionist 2-4. 

DAVID L. HAROLD-PRR 1-4; Winter Won- 
derland King cand. 1; Football 1-2, 4; Basket- 
ball 1-3; Student Council 1-2; Intramurals 4; 
Lettermen's Club 4; Bus. mgr. 3-4. 


t. \ tn • 



eant 2-3; 20th Anniversary Record 2. 

RICHARD HARPOLD-Football 1-3, capt. 4; 
Track 1; Rasketball 1-4; Raseball 1-4; PRR 4; 
Lettermen's Club 3, pres. 4; Gym asst. 4; Stu- 
dent Council 3; Bus. mgr. 3-4. 

JOHNNY HARRISON-Boys' Drill Team 4. 

JUDITH ANN HARSIN-Selofra 1; La Nina 
2; Choir 4; HOWE TOWER copy reader 3-4, 
reporter 3; Cheer block 1-2; Choralaires 2-3; 
Madrigals 4; PRR 4. 

BETTY L. HART-Student Council Talent 
Show 4; PRR 3-4; Violet Queen 3; Selofra 1; 
La Nina 2; Vihota pres. 3; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Cheer 
block 1-4; Gym asst. 2, 4; Office mess. 2; Ha- 
waiian Holidays Talent Show 4; FBLA 3; Jr. 
Prom coram. 3. 

Selofra 1; La Nina 2; Vihota 3; Home Ec. Club 
1; Future Nurses Club 2, Science Club 4; Cheer 
block 1-4. 

SONDRA LEE HARVEY-Selofra 1; La Nina 
2; Vihota 3; Tri-Hi-Y 4; GAA 1; PRR 4; Cheer 
block 2, 4. 

KLASKA HAUGH-Choralaires 2; Choir 3-4 
Jr. Town Meeting 3; H.S. Journalism Inst. 4 
HOWE TOWER copy reader 3, copy ed. 4 
News Bureau 3; Latin Club 1-3; Footlight Rev- 
elers 1, 4; Cub Club sec. 2; La Nina 2; Math 
Club pres. 2-3; PRR act eh. 4; Chamber of 
Commerce Convention rep. 4; Sr. Play. 

DIANE HAWKE-"Night of January 16" 4; 
News Bureau director 4; HOWE TOWER re- 
porter 3-4; AU-Stai Staff 3; Student director 
"Happy Journey," "Curse You, Jack Dalton"; 
Footlight Revelers 1-4; Speech Club 2-3; PRR 
4; Indpls. News Scholarship to Journalism Inst. 
4; Frank B. Wade Chemistry Award 3; Thes- 
pian 2; La Nina 2; Vihota 3; Sr. Play. 

ARTHUR HAWKINS-Latin Club 1-2; Band 
1-4; ROTC Drill Team 2-3; Orchestra 2-3; 
ROTC Officer 4; Pep Band 4. 

JUDITH A. HEATHCO-May Pageant 2; 
Cheer block 3; PRR 2-4; Orchestra 1; GAA 1. 

1-4; PRR 3; Gym asst. 4; Cheer block 1-3; May 
Pageant 1-3. 

CAROL ANN HELTON - Cheer block 2-3; 
Girls' Drill Team 3-4; PRR 4; Office mess. 3. 

JOHN F. HEMMER-Latin Club 1; Baseball 
1; Track 1-2; PRR 3-4; Student Council 3-4; 
Natl. Honor Society 3-4; Intramural 1-4; Pro- 
jectionist 3. 

CHUCK HESS-Spanish Club 3; Intramurals 
1-4; Cheer block 3; Projectionist 1. 

ish Club 1; Band 2-4; Photography Club 4; 
Speech Club 3-4; Debate Team 3; Projectionist 
1-4; Dance Band 4; Pep Band 4; Sr. Play. 

JOHN D. HESSONG-Band 1-4; PRR 4; 
Dance Band 4; Pep Band 4; All-City Band 3-4; 
Projectionist 1; Orchestra 3-4; Football 1. 

State Convention 3-4; Selofra 1; La Nina 2; 
Cheer block 2-3; Vihota 3. 



RICHARD P. HILL-Shortridge lj Intramu- 
rals 4; Sr. Hi-Y 4. 

Nina 2; Vihota 3; May Pageant 1; Cheer 

block 1-2. 

JUDY ANN HILLS-Selofra 1; La Nina 2; 
Vihota 3; Jr. Prom Queen cand. 3; Home Ee. 
Club lj PRR 4; Cheer block 2. 

JUDY A. HINES-Jr. Prom Queen 3; Selofra 
pres. lj La Nina 2; Vihota 3; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; 
Office asst. 3; Jr. Prom co-chairman 3; PRR 3-4. 

DAVID HOCKETT-Lettermen's Club 3-4; 
Baseball 2; Football 1, 3-4; Kiwanis Best Men- 
tal Attitude Award 4; Wrestling 2-4; Track I; 
Intramurals 1-2; Dance Band 2; ROTC 1; 
PRR 3; Orchestra 1-3. 

MARCIA SUE HOFF-Cheer block 1-2; FBLA 
3-4; Home Ec. Club 3-4; Selofra 1; La Nina 
2; Vihota 3. 

JANE ANN HOLT-Selofra 1; La Nina 2; 
Vihota 3; PRR 4; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Cheer block 2, 
4; Orchestra 1-4; All-State Orchestra 4; Office 
mess. 4. 

KAREN ANN HOOKER-Selofra 1; La Nina 
2; Vihota 3; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Home Ec. Club 3-4. 
asst. sec. 3. 

FLO HORNADAY-Selofra 1; La Nina 2; 
Vihota 3; PRR 3-4; May Pageant 1-2; Cheer 
block 1-3; Hoosier Relays Queen cand. 2. 

G. ANN HOWARD-May Pageant 1; Selofra 
1; La Nina 2; Vihota 3; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; FBLA 3, 
pres. 4; Cheer block 2-3; Speech club 3. 

KEN HUFF - Stockport Grammar School. 
Manchester, England 1-2; Student Council Tal- 
ent Show 3; Jr. Town Meeting 3; PRR 4; Wres- 
tling 3; Cross Country M.V.P. 4; Track Best 
Mental Attitude Awaid 4; Lettermen's Club 4; 
Student Council sr. rep. 4; Debate Team 3; 
Speech Team 3; Sr. Play 4. 

SHARON HUFF-Selofra 1; La Nina 2; Hoos- 
ier Relays Queen cand. 2; PRR 2, 4; Hawaiian 
Holidays Queen 4. 

LINDA IMLE-Selofra 1; La Nina 2; Tri-Hi-Y 
4; PRR 3; Girls' Drill Team 3-4; Natl. Hon,,. 
Society 4; Office asst. 2; Choralaires 3-4; Cheer 
block 2-4. 

JEFF IRVIX-Athletic nigr. 1; Intramurals 
1-3; Track 2-3; Cross Country 2-4; Sr. Hi-Y 3, 
sgt. at arms 4; Lettermen's Club 3-4; Chess Club 
3-4; Model UN 3-4. 

NANCY J. IRVIN-Selofra lj 
Vihota 3; Home Ec. Club 2, 4. 

La Nina 2; 

VIRGINIA K. JACKSON-GAA 1-2; Bus. rngr. 
4; PRR 3-4; Football Queen cand. 2; Cheer- 
leader 1, 3-4; Selofra 1; La Nina 2; Vihota 3; 
Tri-Hi-Y 4; Cheer block 1-3; Student Council 1; 
May Pageant 2-4. 

VERNON JADRICH-Band 1-4; Beta Hi-Y 2. 

SHIRLEY JEFFRIES-Choralaires 3-4; Sel- 
ofra 1; GAA 1. 



BARBARA JOHNSON - Student Council 2; 
Basketball Queen cand. 2; Office mess. 1; May 
Pageant 1-2; Selofra 1; La Nina 2; Vihota 3; 
Cheer block 3. 

JUDY JOHNSON-Selofra 1; La Nina treas. 2; 
Vihota 3; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Student Council 2; Prin- 
cess of Light 4; Office mess. 2; PRR 3-4; May 
Pageant 1; Cheer block 3-4. 

STEPHEN JOHNSON-Beta Hi-Y 1, treas. 
2; Sr. Hi-Y 4. 

TOM JOHNSTON-Football 1-4; Wrestling 
3-4; Bus. mgr. 4; Intramurals 1-4; Mock Election 
gov. 4; Lettermen's Club 3, vice pres. 4. 

DIANA JONES-Latin Club 1; Selofra 1; May 
Pageant 1; Office mess. 2; La Nina 2; Vihota 3; 
Cheer block 4; Tri-Hi-Y 2-4. 

News Bureau 3; Home Ec. Club 1; Selofra 1; 
Office mess. 2. 


GAYE JONES-Orchestra 1-4. sec. 4; May 
Pageant 1-2; GAA 1; Selofra 1; Vihota 3; Cheer 
block 3. 

RAYMOND J. JONES, JR.-Track 1-4; Cross 
Country 1-4; Lettermen's Club 3-4; HOWE 
TOWER sports reporter 2-4; ROTC 2-4; Color 
Guard 2-3; Men's "400" Club ROTC Award 3; 
Natl. Honor Society 4; PRR 4; Math Club 2-4, 
vice pres. 3; Latin Club 2; Chess Club 1-4, vice 
pres. 2; Cub Club 2; Intramurals 3; Berg Sci- 
ence Seminar 4. 

ROBERT JORDAN- Wrestling 2-4; Track 3-4; 
Football 3; Lettermen's Club 3-4; Intramurals 
1-2; Chess Club 1; PRR 1, 4. 

STANLEY KEELER-Footlight Revelers 1-3, 
vice pres. 4; "Man Who Came to Dinner" 1; 
"Arsenic and Old Lace" 2; "Happiest Days of 
Your Life" 3; "Night of January 16th" 4; 
Speech Club 2-3; Orchestra 1-3, mgr. 4; PRR 
accompanist 1-4; Boy's Octet accompanist 3-4; 
Boys' Glee club accompanist 1; Student Coun- 
cil Talent assembly 1-4; Pit Band 1-4; PTA Fun 
Night Talent Shows 1-4; Solo and Ensemble 
Contest 1st place district 2-4, 1st place state 2-4; 
Dance Band 1-4; Natl. Honor Soc. 4; Spanish 
Club 1; "The Happy Journey" 1; Thespian 1-4; 
Sr. Play. 

CHUCK KEITH-Track 1-2; Audio Visual 4. 

BILL KELLER - Baseball 2-3; Intramurals 

MARVIN KEMPLE-ROTC Officer 3-4; Math 
Club 2-4; Intramurals 2-4; Natl. Honor Soc. 3-4; 
Baseball 3; Spanish Club 2. 

BARBARA KENNEDY-Latin Club 1-2. 

MARGARET KENT-Latin Club 1; Vihota 3; 
Selofra 1 . 

1-2; Vihota 3; Cheer block 3-4; Choralaires, 
Madrigals, Choir, Glee Club, PRR accomp. 4. 

PHILIP KINSEL-Intramurals 4; Sr. Hi-Y 3-4. 



PRR 4; Intramurals 2-4. 

JR.-Baseball 3-4; 

SANDY KIRK-Selofra 1; La Nina 2; Vihota 
3; PRR 3-4; May Pageant 1-2; Girls Octet 4; 
Choir 4; Golden Girl cand. 3; Choralaires 3. 

KAREN L. KISH-"Thc Happiest Days of 
Your Life" 3; "Night of January 16th" 4; HILL- 
TOPPER underclassman ed. 3, associate ed. 4; 
Cub Club 1, pres. 2; Selofra 1; Speech Club 3; 
Spanish Club 3; Footlight Revelers 1-4; PRR 
1-4; Natl. Honor Soc. 3-4; Orchestra 1; H.S. 
Journalism Inst. 4; Choralaires 2-4; Choir 4; 
Spanish Contest 1st place 2-4; Thespian 1-4; 
Mock Election court judge 4. 

Orchestra 1-4; Selofra 1; La Nina 2; Natl. Honor 
Soc. 3-4; All-City Orchestra 2-4; Future Nurses 
sec. 3, vice pres. 4; Vihota 3. 

SHARON L. KOCKRITZ-Vihota 3; PRR 3-4; 
Choralaires accompanist 3; Choir accompanist 
3-4; Girls Octet accompanist 4; Basketball Queen 
cand. 4; Gym asst. 3. 

ROBERT KOSS, JR.-Arsenal Technical H.S. 
1-2; Baseball 4; Football 4; Intramurals 4. 

ELLEN KUTCHE-Projcctionist 3. 

SHIRLEY K. LaFARY-Home Ec. Club 1-4; 
Jr. Red Cross treasurer 4; PRR 4. 

KARMEN LAMB-Selofra 1; La Nina 2; 
Vihota 3; PRR 3; Band 1-4; Choralaires 4. 

ROBERT A. LANG-Spanish Club 1-2; Ath- 
letic mgr. 1; Math Club 3-4. 

DAVE LAW-Foothall 1; Track 1; Baseball 1; 
Student Council 3. 

TOM LEDGERWOOD - Track 1 ; Athletic 
mgr. 2; Wrestling 3; Intramurals 3-4; PRR 4; 
Mock Election court judge 4; Band 2. 

block 1-2; PRR 4. 

Selofra 1; Cheer 

PAT LEGG-Selofra 1; La Nina 2; Vihota 3; 
Tri-Hi-Y 4; Bus. Mgr. 3-4; PRR 3-4; Orchestra 
1-2; GAA 1; May Pageant 1, 3; Student Coun- 
cil Talent Assembly 2; Cheer block 2-4; Op- 
timist Club Award 4. 

BARBARA LEONARD-Selofra 1; La Nina 
pres. 2; GAA 1; Vihota 3; Tri-Hi-Y 2-4; Mock- 
Election court judge 4; PRR 3-4; Latin Club 1; 
Football Queen cand. 3; Natl. Honor Soc. 4; 
Student Council 1. 

RON LEWELLEN - Intramurals 1-4; Gym 
asst. 3-4; Lettermen's Club 1-3, sec. 4; Mock 
Election auditor 4; Football 1-4, all-city, all- 
state 4; Wrestling 3-4, city champion, sectional 
champion 4; Track 1-4. 

MARY LITTLE-Natl. Honor Soc. 3-4; Stu- 
dent Council 2; Girls" State 3; Footlight Rev- 
elers 3, pres. 4; FBLA Club 3; Thespians 3-4; 
Spanish Club 1; Selofra 1; La Nina 2; Vihota 
3; Cheer block 1. 

DAN McANALLY-Football 1, 3; Intramurals 
1-4; PRR 3; Winter Wonderland King cand. 2, 
Bus. mgr. 3; Beta Hi-Y 1. 



ROBERT J. McBURNIE-Band 1-4; Choir 
3-4; PRR 4; May Pageant 3-4; Mock Election 
court judge 4; Athletic mgr. 1. 

KENNETH B. McCOY-Mock Election supt. 
of pub. instr. 4; Golf 2-4; Lettermen's Club 3-4; 
PRR 3-4; ROTC Rifle Team 2-3; Jr. Prom King 
cand. 3; HOWE TOWER photographer 4; 
Speech Club 3; ROTC Outstanding Junior Of- 
ficer Award 3; Intramurals 4; Sr. Play. 

NANCY McGILLEM-Selofra 1; La Nina 2; 
Vihota 3; GAA 1; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Cheer block 
1-4; Future Nurses Club 4, corr. sec. 3; PRR 4; 
Natl. Honor Soc. 3-4; Spanish Club 1; Society 
of Metals Award 3. 

EDNA McGUIRE-Selofra 1; La Nina 2; Vi- 
hota 3; Projectionist 2. 

LANA McKIM-Warren Central High School 
1; Latin Club 2. 

idaze Talent Show 2; Cheer block 1-4; May 
Pageant 2. 

Track 1; PRR 2-3; HOWE TOWER sports re- 
porter 2, feature writer 3; Bus. Mgr. 2-3, finan. 
head 4; Natl. Merit Scholarship semi-finalist 4; 
Jr. Prom Comm. 3; Hi-Y sgt. at arms 1, treas. 
4; Natl. Honor Soc. 3-4; Indpls. TIMES sports 
corres. 2-4; Band 1-2; Choir 3-4; Madrigals 3. 

DAVE MABEY-Intramurals 2; PRR 4; ROTC 
Knock Out Drill Winner 3; Footlight Revelers 
4; Debate Team 4; Speech Club pres. 4; Foot- 
ball 1 Projectionist 2-3 Night of January 
16" 4. 

ROGER N. MARCHAL-Beta Hi-Y 1, chap- 
lain, Hi-Y 3-4. 

MICHAEL E. MATTHEWS-Basketball 1-4; 
Track 1-4; PRR 3; Baseball 1-2; Winter Won- 
derland King 4; Gym asst. 4. 


uary 16th" 4; Jr. Red Cross Club pres. 4; Vihota 
sec. 3; Jr. Prom Queen cand. 3; PRR 3-4; Cheer 
block 2-4; Choir 3-4; Madrigals 2; Girl's Octet 
4; GAA 1-2; Radio Club reporter 1; Footlight 
Revelers 1-4; Selofra 1; La Nina 2; Tri-Hi-Y 4; 
Student Council Talent Show 4; Office mess. 3; 
Girls' Drill Team 2-4; May Pageant 1-4; Cho- 
ralaires 2. 

JANE MERRIMAN-Track Queen cand. 2; 
Selofra 1; La Nina 2; Vihota 3; Tri-Hi-Y treas. 
3, sec. 4; GAA 1; Projectionist 3; Cheer block 
1, 3-4; Model UN 3-4; PRR 3-4; Mock Election 
court judge 4; Hi-Y Sweetheart cand. 4. 

porter, copyreader 3; managing ed. 4; Natl. 
Honor Soc. 3-4; GAA 1; Spanish Club 2; Cub 
Club 2; Radio Club 1; PRR 4; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Foot- 
light Revelers Club 4; Natl. H.S. Journalism 
Inst. 4; Cheer block 2; May Pageant 1; Chess 
Club 2. 

N. CORT MICHENER-Football 1; Intramu- 
rals 1-2. 

CHRIS H. MILLER-Track 1; PRR 2-4; In- 
tramurals 1-2; Choir 2-4; Boy's Octet 1-4; Mad- 
rigals 1-2; May Pageant 2-4; Student Council 
1-2; Spanish Club 1; Science Club 4. 

SALLY MILLER-Selofra 1; La Nina 2; Tri- 
Hi-Y 4; PRR 3-4; May Pageant 1; Cheer block 
4; Golden Girl cand. 4; Student Council 3. 

SARAH LEE MILLER-Selofra 1; Math Club 
2-3; Natl. Honor Soc. 3-4; Spanish Club 2-3; 
Speech Club 3; HOWE TOWER copy reader 3; 
State Spanish Contest 1st place 4; Projectionist 1; 
Cheer block 1-3. 



SHARON M-INER-Selofra 1; La Nina 2; Tri- 
Hi-Y 3; PRR 3-4; Cheerleader 1; May Pageant 
1; Natl. Honor Soc. 4; Cheer block 1-4; Span- 
ish Club 1. 

WALLY MINER-Lettermen's Club 2-4; Hi-Y 
3, chaplain 4; Cross Country 1-4; Track 1-4; 
Intramurals 3-4; Mock Election att. gen. 4; 
Student Council 4; Boys' State 3. 

CAROL SUE MOORE-Selofra 1; La Nina 2; 
Vihota 3; Tri-Hi-Y 4; PRR 3; GAA 1; May 
Pageant 1-3; Choralaires 4. 

PAMELA LYNN MOORE-Selofra 1; Cheer 
block 1, 3; Vihota 3; Tri-Hi-Y 4; PRR 4. 

mess. 3; Selofra 1; La Nina 2; Vihota 3; Span- 
ish Club 2; FBLA Club 3-4; Cheer block 2. 

BOB MORTON-Stage Crew 3-4; Intramurals 
1-4; PRR 4; Football 1; Photography Club 3-4; 
Footlight Revelers 4; Cheer block 4; Sr, Play. 

LINDA FAE ANN MOSER-Spanish Club 2; 
Math Club 1; PRR 4; Cheer block 2; Selofra 1. 


SANDRA MOTE-Choralaires 4; Selofra 1; 
Latin Club 1. 

TERRY MUELLER-PRR 3; Boys' Drill Team 
1; Football 2-4; Wrestling 2-3; Track 1; Base- 
ball 1; Golf 3-4; Intramurals 4; Lettermen's 
Club 4; HOWE TOWER reporter 3. 

PAULETTA NiCHOLAS-Selofra 1; La Nina 
2; Vihota 3; Home Economics Club 1-2; Cheer- 
leader 1-4; GAA 1-2, vice pres. 3-4; PRR 3-4; 
Princess of Light cand. 4; May Pageant 1-3; 
Gym asst. 2-3; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Cheer block 1-3; 
Mock Election prosecuting att. 4. 

DAVE NICHOLS - Football 4; Intramurals 
1-4; Beta Hi-Y 2; Cheer block 4; Baseball 1, 4; 
Track 1; ROTC Drill Team 1-3; ROTC Rifle 
team 2-3; Lettermen's Club 4. 

SUE NICHOLSON-Track Queen cand. 3; 
Home Ec. Club 1-2; Gym asst. 3; Cheer block 
2-3; Tri-Hi-Y 4; May Pageant 1-2. 

School, Oceanland, Florida 1-2. 

GEORGE NONWEILER-Tennis 4; Intramu- 
rals 1-4. 

3; Football Queen cand. 3; Cheer block 3; Vi- 
hota 3; Natl. Honor Soc. 4. 

SHELLEYRAE NORTON-Choir 4; Selofra 1; 
Vihota 3; PRR 4; Choralaires 3; Latin Club 1; 
Office mess. 2-3; Cheer block 1. 

ALLEN NUCKOLS-Football 1-4; Basketball 
4; Track 3-4; Orchestra 1-3. 



SHERR1E NUGENT-Office mess. 4; Tri-Hi-Y 
4; La Nina 2; Vihota 3. 

WILLIAM L. O'CONNELL-Footlight Rev- 
elers 4; "Night of January 16th" 4; HOWE 
TOWER reporter 3-4; Latin Club 2; Intramurals 
4; PRR 4; Hi-Y 4; ROTC 1-3; Indpls. Service 
Club Medal 3; Drill Team 1-2; Rifle Team 2-3; 
Sr. Play. 

DOUG OFFUTT-Drill Team 1-2; ROTC 1-2. 

JANICE K. OLIVER-PRR 1-4; Student Coun- 
cil Talent Assembly 1 ; Madri Gras Queen cand. 
2; Mardi Gras Talent Show 2; Student Council 
4; Home Ec. Club 4; Drill Team 4; Office mess. 
4; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Cheer block 1-3; Footlight Rev- 
elers 4. 

BARBARA JEAN ORME-Selofra 1; La Nina 
2; Vihota 3; PRR 2-4; Cheer block 2-3; Student 
Council 3; May Pageant 1. 

SUE ELLEN OSLOS-Office mess. 1; GAA 
1; Cheer block 2. 

JUDY PARKS-Home Ec. Club 3-4; Clinic 
asst. 4. 

elers 4; PRR 4; Tennis 2; Orchestra 1; ROTC 
Drill Team 2-3; Photography Club 2. 

LARRY PAUL-Basketball 1; Track 1; Intra- 
murals 1-4; PRR 4; Jr. Prom comm. 3. 

JOHN W. PAVEY-Intramurals 2, 4; Out- 
standing Second Year Cadet 2; ROTC 1-4; 
Track 1 . 

BOBBIE PEERMAN-PRR 1-4; Selofra soc. 
ch. 1; Footlight Revelers 1-2; Student Council 
Talent Show 1-4; Mardi Gras Talent Show 3; 
Howe Hoedown Talent Show 1; May Pageant 2; 
Choralaires 2; Choir 3-4. 

MARGARET J. PETE-Latin Club 1; Office 
mess. 4. 

Technical High School 1-2; Intramurals 3-4. 

SANDRA J. PEYTON-Selofra 1; La Nina 2; 
Vihota 3; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Cheer block 1, 3. 

SANDRA L. PHILLIPS - Selofra 1; Cheer 
block 2; Girls Drill Team 4; Baton Club 1. 

TOWER finance mgr. 4; Intramurals 1; Natl. 
Honor Society 3-4; Band 1-4; PRR pit band 2-4; 
Dance band 2-4; Pep Band 4. 

SANDY PHILPUTT-Selofra 1; La Nina 2; 
GAA 2. 




LARRY PIERSON-Track 1; Baseball 1, 3-4; 
Intramurals 1-4; PRR 3; Winter Wonderland 
King cand. 3. 

CHARLENE POOS-Manalee High School, 
Bradenton, Florida, 1-3. 

DeWAYNE presnell 

School, Detroit, Michigan 1-2. 

Western High 

4; Footlight Revelers 1-4; Selofra 1; La Nina 
2; Vihota 3; Home Ec. Club 3, historian 4; 
PRR 4. 

Orchestra 1-4; Clinic asst. 3-4; Boys' Octet ac- 
companist 2; Dist. Solo Cont., 1st place 3; Natl. 
Honor Society 4. 

RICHARD L. PROBST-Spanish Club 1; Track 
1; Baseball 1. 

School, London, England, 2; Band 1; Math Club 
1, 3-4; Science Club 1, pies. 3; Hi-Y" 3, pres. 4; 
Model UN 3-4; Latin Club 1; Boys" State 3; 
Projectionist 1; Public Address System 1. 

MARILU PROPPS-Selofra 1; La Nina 2; 
Vihota 3; May Pageant 1; PRR 3, act. ch. 4; 
Cheer block 2; Footlight Revelers 1-4; Majorette 
4; Baton Club 2-3; Latin Club 1; Sr. Play. 

tramurals 1-2. 

Soc. 3-4; HOWE TOWER reporter 3; News 
Bureau director 3; Latin Club 1-2, pres. 3; 
Girls' Rifle Team 4; Quiz-Em on the Air Team 
1-2; Chess Club 2; Office mess. 2. 

MARTY RAGSDALE-Selofra 1; La Nina 2; 
Glee Club 1; Vihota 3; May Pageant 1; FBLA 
Club 4; Spanish Club 1; Cheer block 1-2. 

sec. 2-3; Cheer block 1; Natl. Honor Soc. 3-4; 
NOMA Spelling Award 3. 

NANCY J. REYNOLDS-Sclofia 1; La Nina 
2; Home Ec. Club 1-2; Cheer block 2-4; Office 
mess. 3. 

make-up ed. 4; PRR 3; Selofra pres. 1; La Nina 
2; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Speech Club 3; Cheer block 
1-4; Jr. Prom Comm. 3; PTA Style Show 4. 

JUDY RIGGS - Bloomington High School, 
Bloomington, Ind., 1; Vihota 3. 

DAVE RILEY-Lettermen's Club 2; Latin 
Club 1; Cross Country 2-3; Intramurals 2, 4; 
Track 1-2, 4. 

DELORES ROBERTS-Brandon High School, 
Brandon, Oregon, 1-3. 

STEVE ROBLING-Cross Country 1; Track 1. 



ALICE F. RODDY-Vihota 3; Gym asst. 1; 
La Nina 2; Cheer block 2; Selofra 1; Office 
mess. 4. 

RON ROE-Athletic mgr. 1; Latin Club 1; 
Baseball 3; PRR 4; HOWE TOWER reporter 4; 
Intramurals 3-4; Hi-Y 4. 

cand. 3; PRR 3-4; Selofra 1; La Nina 2; Vihota 
3; Tri-Hi-Y 2-4; Office mess. 2; Projectionist 
3; Spanish Club 1; Cheer block 3-4. 

1; La Nina 2; Vihota 3; Band 1-4; All-City Band 
1; Cheer block 2. 


Cheer block 2. 


Mgr. 1-2; La Nina 2; Office mess 

GAA 1; 

. 1. 


SUE ANN SCHEERER-Selofra 1; Vihota 3; 
Student Council 1; Cheer block 1; Latin Club 
1; Hi-Y Sweetheart Queen cand. 2; PRR 4; 
Office mess. 3-4; La Nina 2. 

TED SCHLAGENHAUF-Football 1; Intra- 
murals 2; PRR 3-4; Student Council 2-3; Cheer 
block 3-4. 

SUSAN SCHMIDT-Selofra 1; La Nina 2; 
Vihota 3; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Basketball Queen 4; 
Model UN 4; Student Council 4; PRR 3-4; 
Junior Prom comm. 3; GAA 1-4; Gym asst. 2-4; 
May Pageant 2-3; Cheer block 1-4; Clinic asst. 
4; Orchestra 1. 

School, Mecca, Indiana 1; Home Ec. Club 2-4; 
Future Nurses Club 2; Latin Club 2; GAA 2; 
Cheer block 3-4; May Pageant 2-3. 


E. LAURIE SCHOLL-Math Club 1-3, sec. 4; 
Science Club 2-4; Latin Club 1-2; Speech Club 
3; Selofra 1; Sr. Play. 

WILLIAM P. SCOTT - Cross Country 1; 
ROTC Rifle Team 2-4. 

JUDITH ANN SHANER-Girls' Drill Team 
2-4; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Selofra 1; La Nina 2; Vi- 
hota 3; Future Nurses Club 1, 3-4; Cheer block 
1-4; Office mess. 3-4; Latin Club 3; May Pag- 
eant 1; Jr. Red Cross Club 4; PRR 4; Bus. Mgr. 4; 
Baton Club 1. 


JOHN SHANNON - Band 3-4; Intramurals 
1-4; PRR pit band 3; Track 2; Orchestra 3-4. 



KEN SHEARER-Science Club 2-3; PRR pit 
band 1-4; Band 1-4; Choir 3-4; Dance band 2-4; 
Orchestra 2, 4. 

Nina 2; Vihota 3; Tri-Hi-Y 4; PRR 4; Choir 
3-4; Choralaires 2; Office mess. 4; Natl. Honor 
Soc. 4. 

JANET SUE SHUGERT-Home Ec. Club 1-3; 
Jr. Red Cross Club 3-4; GAA 4; Cheer block 2, 
4; Selofra 1. 

3; Home Ec. Club 1-2; Gym asst. 3; May Pag- 
eant 2-3. 

PEGGY SILER-La Nina 2; Vihota 3; PRR 
3-4; Office mess. 4; Choralaires 2; May Pag- 
eant 2-3. 

DIANA LEE SIMMS-Selofra 1; La Nina 2; 
Vihota 3; Home Ec. Club 1-2; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; 
PRR 3; May Pageant 2-3; Cheer block 3. 

ROTC Drill Team 2-3; Intramurals 1. 

TOWER copy reader 3-4; Selofra 1; La Nina 2; 
Vihota 3; Choralaires 2-3; Girls' Drill Team 2-4; 
Natl. Honor Soc. 3-4; Cheer block 3. 

PRR 4; Footlight Revelers 1. 

BETTY SKAGGS-Latin Club 1-2; Clinic asst. 
3-4; Choralaires 4; Choir 4; Future Nurses Club 

JUDITH LYNN SKOMP-Selofra 1; La Nina 
2; Vihota 3; Tri-Hi-Y 4; PRR act chairman 4; 
Cheer block 1-4; Future Nurses Club 2. 

DON SMALL-Golf 2, 4; Cheer block 3-4; 
Jr. Prom King cand. 3; PRR 3; Student Council 
4; Intramurals 1, 3-4. 


JOHN L. SMITH-Latin Club 3, treas. 4; 
Natl. Honor Soc. 4; Semi-Finalist Natl. Merit 
Scholarship 4. 

SHARON SMITH-Selofra 1; La Nina 2; Vi- 
hota 3. 

BOB SPAULDING-Football 2-3; Track 2-3; 
Wrestling 2-4. 

chestra 1-4; Hi-Y' 3-4; May Pageant philos- 
pher 3. 

ERROL SPEARS-Baseball 1-4; Basketball 1; 
Track 1; Band 1; HOWE TOWER reporter 3-4; 
Natl. Honor Soc. 3-4; PRR 4; Hi-Y 4; Letter- 
men's Club 3-4; Intramurals 2-4; Cheer block 



ROBERT K. SQUIRES-Traek 1, 3-4; Intra- 
murals 1-4; PRR 4; Aircraft Club sec. 2; HOWE 
TOWER reporter 1. 

JOHN STAFFORD-Student Council 3; Bas- 
ketball 1; Cross Country 1; Intramurals 1-2; 
PRR 3; Jr. Prom comm. 3; ROTC 1. 

GARY STEINHAUER-Tennis 1; Wrestling 

2-3; Band 1-3. Drum Major 2-3; Dance Band 
1-3; PRR 1-4; Cheer block 3-4; Mock Election 
court judge 4. 

Came to Dinner" 1; Footlight Revelers 1-4; 
Latin Club 2; Baton Club 1-3; Majorette 1-3; 
PRR 3; Vihota 3; GAA 1; May Pageant 2-3. 

tramurals 2-4; Tennis 1; Band 1-2; Wrestling 2; 
Cross Country 1; Jr. Prom. comm. 3; Sr. Play. 

NANCY A. STRAUSER-Selofra 1; La Nina 
2; 1st Prize State Poster Contest 3. 

JAMES B. STULTZ-Athletic Mgr. 2-4; Lct- 
termen's Club 4; PRR 4; Band 1; ROTC 1-4; 
ROTC Color Guard 3; Math Club 1-3; Chess 
Club 1-3; Intramurals 2-4; Projectionist 1-4; 
Natl. Honor Soc. 4. 

JANET SULLIVAN-Selofra 1; La Nina 2; 
Vihota 3; Home Ec. Club 2. 

Soc. 3, pres. 4; UN Delegate 4; Math Club 1, 
treas. 2; Latin Club 1; Track 1-2; Wrestling 3; 
Student Council 2-4; Marion County Teenage 
Traffic Safety Council 3, pres. 4; American Le- 
gion Good Citizenship Award 3; HOWE TOWER 
reporter 3-4; Jr. Prom comm. 3; Intramurals 1, 
4; PRR 4; Bus. mgr. 3; State Student Council 
Convention 2-3; Thorn McAnn Leadership 
Award 4. 

ROGER SWINFORD-Evansville North High 
School, Evansville, Ind., 1; New Albany High 
School, New Albany, Ind., 2; PRR 3-4; Intra- 
murals 3; Cheer block 3-4. 

STEVE SWITZER-Football 1, 3-4; Basket- 
ball 1; Baseball 1, 4; Student Council 3-4; City 
Student Council 3-4; PRR 2-4; Bus. mgr. 1; Jr. 
Prom comm. 3; Intramurals 2-4; Beta Hi-Y 1, 
sgt. at arms 2; Lettermen's Club 4; Science Club 
1-2; Cheer block 3-4. 

4; Latin Club 3; GAA 1. 

lofra 1; Clinic asst. 


WES THOMPSON-Winter Wonderland King 
cand. 4; PRR 4; Intramurals 1-4; Athletic Mgr. 
4; Football 1, 4; Baseball 1; Track 1, 3-4; Let- 
termen's Club 4; Cheer block 4. 

JOY TILLERY-Footlight Revelers 4; Thes- 
pians 4; GAA 1; Hoosier Relay Queen cand. 1; 
Speech Club 2-3; PRR 1-4, act chairman 3; 
Selofra treas. 1; La Nina 2; Vihota vice pres. 
3; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Home Ec. Club 1-2; PTA Style 
Show 2-3; Cheerleader 1-4; Jr. Prom comm. 
3; Choralaires 2; Cheer block 1-3, pres. 1; Stu- 
dent Council 1; May Pageant 1-3. 

PHYLLIS TISDALE-GAA 1; Selofra 1; Latin 

Club 1-2; La Nina 2; Vihota 3; Tri-Hi-Y 2-3; 
PRR 4; PTA Style Show 3; Jr. Prom comm. 3. 

JERRY TOOLE-Jr. Prom King cand. 3; Foot- 
ball 1-4; Lettermen's Club 1-3, treas. 4; Intra- 
murals 1-4; PRR 4; Tennis 1. 

Club 1; Cheer block 1. 



porter 2-4; Brown Boy cand. 4; Basketball 1-4; 
Track 1, 3; Lettermen's Club 2-4; Natl. Honor 
Soc. 3-4. 

MARY FRANCES TRACY-Choralaires 2-4. 

LARRY L. TRETTER-Seience Club 1-2, 
pres. 3-4; Math Club 1-4; Hi-Y 4; ROTC Drill 
Team 1-3; Chess Club 4; Photography Club 4; 
ROTC 1-4. 

ROBERT TURNER-Baseball 2-4; Track 1; 
Band 1-4; Intramurals 4. 

BARBARA UHLE-Selofra 1; Spanish Club 3; 
Spanish Contest 1st place 3; Cheer block 1; 
Natl. Honor Soc. 4. 

Nina 2. 


CAROLYN UTIGARD-Selofra 1; La Nina 2; 
Vihota 3; Natl. Honor Soc. 3-4; PRR 3-4; Span- 
ish Club 1-2; Gym asst. 2; John Herron Art 
Institute Scholarship 2-4. 

Selofra 1; La Nina 2; Vihota 3; Cheer block 3. 

Future Nurses Club 1, 4; Selofra 1; Tri-Hi-Y 4; 
Cheer block 1-2, 4; La Nina 2; Home Ec. Club 
1-2; May Pageant 1. 

Hi-Y 3-4; Spanish Club 1-3; Choralaires 3-4; 
Natl. Honor Soc. 4; Projectionist 1; HOWE 
TOWER reporter 3-4; Cheer block 2-4; PRR act. 
chairman 4; Betty Crocker Scholarship 4. 

JAMES VICORY-Football 1-4; Track 1-2, 4; 
Baseball 1; Intramurals 1-2, 4; PRR 3; Cheer 
block 4. 

JOHN WAITE-PRR pit band 2-4; Band 1-4; 
Dance Band 2-4; ROTC Drill Team 1-2; ROTC 
1-3; Hi-Y 4; Intramurals 4. 

TOM WALKER-Baseball 1; Track 1; Intra- 
murals 1-4; PRR 3. 

SANDRA L. WALLACE-Selofra 1; La Nina 
2; Vihota 3; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Cheer block 1-3; PRR 
4; FBLA 4. 

ROBERT WARREN-Athletic Mgr. 1-2; In- 
tramurals 4; PRR 4; PTA Style Show 3; Pro- 
jectionist 1-4. 

JANIE WATSON-Majorette 2; Home Ec. 
Club 1-2; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Baton Club 1-3. 


NANCY DAY WEBER-Selofra 1; La Nina 
2; Vihota 3; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Latin Club 2-3; PRR 
4; Choralaires 4; Projectionist 1-4. 



RANDOLPH E. WEST-PRR 2-4; Student Coun- 
cil 3; Track 1; Baseball 1; Intramurals 1-4; 
Math Club 2. 


SUZAN WHITE-Student Council 1-3; Natl. 
Honor Soc. 3-4; Altrusa Merit Award 3; Choir 
4; Choralaires 3; Madrigals 3; Selofra 1; La 
Nina 2; Tri-Hi-Y 3, chaplain 4; PRR 4; May 
Pageant 1; Office mess. 3; Clinic asst. 4. 

2; Vihota 3; Cheer block 1-2; GAA 1; May- 
Pageant 2; Spanish Club 1; Home Ec. Club 1-2; 
Jr. Red Cross Club 1. 

LARRY WHITEMAN-Baseball 1-4; Football 
1-4; Track 1; Lettermen's Club 3-4; Intramurals 
1-4; Bus. mgr. 3. head 4; PRR 2-4; Jr. Prom 
com m . 3 . 


bloek 1. 

GAA 1; FBLA 4; Cheer 

LINDA WIGGINS-GAA 2-4; Cheer block 
2-3; Vihota 3; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Office mess. 4; PRR 
3-4; May Pageant 1-4; Gym asst. 2-3. 

SANDY WILKINS-Selofra 1; News Bureau 
3; Cheer block 2-4; HOWE TOWER circulation 
mgr. 4; Office mess. 4; La Nina 2. 

JERRY WILLIAMS-Baseball 1; Football 3-4; 
Wcstling 2-4; Lettermen's Club 4. 

RICHARD L. WILLS-Aviation Club 2; Choir 
3; Wrestling 2. 

JAMES WILSON-Aviation Club 1-2. 

LOU ANN WILSON-Latin Club 2-3; Math 
Club 2-3; Footlight Revelers 3; Home Ec. Club 
2; Cheer block 2-4; Vihota 3; Band 1. 

WALTER PHIL WILSON-Intramurals 1-3; 
Athletic Mgr. 1-3; Lettermen's Club 3-4; 
ROTC 1. 

JEANIE RENEE WISE-Footlight Revelers 
1-3, pres. 4; Chess Club 1-2, sec. 3; Speech 
Club 3-4; Latin Club PRR act ch. 4; HOWE 
TOWER reporter 3, editorial and feature writer 
4; AH Star Staff 3; Student Council 1; News 
Bureau 3; GAA 1; Thespian 2-4; "Happiest 
Days of Your Life" 3; "Curse You Jack Dalton" 
2; Natl. High School Speech Inst. 3; Highest 
Honors in Drama and Interpretation; Latin Con- 
test 1st place 1; Natl. Honor Soc. 3-4; District 
Speech Contest 1st place 1-3; State Speech 
Contest 1st place 4; Sr. Play. 

Soc. 3-4; PRR 4; Selofra 1; Vihota 3; Latin 
Club 2; Chess Club 4; Math Club 4; GAA 1-2; 
Cheer block 1-4; May Pageant 1-2. 

Wrestling 2; Math 
Aviation Club 2. 

YARNELL-Football 1-2; 
Club 1; Spanish Club 2; 

LINDA YORK-GAA 1; Spanish Club 1. 


typist 3, copy ed. 4; Home Ec. Club 2; Selofra 
sec. 1; FBLA sec. 4; PRR 4; HOWE TOWER 
reporter 3; News Bureau 3; La Nina 2; Vihota 
3; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Natl. Honor Soc. 4; Student 
Council 4; Cheer block 1-4; Girls' Drill Team 3. 



MICHAEL ZANDER-Athletic Mgr. 2-3; Band 
1-2; ROTC 1-2; Aviation Club 1. 

CAROLYN ZORNE-Selofra 1; La Nina 2; 
Vihota 3; Home Ec. Club 1-2. 


FRANK LEON ALGER-Chess Club 1-4, pies. 3, vice pres. 4; 
Sr. Play. 



VICKI CARLSON-Broad Ripple U.S. 1-2; PRR 3-4; Vihota 3; 
Student Council 3; Tri-Hi-Y 4. 

LOIS MARIE CASTOR-Noblesville High School, Noblesville, 
Ind. 1-3. 

MARTHA PETRO CRAFT-GAA 2; Home Ec. Club 2; Band I. 


DEANNA HANCOCK-Home Ec. Club 1; Selofra 1; Projec- 
tionist 2-3. 

BEVERLY HILL-May Pageant 1-2; Projectionist 1. 

ROBERT INGLE-Track 1; Intramurals 1-3; Bus. mgr. 1-2. 



MIKE KELLEY-Student Council 4; Wrestling 3; Track 1-4. 


ROBERT KING-Intramurals 3-4. 





FRANK SUMNER-Intramurals 1-2. 

STEPHEN TEEPEE-Intramurals 1-4; Football 1-2. 



LAWRENCE WILLIAMS-Intramurals 1-3. 

GERALD LEE YOUNG-Football 1-4; Intramurals 2-4; Track 
1; Basketball 1; Lettermen's Club 4. 

IXw^,— •,*~^'~" J ^—^^ 


0-*x4 f~>^f 



a^f <££** „. c^<-o<C 



crv*-< V 





Graduation marks the end of the school year. For 
seniors graduation symbolizes the end of one phase of 
life and the beginning of another. This year 430 Howe 
students receiving their diplomas are prepared to step 
into the world with their best foot forward. 

With the close of the year, all of us view our achieve- 
ments and our hopes. We have put our best foot forward 
in school work, activities, sports, and in just being teen- 
agers. We have struggled with serious, often difficult sit- 
uations, and we have enjoyed carefree moments. Each 
of us can realize that we have profited by this year's expe- 
riences at Howe High School as we leave school once 
more . . . 



Subject Index 


Administrative Staff .... 80-85 

Altrusa Award 10 

American Legion 

Good Citizenship Award ... 11 

Art Class 21 

Athletic Managers 60 

Audio Visual Club 53 

Autograph Party 7 


Band 32-33 

Baseball 74-75 

Basketball 64-67 

Varsity 64 

Reserve 67 

Freshman 67 

Queen 65 

Beta Hi-Y 43 

Boys' Drill Team 28 

Beys' Octet 31 

Brown and Gold Dance 8 

Business Education Classes . . . 19 
Business Managers 46 

Cheer Block 
Chess Club 
Choir . . 
Cross Country 


Dance Band 31 

D. A. R. Award 10 

English Class 

I 1 

Faculty 80-84 

Football 56-59 

Varsity 56 

Reserve 59 

Freshman 59 

Queen 58 

Footlight Revelers 41 

Freshmen 98-100 

Future Business Leaders .... 47 
Future Nurses' Club 49 


G. A. A 77 

Girls' Drill Team 28 

Girls' Octet 31 

Golf 73 


Hilltopper Staff 36-37 

History Club 52 

Hi-Y Sweetheart Candidates . . . .9 

Home Economics Class 18 

Home Economics Club 48 

Home Nursing Class 20 

Hoosier Relays Queen 69 

Index, Student 
Industrial Arts Class 



Journalism Institute 10 

Junior Prom 9 

Junior Red Cross 49 

Juniors 86-91 


Language Class 15 

Latin Club 50 

Lettermen's Club 76 


Madrigals 30 

Majorettes 60 

Math Club 52 

Math Classes 17 

May Pageant 6 

Mid-year Freshmen .... 101-103 

Mock Election 12 

Music Class 21 


National Honor Society .... 42 

National Merit Scholarship Finalists I 1 

News Bureau 35 

"Night of January 16th" .... 40 

Photography Club . . 
Physical Education Class 
Pleasant Run Revue 

. 17 
. 20 

Octets . 




R. O. T. C 26-28 

Drill Team 28 


Rifle Teams 27 

Sponsors 26 

Federal Inspection 26 


Science Class 16-17 

Science Club 53 

Selofra 45 

Seniors 104-131 

Officers 108 

Party 107 

Play 106-107 

Senior Hi-Y 43 

Social Studies Class 13 

Sophomores 93-96 

Spanish Club 51 

Speech Club 51 

Stage Crew 41 

Student Council 38-39 

Student Index 134 

Sweetheart Candidates 9 


Table of Contents 3 

Tennis 72 

Tower Staff 54-35 

Track 6S-70 

Varsity 68 

Reserve 70 

Freshman 70 

Queen 69 

Tri-Hi-Y 44 

Turnabout Twirl 9 


U. N. Representative 11 

Underclassmen 86-103 


Violet Queen Candidates 6 

Violet Queen (^ 


Winter Wonderland Candidates . 
Wrestling 61-62 


Student Index 

( Album section pictures are not included in this index. 


Abbott, Alice . . . .45,51,52,63 

Abigt, Nancy 47, 77 

Ackelmire, Mark 29 

Adams, Frank 59 

Adams, George 70 

Adams, Marinell 48, 49 

Adams, Marty 48 

Adkins, Charles . . 9, 12, 46, 56, 70, 76 

Aker, William 61 

Alexander, Kay 44 

Alexander, Robert 4, 20 

Alexander, Sandra 44, 63 

Alger, Frank 51, 107 

Allen, Karen 45 

Allen, Ruth 49 

Alyea, Joyce 44, 63 

Alyea, Nancy 63 

Amos, Sally 44, 63 

Anderson, Brenda 48 

Anderson, Jean 48, 49, 52 

Anderson, Richard 62 

Andrews, Rosalie 49 

Applegate, Shirley . . .29, 32, 34, 42 

Arbogast, Ann 63 

Arbogast, Elliott 27 

Archer, Diane .... 30, 44, 58, 90 

Archer, Donna 30 

Arment, Dixon 50 

Arment, Elaine 32 

Armstrong, Robert 59 

Arthur, Karmin 51 

Asher, Linda 33 

Aston, Deboi ah 63 

Attkisson, Leah 32 

Atwood, Shirley 42, 47, 63 

Augustus, Carole 30, 47 

Austin, Margaret . . 15,29,31,37, 
38, 40, 42, 44, 51 


Bacon, Richard 27 

Badger, Judy 63, 105 

Bailey, Betty 29 

Bailey, Thomas 33, 50 

Bailiff, Rusty 62 

Baker, Karen 24, 29, 44, 63 

Baldwin, Jerilyn 60 

Baldwin, Myron 53 

Bank, Carol 50,52 

Banta, Ronald . . 25, 29, 31, 72, 76 

Barclay, Ann 30, 50 

Barkdull, Leonard 47, 53 

Barlow, Peter 51 

Barnes, James 59 

Barnes, Lynda 49, 65 

Barnett, Cynthia 8, 63 

Barnett, Steven 52, 53 

Barrett, Dennis 52, 61 

Barrett, Jay 38, 39, 59 

Barton, Charles 41 

Bassett, Rosemary 33, 63 

Beatty, Jody 63 

Beavin, Mary 42, 47, 63 

Bechtel, Charles 56, 62, 76 

Beck, Charlene . . . .27, 30, 48, 63 

Beights, Raymond 31 

Beineke, Janice 49, 50 

Beineke, Sondra 77 

Betiz, Joanne 45, 63 

Beitz, Rosalyn .... 30, 42, 47, 61 
Bell, Lynda . . 16, 25, 34, 38, 42, 105 

Bell, Sherri 30 

Bennett, Steve 59 

Benz, Sandra 45, 63 

Berger, Janet 19 

Bertram, Mildred 45, 50 

Betts, Burr 33, 41 

Bevis, Donna 47 

Biddle, Mary 45, 71 

Biddle, Rita 10, 17, 34 

Billhymer, Fran 29 

Billhymer, James 33, 59 

Billups, Darlan .... 56, 57, 62, 76 

Billups, Jimmy 45, 52 

Birk, Jim 73 

Bishop, Jay 50 

Black, Bill 56 

Blaisdell, Michael 32, 33 

Blanton, Jim 50 

Blanton, Maurice 42 

Blust, Steve 52 

Bogart, Barbara 32, 44 

Bolander, Barbara .... 63. 76, 77 

Boldon, Dean 41 

Bolmer, Linda 77 

Bond, Dewey 70 

Bonn, Marilyn 49 

Bonn, Martha 49 

Booe, John 52 

Booher, Pat 9 

Boots, Judi 30, 33, 44 

Boswell, Nancy 63 

Bourne, Sandy 30 

Bowen, Sandy 29, 37, 42 

Bowman, Nancy 30, 38 

Bowman, Susan 45 

Bradburg, Keith 59 

Bradbury, David 11,42 

Bradley, Craig 62 

Branam, Barbara 44, 47 

Branham, Darlene 63 

Brcckenridge, Daniel .... 38, 59 

Bremer, Janice 42, 50 

Brewer, Joseph 42 

Breyer, Linda 41,49 

Brian, Norma 49 

Brickham, Jeanette 48, 49 

Briggs, Raymond 33 

Briles, Robert . . . 13,15,41,107 

Bristow, Mary Jo 105 

Brittain, Nancy . . .5,29,31,42,50 

Britton, Leighton 59 

Bromstrup, Thomas .... 27, 33 
Brooks, Jim 46, 59 

Brooks, Steve 43 

Blown, Dave 59 

Brown, Jane 49 

Brown, Josette 42, 47 

Brown, Larry . . 24, 34, 38, 39 42 

Brown, Stephen 29,31 

Bruner, Steve . . . .46, 64, 65, 66 
Bruness, Carolyn . . . 30, 42, 47, 77 

Bruness, Sharon 49, 50 

Bruney, Mike 50 

Bryan, Connie 63 

Buck, Byron 28, 59, 73 

Buckley, Marcia 19 

Bundchu, Ellen 45, 48 

Bunyard, Diane .... 30, 44, 47, 63 
Burk, Bonnie . . 27, 34, 35, 52, 53, 63 

Burns, Michael 43 

Burns, Robert 29 

Burrell, Rita 45, 99 

Butler, Janie 45, 99 

Butler, Pam . . . 25,38,58,63,71 

Caldwell, Charles 

. . 27 

Caldwell, Sharon 

. . 29, 42, 44 

Callahan, Deanna 

27, 29, 36, 37, 42, 
44, 63, 109 

Campbell, Betty . 

.... 60 

Campbell, Charles 

13, 33, 34, 42 

Campbell, Janet . 




Campbell, Terry . 

50, 56, 59, 70 

Campbell, Phyllip 

... 33 

Canada, James 

. 42, 52 

Canada, John 

. 28,51 

Cantwell, June . 

. . 29 

Carden, Larry 

. 32, 33 

Cardwell, Janet . 

. 42, 105 

Carmichael, Larry 

. . 62 

Carney, Janice 

45, 51, 52 

Carney, Karon 

. . 49 

Carney, Sharon . 

. 49, 105 

Carrington, Diane 

. 20, 45 

Carroll, Nancy . 

. 45, 63 

Carson, Sara (Janie) 

4, 25, 27, 29, 
44, 63, 107 

Carter, Becky 

... 48 

Carter, Stanton . 

. 29,31 

Carwein, Patty . 

. 63, 77 

Carwein, Sandy . 

. 44, 63 

Cash, David . 

. 41,51 

Cash, Robert . 

. . 51 

Castleman, Jerry 

28, 32, 33 

Castor, James 

28, 50, 53 

Cavanaugh, William 

. . 53 

Cayton, Sally 

. . 30 

Cegoy, Ruth . 

. . 45 

Chenault, Bob 

. . 29 

Cheney, Sandra . 

. . 29 

Christie, Ellen . 

. 29,31 

Clapp, Dave . 

. . 42 

Clapp, Sydney 

. 27, 63 

Clift, Carolyn 

. . 63 


Clifton, Donna 63 

Clouse, Toni 48 

Cobb, Henry 70 

Coffey, Karen 48 

Coffman, David 29 

Cole, Ann 34 

Cole, Beverly 42 

Collins, David 41, 50 

Colvin, Patricia 48 

Combs, Linda 32 

Combs, Sharon 38 

Conner, Joyce 32 

Conway, Michael 29, 31 

Conway, Kathleen . . . 30, 34, 51, 63 

Cook, Brenda 29, 44, 60 

Cook, Dannie 51 

Cooksey, Jerry 62 

Cooling, James 61 

Cooper, Terry . . . .50,51,52,53 
Cord, Jenny . . 24,29,31,35,44,51 

Cotton, Don 50 

Coulter, Judy 29 

Coval, Robert . . . .28, 32, 33, 42 

Covert, Dian 58 

Cox, Janet 29 

Cox, Linda 51 

Cox, Patricia 29 

Craig, Judy 6, 25, 29, 36, 

37, 44, 63 
Crandall, Esther .... 29, 42, 50 

Crawford, Lois 4.5 

Crawford. Rhoda 44 

Crockett, Marsha . 15,34,41,42,44, 

63, 77 

Cron, Judy 45, 63 

Cronau, Emily . . 10, 25, 27, 29, 37, 
41,42,44, 63, 107 

Cronin, Gayle 48, 49 

Crossland, Sue . . 38,44,51,63,69 

Crum, Dale 50, 53, 47 

Cullings, James 28 

Culver, Eddie 59 

Cuppy, Dennis 64, 65 

Cuppy, Kay 63, 77 


Daniels, Linda . 





Davis, Barbara 



52, 63 

Davis, Darlene . 



Davis, Lois 

. 32 

Deal, Jeannie 

63, 71 

Deal, Steven . 

. 24 

Dearth, Gerry 

. 29 

Dearth, Timothy 

59, 62 

Deeter, Gary 

. 59 

Deeter, John . 

. 59 

Deeter, Judy . 

25, 27 

Deeter, Mary . 

48, 60 

DeLashmit, Judith 

. 63 

Denbo, Richard . 

. 62 

Denison, David . 

. 27 

Denney, Larry 

. 59 

Derrett, DeAnn . 

. 32 

Dewitt, Geraldine 

. 63 

Diehl, Barbara . 


39, 63 

Diehl, Ed . . . 




51, 109 

Diersing, William 

. 62 

Dirks, Marybeth . 



Dirks, Sue 




37, 42 

Dirr, Martha . 

44, 63 

Dobbs, Jodi . . 


Dobbs, Susie . 

4.5, 50 

Doran, Miriam 


Drinkut, Linda . 


Dudley, Cathy . . . 

. . 47, 105 

Dugan, Michael . 

... 29 

Dugan, Thomas . 

. . . 53 

Duncan, Kay .... 

... 27 

Duselis, Uldis . . . 

. . 32, 52 

Dye, Sharon .... 

. . . 30 


Earley, Myra 45 

Early, Michael 70 

Edwards, Nancy 9, 29, 44 

Edwards, Steve 13, 59 

Eitel, Janey 63 

Elder, Terry 27, 47 

Elich, Paul 64 

Elliott. Ilancll 33 

Ellis, Martha 77 

Embry, Annette 48 

Emig, Jo Ann 63 

Endsley, Gail 29 

England, Phyllis 45, 50 

Englehart, Timothy 29 

Ennis, Margaret 32, 45 

Enoch, Janet 44 

Eskew, Ronald 59 

Espich, Bob ... 46, 50, 59, 70, 93 

Estes, Bill 27, 28, 53 

Ettner, Peggy 29 

Evans, Alyce 42, 63 

Evans, David 42 

Evans, Lorretta 48 

Fallowes, Sydney 

. . . 63 

Fassnacht, Barbara 

44, 49, 50, 53, 63 

Fassnacht, Phil . . 


Fields, Carole 

. 30, 4.5, 50 

Fields, Janet . . 

. . 25, 29 

Fields, Shirley 

. . . 48 

Fiesel, James . 


33. 56, 70, 76 

Fischer, Anna 

. . 38, 45 

Fisher, Patricia . 

. . 30, 63 

Fitch, Karen . 

. . 32, 33 

Fitch, Terrence . 

... 28 

Fittz, Barbara 

. . 32, 45 

Fitzsimmons, Judy 

. . 48, 49 

Fleehearty, Judy 

. . 44, 49 

Flowers, Margaret 

. . . 63 

Flynn, Beverly 

... 48 

Flynn, Mike . 

. . . 43 

Follis, John 

... 62 

Fortner, Larry 

. . 29, 33 

Foster, John . 

. .47, 53 

Foster, Ken 

. . 59, 63 

Foster, Mike . 

. . . 59 

Foster, Steve . 

. . . 33 

Fotiades, Nick 

... 29 

Fowler, Mary 

... 48 

France, David 

. . 59, 70 

Francis, Dallene . 


38. 39, 44, 63 

Frazier Donna . 

... 27 

Freeman, Leslie . 

34, 42, 50, 52 

Freeman, Mary 

. . 48, 52 

Froshour, Samuel 

. . . 50 

Frushour, Thomas 

. . 50, 53 

Fudge, Jerry . 

. . 6. 38, 46 

Fulford, Thomas 

. . . . 2S 

Fulk. Terry . . 

. . . 51,52 

Fuson, Steve . 

. . . 64. 65 


Gatt-her. Karen 44, 47 

Galyean, Catherine 

. ... 49 

Galyean, Mary 32. 52 

Gammons, Juanita . . 44. 63, 77, 109 

Garland, Woody 6 1 . 70 

Garman, Margo 32 

Gaston, Beverly 63 

Gentry, Susan 49 

Gilkison, Tom 50 

Gilkison, William 50 

Gilliland, Jean 30 

Givan, Ron 105 

Gividen, Diana 49 

Gladden, Bonnie 30 

Gladden, Thurman . . . 34, 47, 52, 53 

Glascock, Jackie 77 

Goben, Cheryl 45, 77 

Goines, Robert 41 

Golden, Paulette 48 

I ajndr. Iciiiiii I, li 

Goodwin, Mariann 

24,27,30,38.44. 63 

Gordon. Philip 70 

Gordon, Robert 53 

Goulet, Cheryl .... 45, 50, 52. 63 

Graca, Carl 53 

Graham, Bob . . . 46,56,70,76.90 

Graham, Karen 48 

Graves, Roy Danner (Dannv) 

24, 29,38,46,51. 71. 72. 107 

Graves, Sharon 44, 63 

Gray, Constance 45 

Gray, Pamela 44 

Green, Pat 27, 38, 45 

Green, Sue Ellen . . . . 44, 47, 49 

Greeson, Rosalin 63 

Griggs, Jim 59 

Grindstaft, Margaret 63 

Grindstaft, Thomas 33. 53 

Groom, Joyce 30,71 

Grove, Glendyn 45.51 

Guhl, Paul 33 

Guidone, Ronald . 29, 46, 56. 72. 76 

Guidone, Steve 76 

Gunderman, Man.' 45, 49 

Guoynes, Linda 63 

Haas, Mary . 
Hailey, Sharon . 
Halbrooks, Brenda 

Hallam, Rex . . 
Hamilton. Cindy 
Hamilton. Dean . 
Hamilton, Nancy 
Hannah. James 
Hanson, Geraldine 
Hardin, Claude . 
Hargate, Bonnie . 
Hargate. Robert . 
Harold. Bill . . 
Harold, David . 
Harpold. Richard 
Harrell. Pat . . 
Harrison, Linda . 
Harrvman. Betty 
Harsin. Judith . 
Hart. Betty . . 
Harvey, Sharon . 
Harvey, Sondra . 
Hatcher. Allen . 
Haugh. Klaska : 
Hauschild, Warren 
Hawke. Barbara . 
Hawke, Diane . 






25, 29*. 
41. 44. 

... 71 
. . . 59 
. . 45. 49 
56, 64. 70. 76 
... 41 
. . 56. 64 
. 44. 63 

. 42. 
29. 53, 

56, 64. 

$4, 58 

25. 29 
. 6 


9, 51 

54. 41 

55, 10, 






40. 42 


. 25, 1 1 

. 44 


52, 53 

42. 107 

2S, 41 

5S. 45 

41. 107 


Hawkins, Arthur 27 

Hawkins, Suzanne 45 

Headlee, Anne 45 

Heath, Jerry 28 

Heavenridge, Marilyn . . 42, 47, 48, 63 

Heckman, Judy 60 

Hedding, Karen 44, 77 

Heithecker, Susan 45 

Hellem, Dorothy 45, 63 

Hemmer, John 4, 5, 42 

Henderson, Sharon 63, 93 

Hendrickson, Albert 28 

Henry, Connie 30, 63 

Henshaw, Robert 70, 90 

Herring, Malcom . . . .28, 32, 33 

Hert, Sherry 49, 63, 77 

Hess, Max 60 

Hession, Miles . . 28,33,47,51.107 

Hessong, John 28, 32, 33 

Hicks, Janet 44 

Hider, Denny .... 50, 53, 56, 59 

Hidy, Carol 44, 47 

Higgins, Danny 59 

Hildreth, Lydia 

29, 36, 37, 41, 42, 44, 46, 109 

Hill, Ellen 42 

Hillring, Nancy 63 

Hills, Nancy 19 

Hines, Judy 9, 44, 63 

Hitch, Sharon 63 

Hobbs, Virginia 48 

Hockett, David 56, 62, 76 

Hoff, Bill 50,52 

Hoff, Marcia 47, 48 

Hogue, John 53 

Hohman, Terry .... 35, 47, 52, 53 
Hollingsworth, Tom . . . 33, 42, 43 
Hollowell, Beverly .... 33, 50, 63 

Hollowell, Richard 33 

Holmes, Carol 45 

Holmes, Denny 19, 64 

Holt, Jane 32, 44, 63 

Holtman, Jane 45, 50 

Holy, Ann 9 

Homeier, Janet 44, 63 

Hooker, Karen 44, 48 

Hooper, Steve 64, 76 

Hoover, Tim 93 

Hopper, Kenny 29, 37, 47 

Hopping, Phil 34, 50 

Horsley, Mary 45, 50 

Horton, Edward 28 

Horton, Ronnie 56 

Hovis, Stephen 56, 59 

Howard, Ann 47 

Howard, Barb 27, 44, 90 

Hower, Jim ... . 42, 50, 56, 76, 

Huber, Diana 50 

Hudson, Cindy 63 

Huff, Ken 

38, 51, 61, 62, 63, 68, 76, 107 

Huff, Linda 30, 52, 63 

Huggins, Andrea 13, 45 

Hughes, David 41 

Hunsucker, George 59 

Hunt, James 38,70 

Hunter, David 29, 38 

Huybers, Richard 59 


Imle, Linda 27, 42, 44 

Irvin, Jeff 43, 61, 70, 76 

Isenberg, Jim 61, 70 

Israel, Bruce 28, 53 


Jackson, Ginny 44,46,71 

Jacobs, Rita 44 

Jadrick, Vernon 33 

Javs, Kay 45, 49 

Jeffries, Judy 30, 60 

Jeffries, Shirley 30 

Johnson, Dennis 27, 42, 47 

Johnson, Donald 27, 47 

Johnson, Joyce 47 

Johnson, Judy 44 

Johnson, Lois 45 

Johnson, Stephen 43 

Johnston, Tom . . 12, 46, 56, 62, 76 

Jones, Diana 44 

Jones, Don 53,61,62,70 

Jones, Joe 51 

Jones, Norma 30, 44, 71 

Jones, Raymond . . 27, 42, 61, 70, 76 
Jones, Saundra . . . .30,42,44,71 

Jordan, Mary 45 

Jordan, Robert 70,76 

Joseph, Barbara .... 38, 44, 48, 49 

Julian, Linda 48 

Jump, Ruth 32 


Kapp, Gerald 29 

Kattan, Tom 33 

Katzenberger, Bill 99 

Kayler, Allen 32, 33 

Keegan, Pat 32 

Keeler, Stanley 

15, 28, 31, 32, 40, 41, 42, 107 

Keen, Paul 28, 53 

Keith, Charles 53 

Kelleher, John 53 

Keller, Art . . 29, 41, 47, 50, 51, 52 

Keller, Janice 45 

Kelley, Mike 38 

Kelly, Diane . . 27,29,31,42,44 

Kemper, Vicky 29, 37 

Kemple, Marvin 27, 42 

Kent, Mary Helen 42 

Kesterson, Sandra . .... 48 

Kightlinger, Jeannie 50 

Kim, Cathi 29, 31, 42, 44 

King, David . . 73 

Kinsel, Philip 43 

Kirk, Larry 43 

Kirk, Sandy 29, 31 

Kirkham, Nancy 30 

Kish, Karen . . . 10, 29, 37, 41, 42 

Knight, Patricia 32, 42, 49 

Kniep, Eileen 48 

Knuchten, Gary 50 

Kockritz, Joyce ... 6. 16, 29, 38, 65 

Koepke, Linda 49 

Koepper, Stephen . . . .50, 52, 53 
Kohlstaedt, Sally .... 30, 41, 44 

Kolsky, Ted 27, 73 

Koss, Robert 43 

Kuonen, Charlie 61 

Kutche, Anna Marie 45, 50 

Kutche, Jan 27 


LaFary, Barbara 48 

LaFary, Shirley 48, 49 

Lamb, Jacqueline 38, 45 

Lamb, Karmen 33, 104 

Lambirth, Mansfield . . . 56, 58, 70 
Lang, Robert 5, 12 

Lang, Sarah 52 

Lashbrook, Ed 29, 41, 70 

LaTourrette, Judy 45 

Lawless, Linda 44, 47 

Lawson, Roy 41, 59. 70 

Layton, Cheryl 45 

Legg, Patricia 44, 46 

Lee, Judith 42 

Lee, Rachel 6 

Lee, Ron 62 

Leffler, Dotti 16 

Leipnitz, Ginny 30, 44 

Lemon, Jane 32 

Leonard, Barbara .... 13, 42, 58 

Leonard, Bob 29 

Leonard, Gerry 50 

Leonard, Sandy 42, 50, 52 

Leslie, Don 59 

Lewellen, Ron .... 56, 62, 70, 76 

Lewis, Glenda 50 

Lich, Donna 27, 44, 6.5 

Lich, Rod 59 

Light, Paul 53 

Ling, Judy 30 

Little, Mary Kay .... 25, 30, 42 

Livengood, Allen 33 

Long, Pat 48 

Long, Sarah 45, 77 

Loudermilk, Donna 16 

Love, Mary Kay 44, 48, 77 

Lovell, Denny 59 

Lowing, Carol 45 

Lucas, Richard 28 

Lunsforl, Mike 59 

Lynch, John 59 

Lynn, Kenneth 41, 53 


McBride, Michael 
McBurnie, Robert 
McBurnie, Murray 
McClain, Sandy . 
McClellan, Mike 
McClure, James . 
McClure, Ruth Ann 
McCollough, James 
McCormick, Peggy 
McCoy, Kenneth 
McCoy, Vicki 
McDivitt, Wesley 
McDonald, Mike 
McGillem, Nancy 
McGuire, Patricia 
McKee, Patricia . 

McMillan, Cynthia 
McMullen, Rita . 
McMullen, Sandra 
McNeely, Martha 
McNeill, Cheryl . 

51, 62 
29, 33 
. 33 
. 48 
. 29 

.... 33 
. . 32, 33, 52 
. . . 33, 52 
. . 34, 49, 51 
34, 73, 76, 107 
27, 30, 44, 46, 67 


10, 34, 42, 70, 109 
13, 42, 44, 49, 67 
... 77 
29, 30, 36, 37, 
42, 50, 52 
. 44, 67 
. . 32 
. . 12 
. . 67 
. . 49 


Mabel, Tom 



, 29, 43, 46 

Mabey, Dave . 

40, 51, 107 

Madinger, George . 

... 59 

Madinger, Paul . 

. . 61 

Madison, Ruth 

. 50, 52 

Maloy, Sherry 

. 38, 39 

Maners, Sharon . 

. . 32 

Manning, Frederick . 

27, 28, 43 

Mansfield, Donna 

. 47, 63 

Mansfield, Robert . 

. . 51 


Marchal, Sharon . 

. 33,41 

Marchal, Roger . 

. . 43 

Marshall, Jim 

. . 43 

45, 77 

Matthews, Mike . 

64, 70, 76 

May, Stephen 

. . 60 

Mayo, Jan 

. 59, 70 

Mearling, Joyce . 

38, 67, 77 

Meek, Gary . 

. . 52 

Meek, Violet . 

. . 48 

Meeks, John . 

. 33, 59 

Meeks, Sylvia 

. . 67 

Meggenhofen, Thomas 

. 33, 70 

Mercer, Mary 

. . 67 

Meredith, Kathie . . 27, 29, 31, 44, 67 

Merkle, Marcia . . 29,37,41,44,67 

Merriman, Nancy 


Meyer, Janice 

. 34, 42, 44 

Miller, Chris 


. . 59 

Miller, Sarah . 

. . 42 

. . 28 

Millner, Darrell . 

32, 33, 50 

Miner, Sharon 

25, 42, 44 

Miner, Wallace . 



43, 61,70,76 

Mitchell, Mitch 


... 20 

Mittan, Dave . 

. . 33 

Mohley, Melynda 

. . 48 

Monroe, Marjorie 

. . 48 

Moore, Carol . 

. 30, 44 

Moore, Jean . 

. 38, 65 

. . 44 

Morelock, Sharon 

. 42,47 

. . 32 

Morrison, Rosemary 

. 38,48 

Morrow, Melinda 

34, 42, 53 

. . 41 

Mosby, Sharilyn 

. . 49 

Mueller, Carolyn 

. . 45 

Mueller, Terry 

16, 56, 76 

Mulry, Patricia 

. . 30 

Mulry, Tom . 


, 46, 56, 76 

Mundy, Charleen 

. . 44 

Muterspaugh, Alice 

29, 31, 42 

Myers, Pat 



, 38, 44, 46 

Nation, Michael 



Nauta, Diane 


Nauta, Linda 




Nay, Earle 


Nelson, Barbara 


Nelson, Bill . 



Nelson, Joseph 



Nelson, William 



Newhonse, Vickie 



Newman, Beth . 



Newman, Ronnie 


Newman, Pam 




Nichoalas, Dave . 



Nicholas, Pauletta 




Nicholson, Sue . 

1 1 

Nield, Roberta . 


I 1 

Nonweiler, George 


Nordman, Margo 



Norton, Shelley . 



Noxon, Susan 


Nuckols, Allen 



, 56 



O'Brien, Larry . 
O'Connell, William 
Oliver, Janice 
Oliver, Steve . 
Osborne, Tom 
O'Sullivan, James 
Oswalt, Susan 
Otto, Tom . . 
Ovcrmyer, Patricia 
Owen, Anne . 
Owen, Mary Devon 

. . 51 
34, 43, 107 
. 41 
. 41 
33, 50 
45, 49 
. 43 

49, 50 

. 51 


Page, Susan 44 

Papas, Bor 53 

Parke, Barbara .... 34, 42, 50, 52 

Parsons, Jim 59, 62 

Partington, Pat . 29,38,44,46,71 

Paternoster, Gary 107 

Patterson, Kathryn .7,20,27,30,32,51 

Paul, Doug 14, 56, 70. 76 

Paul, Gary 53 

Pavery, John 27 

Pearson, Richard 42 

Pendleton, James 51 

Pendleton, John 51 

Pershing, Richard .... 33, 38, 59 

Peters, Susan 49 

Peterson, Dianne 38 

Petersen, Ken 33 

Peterson, Sue . . 27, 30, 42, 44, 46 

Petro, Glena 77 

Petro, Shirley 77 

Pettee, Ruth 32, 42, 50 

Peyton, Sandra 44 

Pheasant, Jo 30, 45 

Phillips, Anetia 48 

Phillips, Lynn Ann ... 4, 27, 30, 52 

Phillips, Ralph 32, 33 

Phillips, Sandra 27 

Phillips, Stephen . 28, 32, 33, 34, 42 

Ping, Tom 28 

Platte, Jane ... 19, 25, 27, 44, 46 

Plummer, Sharon 30, 44 

Poole, Elizabeth 30 

Porter, Mary 49, 50 

Porter, Virginia 50 

Poulos, Julie 30. 44. 71 

Powell, Harry 28 

Powell, Sharon 48 

Prell, Warren 70 

Price, Helen 32, 48 

Price, Susan 34,41,48 

Probst, Pamela 45, 50 

Proctor, Charles 43 

Proctor, Jim 59 

Propps, Marilu .... 25,60.107 

Pugh, Larry 59, 70 

Purdy, Lissa 45 

Pursley, Carla 45 

Pursley, Lana 17, 29, 37 

Pusey, Paul 59 


Quick, Jerry 33 


Ragsdale, Jim 51,52 

Ragsdale, Marty I S, 17 

Ray, Sandra 41 

Rayot, Jim 59, 70 

Reener, Linda 49 

Refvem, Sue 48 

Rethmeyer, Linda 42 

Reynolds, Joellen .... 29, 37, 42 

Reynolds, Sharoi 48 

Rhoads, Barbara 77,9 

Richards, Marty 29, 37, 44 

Richards, Sharon 32 

Richardson, Virginia 52 

Richart, Pamela 45, 65 

Riley, David 43 

Ritter, Jody 38, 52 

Bobbins, Diane 50 

Roberston, Kathy 77 

Robertson, Mary 38 

Robeson, John 67 

Robinson, Susan 77 

Roe, Ronald 13, 43 

Roesener, Doris 30 

Rogers, Caryl 24.29,31 

Rohrer, Harold 33, 59 

Rose, Jim 60 

Rosemeyer, Carolyn 33 

Both, Lois 32, 45 

Royer, Ronnie 59 

Rubush, lames 59 

Rumbaugh, Bob 61, 76 

Bader, Mary . 
Raeber, Mary Jo 
Rafert, Carol . 


Sachs, Larry . 
Sachs, Steven 
Sammis, Majory . 
Sammis Roberta . 
Sample, Caroline 
Sample, Forrest . 
Sanders, Julie 
Sanford, Don 
Schad, Beverly . 
Schaub, Sue . 
Schick, John . 
Schilling, Clo Ann 
Schmidt, Barbara 
Schmidt, Martha 
Schmidt, Susan . 
Scholl. Laurie 
Scholl, Richard . 
Schorling, Jean . 
Schubert, David . 
Schweiger, Carole 
Scott, Rita . . 
Scott. William . 
Secrist. Robert 
Sentman, Margie 
Sferruzzi, Carole 
Shackle. John 
Shake, Dotty . . 
Shaner, Judith . 
Shannon, John . 
Sharp. Beverlj . 
Sharp, William . 
Shaw, Mark . 
Shaw, Steve . 
Shearer. Kenneth 
Sheets. Diane 
Shepherd, Barbara 
Shepherd. Mane . 
Shepherd, Sheryl 
Sheppard, Sherr? 
Sherron, Thomas 




61, 70 
52, 61 
14, 18 

. 45 

49, 50, 52 
. 43, 59 
. . 45 

59, 62 
. 20 
. 45 

. . 48 
. 50. 5 1 
. . 30 

44. 65, 77 
. 52, 107 

47. 52. 53 

. . 42 
. 24. 29 
48, 49 


. . 31 
. 30, 44 

. 48. 49 
. . 59 

30. 35, 42. 46 
27. 44. 46. 49 
32. 33 
. . 44 
. . 24 

. 61 

S3. 43 


IS 19 

ts. 19 

l i 


Shick, Fred 15, 27, 34, 41, 42, 47, 53 

Shick, Janie 30, 34, 41 

Shinbleton, Paul .59 

Shoemaker, Glenn 71 

Shoemaker, Verona 29 

Shugert, Janet 49 

Siegman, Carol 77 

Silvey, Don 50 

Simmons, Mike . 17, 28, 32, 33, 61, 70 

Simpson, Lanny 67 

Simpson, Susan 27, 34, 42 

Sims, Diana 104 

Sims, Richard 61 

Sims, Starlyn 30, 35 

Sinclair, James 59 

Sinclair, Karen 49 

Sinclair, Marion 33 

Sinclair. William 61 

Sirmin, Cindy 39, 44 

Skaggs, Bertie 29 

Skomp, Judith 25, 44 

Slater, Sara 45, 52 

Slaymon, Mary 48 

Smartz, David 13,31,73 

Smile, Carma 60 

Smith, Carolyn 15, 32, 33 

Smith, David 32 

Smith, Geraldine 51 

Smith, John 11, 42, 50 

Smith, Miles 59 

Smith, Richard 61 

Snider, Richard 33 

Sotzing, Sandra . . . .35, 42, 47, 48 

Spargur, Judith 27 

Spaulding, Bob 62, 63 

Spaulding, Stephen .... 6, 32, 43 

Spear, Burton 33 

Spears, Anita 42, 44, 47, 30 

Spears, Errol 34, 42, 43, 76 

Spittler, Dave 51 

Sponsel, Reva 49 

Squires, Robert 13, 70 

Stafford, Susan 50, 77 

Stanley, Terrell 59 

Steinhauer, Gary .... 6, 7, 12 

Steimnetz, Karen 30 

Steinmetz, Margie 29, 31 

Stevenson, John 29, 31 

Stewart, Marvin 27 

Stewart, Nancy 25, 38, 45 

Stickle, Diane 30 

Stith, Leslie 28,29 

Stoelting, Karen 25, 45 

Stone, JoAnne 42 

Stoppenhagen, Bob . . . 105, 107 

Stout, John 42, 51 

Stultz, James 27, 53, 60, 76 

Sturgeon, Glenda 44 

Sturgeon, Sandy 77 

Suiter, Jack 28,32,33 

Sidgrove, Marjorie 48 

Sullivan, Margot 44, 50 

Surber, Don 59 

Surface, James . . 10, 24, 34, 38, 42 
Surface, Margaret .... 50, 76, 77 
Sutton, Nancy 30, 31 

Sweet, Donna 45 

Swihart, Karen 44, 47 

Swindle, Connie 48, 49 

Swinford, Patty . 45 

Switz, Bonnie 45 

Switzer, Steve .... 25, 38, 56, 76 

Taylor, Barbara 45 

Taylor, Barbara 77 

Taylor, Janice 32 

Taylor, Norman 51 

Teague, Vivian 77 

Tedrowe, Ruth 52 

Templemeyer, Andrea 32 

Thomas, Carole 38 

Thomas, Jim 38 

Thomas, John 59 

Thomas, Sharon 45 

Thompson, Jim . . . .28, 33, 43, 72 

Thompson, Linda 30,71 

Thompson, Pamela .... 48, 49, 53 

Thompson, Wes 25, 76 

Thornburg, Judith 49 

Tibbs, Nancy 42, 49, 50, 52 

Tiedemann, Thomas . . . 59, 62, 70 

Tillery, Joy 41,44,71 

Timmons, Doug 59 

Tisdale, Phyllis 14 

Todd, Carol 44 

Todd, Marcia 50 

Toole, Jerry 56, 76 

Totten, Beverly 52 

Townsend, John . 34, 42, 64, 65, 66, 76 

Townsend, Marcia 4 

Treanor, David 93 

Treon, Graceann 77 

Tretter, Larry . . 27, 43, 47, 51, 52 

Tucker, Terry 59 

Turner, Katherine 48 

Turner, Robert 33 

Turpen, Diana 42 

Tuttle, Thomas 51 

Ulrey, Don 61 

Utigard, Carolyn 42 


Van Arsdel, Rae . 
Vance, Carol . 
Vance, Jill . 
Van Note, Kaywood 
Van Sandt, Janet 
Van Sell, Patricia 
Van Sell, Sharon 
Vaughn, Bob 
Vicars, Robert 
Vicory, James 

. . 44,49 
30, 34, 42, 44 
. 34, 45, 52 
... 43 
. 25, 30, 31 
19,41,44, 65 
. 33, 50, 51 
... 76 
... 52 
. . 56,76 

Wagner, Joellen 
Wagner, Philip 
Waite, John . 
Walker, Kathy 
Wallace, Gary 
Wallace, Gloria 
Wallace, Sandra 
Walter, Donna 
Ware, Alice . 
Warmoth, Mary 
Warren, Bob . 
Warren, Jim . 
Watson, Janie 
Watson, Melinda 
Watson, Patricia 
Watson, Phil . . 
Watson, Sandra . 
Waugh, Don . 
Weaver, Carol 
Weber, Nancy . 
Weingardt, Elaine 
Wenzler, Bill 
Wenzler, Danny 
West, Max 
West, Ron . . 
Whalin, Sandra . 
Whitaker, Richard 
White, Judy . . 
White, Suzan 
White, Tom . 
Whiteman, Larry 
Whitsit, Linda . 
Whittington, Lynn 
Wickes, Dennis . 
Wiegmann, Margaret 
Wiggins, John 
Wiggins, Linda . 
Williams, Carolyn 
Williams, Jerry . 
Williams, Max 
Wilson, Cheryl . 
Wilson, Walter . 
Wimmer, Mary Ann 
Wise, Jeanie Renee 

10, 24, 25, 
Wiseman, Janet . 
Witsman, Tim 
Wolfe, Bob . . 
Wolfe, Donna 
Woodbury, Dick 
Woodward, Vicki 
Wright, Gwenn . 
Wright, Jackie 
Wyciskalla, Laura 






28, 33. 
56, 76 

. 44 
2.5, 30 
45, 51 
. 33 
. 14 

41, 45 


. 45 
30, 44 


56, 70 

. 30 

, 29, 42 

46, 56 

. 30 

. 32 

29, 31 



. 44 

. 30 

56, 62 


29, 40, 42 

. 59 

. 38 

38, 39 









Yeager, Nadine 44, 77 

Yeck, Margaret 48 

Youngling, Sharon 

29, 36, 37, 38, 42, 44, 47 

Zurriwalt, Barbara 

29, 50, 52 




3 1978 01162 
'ft/ , w L 




Indianapolis. Thomas 
Garr Howe High School 
The hilltopper 

y,r i 





MAGAZINES I foj%\ ™* 


MAPS V ^T I A *t?< 





Wi" 5 - 


"6 / " 


I m